I can’t help but wonder, not being one myself, just how ignorant must one be to actually believe that there remains anywhere hidden within the Democrat Party anyone who possesses any interest at all in doing another other than those things that only serve to increase the political power of their party and results only in the further destruction of our country. And you must agree that it’s anyone willing to admit to the fact that they are a member of today’s Democrat Party must be more than just a little twisted, to say the least. We all know that the Democrats possess what is a very deep and very obvious hatred for America and seek only to destroy her.

And their lust for power notwithstanding, it’s nothing that says ‘Democrat’ better than their fascination, even preoccupation, with death, especially, or so it would seem, when it comes to the killing of those who are the most vulnerable, and defenseless, among us. To the point where they have now become, quite literally, consumed by what is a physical need, even after the death of 62 Million infants, to demand that for America to live up to its own ideals the butchering of our young MUST be allowed to not only continue but to be made even easier. And for those unable to afford the killing of their child it should be paid for by the government.

And it is now according to the Democrats there is nothing worse than a woman being in any way denied the butchering of her baby up to, and even after, the moment of birth. And don’t you love how the Second Amendment, which is spelled out unambiguously in the Constitution, is debatable and is said to be in need of being tweaked, but a woman’s ‘right’ to an abortion, which is never mentioned anywhere in the Constitution, is a forgone, untouchable Constitutional fact? Abortion should have nothing to do with taking responsibility for one’s actions, instead it is only about the vile blood lust driving Democrats to murder our babies and children.

Which brings me to Democrat Carolyn Maloney who, while speaking to the Fox News Channel outside of a demonstration on Wednesday at the Supreme Court over the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization abortion case that the high court is considering, made the idiotic statement that “we’re not even in a democracy if women can’t make decisions about their own bodies” on abortion and that she’s against any attempt to roll back the Roe v. Wade decision. Maloney stated, “Well, we are speaking out against any efforts to roll back Roe v. Wade. I feel that we’re not even in a democracy if women can’t make decisions about their own bodies.”

The sad truth here is that many don’t want a human growing inside them, especially if it will interfere with their pleasures of partying, drinking, and sleeping around. Some put career over human life, but they refuse to maintain abstinence while following that path. Loyalty and TRUE friendship have been lost on this society. They are friends of pleasure or utility and leave when either is gone. Self-control and avoiding temptation are no longer a consideration and it leads to unfaithfulness or killing human beings deemed to be less than human. Sacred marriage is spurned and dishonored. It’s people like Maloney who have brought us to this point.

I am starting to see that it has nothing to do with taking responsibility for one’s actions, instead this is only about the vile blood lust driving Democrats to murder babies and children. Why did the Democrats praise ‘Creepy Joe’ for using a drone to murder seven innocent children in Afghanistan with a cruise missile? Why is it that the Democrats are rushing to defend the man who mowed down children at the Christmas parade? Why did they prosecute a teen boy for surviving the brutal attempted murder by adult Democrat activists in Kenosha? Why did Democrats erect a statue to a violent junkie who used a gun against the helpless unborn child in its mother’s womb?

Although I personally believe that abortion is to be equated with murder, the considerations being discussed are not about that, or even if it is legal or not. The primary element is in the timing(s) of the practice. If it can be determined that a heartbeat exists, then the forgone conclusion is that there is a fully potential human in the offing. That little ‘LIFE’ must be protected, regardless of what the individual states may decide. The irony here is that this toxic feminist comes from the Democrat party that demands Americans inject a drug into their bodies they don’t want, with zero medium-to-long-term data and research regarding its negative effects.

Maloney is typical of those on the left who are all good with the murdering of children and who probably believe that everyone should be forced, to get vaccinated, but at the same time have no problem with the southern border being wide open for unvaccinated, unvetted, illegals to flood across. Maloney was likely another of those who was cheering during the many months, back in 2020, when we witnessed ignorant uneducated leftists rioting, burning, looting, destroying property, murdering/beating people including women, children and police. She and the rest of the Democrat Party are members of an evil and vile cult that refers to itself as a political party.

And so, it’s according to Maloney that if we don’t continue to allow the murder of innocent babies we are NOT, by her definition, a democracy. But, if we allow fraudulent elections to continue, that is democracy at work? Who is it that thinks this way? The question would be, is there now a woman to be found anywhere in the Democrat Party with and IQ greater than that of a peanut hull? Every day they trot out a woman that’s even more stupid than the one they trotted out the day before. Someone should explain to this blatant hypocrite that democracy has nothing whatsoever to do with women terminating the lives of their unborn babies.

Again, I think that it goes without saying that the Democrat Party is evil to its core. This is a party whose members will fight tooth and nail to support and defend a woman’s made-up ‘right’ to torture and slaughter her unborn child. How morally corrupt, how dead inside and heartless must a soul be to actually want this satanic butchery to continue? It’s pure hypocrisy for the very same people to use this “My Body, My Choice” argument when it comes to abortions, but will turn around and want to mandate people getting the vaccine against their will. I can’t take these people seriously, their cognitive dissonance has no bonds!

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