While I realize that for most I am likely stating the obvious, it does not lessen my need to feel that I must continue in sounding the alarm regarding that same group of politicians who seem dedicated, and dare I say quite determined, in their effort to make themselves even more hated than the Democrats. And I can’t help but wonder what their motivation for doing so might be. Is it as basic as them being paid to turn their back on their constituents? Or, instead, might it actually be an attempt, on their part, to sabotage their own party? After all, there is now much talk of Republicans being able to regain control of Congress come the election next November.

Are they trying to convince the American people to consider not placing Republicans in charge of Congress since, if they are any example, doing so will likely result in little, or no, change in the current direction of our country? A direction that a majority of Americans oppose. Are these RINOs trying to somehow effect the outcome of the election by attempting to prove how it is that they, and their party, are simply not to be trusted. And therefore, voters might just as well vote for Democrats, at least then they might end up with some ‘free’ stuff? It’s one of my own senators who took part in this latest act of treachery, and he will never get another vote from me. 

I say all of this because once again it was a ‘gang’ of traitorous RINOs who chose to assist the Democrats in passing *president ‘Creepy Joe’s massive Afghan resettlement operation with no end date and funding it to the tune of more than $13 Billion. And it was all thanks to the 19 Senate RINOs who seemed only too eager to help advance the plan. It was late Thursday evening when House Democrats, plus RINO Adam Kinzinger, passed a government funding bill that will keep the federal government operating through mid-February. In the bill is more than $7 Billion in funding allowing ‘Creepy Joe’ & Co. to resettle an unlimited number of Afghans across the United States.

And it was in the Senate that we again had 19 RINOs who chose to stand with Senate Democrats to send the bill to ‘Creepy Joe’s desk — now authorizing, in total, $13.3 Billion for the administration to resettle Afghans after 49 House and Senate RINOs voted in September to fund the resettlement operation $6.4 Billion. In the bill, Afghans and other foreign nationals are identified as “individuals at risk” who can take part in “relocations” to the U.S. “as a result of the situation in Afghanistan.” And I while I am not sure just how many of these turncoats are up for reelection in this next election, it’s become imperative that we get rid of all those that we can.

And what makes this all the more infuriating it the fact that these RINOs chose to support ‘Creepy Joe’s Afghan resettlement operation after multiple polls made it very clear that Republican voters are deeply opposed to the plan. In fact, the latest Pew Research Center survey showed that 63 percent of Republican voters oppose the plan. In addition, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has admitted that “not all” Afghans are being vetted through standard in-person interview procedures. And it was just last month that this moron Mayorkas told lawmakers, “We are not conducting in-person, refugee interviews of 100 percent individuals.”

Afghans are now being temporarily housed at various military bases in Texas, New Jersey, Virginia, Wisconsin, Indiana, and New Mexico. From there, they are resettled across 46 states, at a rate of about 4,000 resettled every day, as non-governmental organizations (NGOs) help to secure them jobs. The nation’s Afghan population has exploded since ex-President George W. Bush started the Afghanistan War in 2001. The number of Afghans living in the U.S., for instance, has shot up to 133,000 in 2019 — more than three times the 44,000 Afghans who lived in the U.S. before the start of the war. The data revealed also that most Afghan arrivals in the U.S. live on welfare.

And while I suppose I could take the time to list here this current batch of traitors, I see little point because it would be nothing more than a list of names that we’ve all seen before, our “usual suspects,” all of whom are our treacherous RINOs, uniparty members, neocons and downright traitors. First and foremost, we owe the people of Afghanistan absolutely nothing. Second, I’m sick to death of these RINOs bailing out the Democrats time and time again. I just hope they are first to be slaughtered when these Afghan ‘refugees’ launch the inevitable terrorist attack. Sadly, it is usually the innocents who face the terror and not the vile traitors who made it all possible.

Let’s suppose the Republicans do gain control of both the House and Senate in 11 months, which at this time is far from a foregone conclusion, it’s not likely to make all that much difference if the voters choose to return to office those who insist upon joining the opposition and allowing them to take part in more opportunities to vote with Democrats. We must look at this next election as a battle in a much larger war against all those seeking to destroy our country. You’ll remember that it was none of these turncoats who supported any of President Trump’s border control policies. As long as we have traitors in Congress, illegals will be allowed to flood into our country.

And how positively generous, $13 Billion to find homes for Afghanis. But, how many billions have been spent to find homes for American citizens who lost their homes because of Covid lockdowns? Or, how many billions have been spent on America’s veterans who are homeless? Americans must choose to do the right thing and vote out every RINO they can in 2022!! Replace these traitors ASAP! They care ONLY about their jobs and their wallets. Their lack of honesty and concern for every American citizen is astounding, they are sellouts. It’s very disappointing and I hope there are stronger conservatives who will run against all of them up for re-election in 2022.

And so, once again the uniparty has proven itself to be very much alive and well, and has made very clear that it will take advantage of every opportunity to stab the American people in the back as they set about destroying every last vestige of our Constitutional Republic. Each election has now become increasingly important, and we can no longer afford to waste our vote. Many of these same senators, are retiring, and it is up to us to make sure that they are not replaced with a new generation of RINOs. They days of simply voting for someone because he, or she, has an (R) after their name are now officially over. We must do our homework before we vote.

Commonsense would seem to indicate that when you find yourself in a hole the intelligent thing to do, is to stop digging! It’s foolish to expect the RINOs to do the right thing regarding our open borders. They’ve only been pushing that idea since the days of Ronald Reagan. These scumbags are front and center in the destruction of our country. Because they lack spine and principle, and willingly compromise with those who are evil, and consistently turn their backs on their voters. Democrats hold firm and refuse to give Trump $13 billion for the wall, while RINOs constantly cave to Democrat priorities. We cannot allow this type of behavior to continue. It must stop!

Traitors and domestic enemies all, make note of their names, target them for primary elections. Our number one priority must be to remove as many of these RINOs in conservative clothing as possible. These 19 in the Senate, as well as many in the House, are the problem with the Republican Party. These RINOs are an absolute disgrace. They vote routinely against their own constituents and yet continue to be returned to office by those very same constituents. So again, unless we, the voters, do the right thing, it won’t matter if Republican retake control of Congress in 2022 if all we will have are these quislings backstabbing us every chance they get.

And I continue to hear calls for forming a new political party, but I simply don’t see that as a viable option. When the communists were in need of a political party they didn’t go out and start a new party, they simply commandeered the Democrat Party. Conservatives must now follow their lead and officially take over the Republican Party. Admittedly RINOs and Democrats are simply two sides of the very same coin. The obvious solution, therefore, is to cleanse the Republican Party starting with these very same RINOs. It will not happen overnight, but it can take place in House far quicker than in the Senate, as House members are up for re-election every 2 years.

Finally, neither this present government nor any future American government can do anything that the people do not allow them to do. And so, of those in government are successful in their effort to take our liberty from us, it will be because the people actually made it possible. They will succeed because today’s 200 plus million able-bodied conservatives and Christians who own roughly 600 million plus guns allowed them to do it. Perhaps we should heed what it was that Ben Franklin once said, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” Truer words were never spoken.



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