It just never ceases to amaze me when it comes to just how stupid those in government think we are. Yup, we’re just supposed to believe what drivel they continually spew and accept the fact that they are somehow so much smarter than we are, and that they, and the ‘government,’ genuinely care about public health and public safety. In truth, it’s neither the ‘government’ nor those on charge of running that couldn’t care less about either. And if you believe that they do, then you are nothing but a fool…or a Democrat! Hence the continuing nonsense we’re all being fed regarding the ‘Chinese ‘virus’ which is being used as nothing but a tool to be used to the greatest extend possible.

And it was during an appearance on Saturday’s “Fox News Live,” that Democrat Emanuel Cleaver attempted to make the argument that if there’s a positive from the Omicron variant, it’s that it “created a level of fear that in the long run’s going to be good for the economy and good for the health of Americans. Because I think the unvaccinated are causing much of the problem in the country right now,” and yet more people are now getting vaccinated. This moron is absolute proof positive that there should be “mandated” IQ tests before any candidate should ever be allowed to submit an application to run for ANY public office! But seriously, this man is worse than stupid, he’s a liar.

Cleaver said, “I think if there’s anything positive in the Omicron variant, it is that it has created a level of fear that in the long run’s going to be good for the economy and good for the health of Americans. Because I think the unvaccinated are causing much of the problem in the country right now, but they are going now and getting their vaccine. I was pleased yesterday to get that information in my office in Washington and excited about the possibility that we might start eliminating it. The economy needs to be better.” Wrong, it’s those who live in generational welfare and political parties who do everything possible to import them, that are the real problem for the economy.

If it the unvaccinated who are causing a problem to the economy, it is only because idiots like this are refusing them service due to vaccine passports and firing them from their jobs because they aren’t unvaccinated. Cleaver is another example of those which we have far too many of in government. He is clearly not very bright or simply chooses to be blatantly dishonest. He makes the idiotic claim regarding how it’s the unvaccinated who remain the problem but doesn’t admit that where transparent data exists it’s now 80 percent of those who are hospitalized are also thoroughly vaccinated. Also, Omicron seems to ONLY show symptoms in those individuals who are vaccinated.

It’s amazing that a politician can continue to get away with scapegoating the way that this dolt Cleaver, and any number of other have continued to do. Also, that those in our ‘fake news’ media continue to openly discuss tactics to manipulate people into making those choices desired by globalists, bureaucrats, and deep state operators; as if the public are livestock. It’s reminiscent of past tyrannies and dictatorships of the 20th century and before. What our Founders fought to escape, and later military fought to end many times. As it is often said: “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” A failure by elites to admit that history is repeating itself demonstrates an intention to recycle the worst of it.

It is a known fact that all governments, no matter how benevolent they may have started out, ultimately seek total control over the governed. This is because power is addictive, something that people have known since the beginning of civilization. People in power understand that the best way to remain in power is to have total control over the governed. The best way to achieve that is to have people become dependent on or otherwise addicted to government. You do this by taking away freedom. A free people will only accept a certain degree of intrusion by government into their lives and ultimately will not rely on the government which is rightly viewed as a necessary evil.

It’s a well-known historical fact, or at least it should be by now, that the Democrats’ playbook has long included projecting false blame onto others, regardless of what half-baked scheme they have succeeded in drumming up. The Democrats’ own sources now claim that the vaccinated are vulnerable to the ‘Chinese virus,’ as well as its so-called variants, and they are also its top spreaders. This guy is so full of bullshit! He can’t explain how unvaccinated are the problem, because they aren’t. The real problem is not the vaccine or even COVID itself, it’s the gross negligence and intentional mishandling of the response by the federal government and some state governments that is the real problem.

It’s clear that Cleaver is an idiot. The economy is in trouble because governments all over the world have printed trillions in cash, broke the backs of small business while at the same time enriching Wall Street, and robbed billions of people of their liberty and dignity. Yeah, the unvaccinated are responsible for everything that’s gone so very wrong. Seriously? How is it that these morons continue to get elected? This new variant shows up in 5 states in the last 10 days. No deaths, No meaningful data at all. And yet this genius blames the unvaccinated for the economic disaster that is actually owned, lock, stock and barrel by ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden & Co. This level of stupidity is absolutely staggering.

Finally, all this moron is interested in doing is to maintain that level of fear which will then allow him, and his cohorts, to increase their level of control over us. He would be well served to pay attention to the fact that I will not allow any politician to gain any more control over me. In fact, the level of control that they are exercising now is unacceptable and untenable for them. They had better lighten up or we may have to throw them off and replace them with a government that is interested in maintaining strict fidelity with our Constitution and our ‘Bill of Rights’ and above all has the consent of the governed. If we determine it does not it becomes invalid and is subject to being replaced.


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