When you stop and think about it liberal logic is, as well as are those who choose to apply it to so many of our social issues, really quite bizarre. And if you to dare to disagree with those who apply this rather skewed way of looking at things, regardless of the issue or the insanity of the position held, it’s liberal logic that justifies you being labeled as being extreme. For example, say you are someone who dares to support the Second Amendment, liberal logic says what you really support is the increasing gun violence committed by those who are not law-abiding gun owners. Which, of course, is something that is simply not true, and yet Democrats persist.  

Which brings me to one of those practitioners of liberal logic, Chris Murphy, who in reacting to Tuesday’s Oxford High shooting chose to apply that liberal logic to the tragedy by suggesting that Republicans’ refusal to pass gun control sends a “silent message of endorsement” to school shooters. It was in addressing the shooting that Murphy said, “It happens here in America because we choose to let it happen. We’re not unlucky. This is purposeful This is a choice made by the United States Senate to sit on our hands and do nothing.” He went on to suggest Republicans’ opposition to gun control sends “a silent message of endorsement to would-be killers.”

Murphy called for his Republican colleagues to “get these dangerous, military style weapons off our streets [and] out of our schools.” And as is usually the case, he has not a clue of what he’s talking about as it was reported, by numerous outlets, that the Oxford High shooter used a handgun in this attack. Murphy can say ridiculous and divisive nonsense like this because Connecticut votes for whatever empty bottle has a (D) on it. How amusingly and incredibly stupid. By Murphy’s logic we must then assume that he and his fellow Democrats are sending a silent message of endorsement to BLM activists filled with rabid dog racist hatred by not passing legislation to ban all cars.

What genius this guy is, NOT! Again, this is what passes for logic when it comes to those on the left. Since when is a handgun a “military style weapon?” Granted, some military personnel carry sidearms, but in order for them to be effective there has to be relatively close contact, unlike a rifle. Furthermore, the gun used in this case killed no one, its handler did, USING a gun. Guns never have and never will kill anyone, because it is simply a tool. And so, in using Murphy’s liberal logic, I guess the gun made those videos about killing students the day before!! Typical Democrat, use a senseless tragedy to push a corrupt political agenda.

You’d have to be a complete moron, or a crazy leftwinger, not to realize that Democrats, like Murphy, are totally without ethics. They do not care about the truth, and they will do, or say, absolutely ANYTHING in order to preserve their power. We are just at the beginning of what I’m sure is going to be a very long and dirty campaign unlike anything we have seen in the past. And, worse still, it will be 100 percent endorsed by the Democrats’ complicit minions in the ‘fake news’ media. This type of shooting occurs in Democrat controlled cities all across the country, far more often than Democrats want to admit, and yet Democrat never speak of them.

So once again here we are, back to blaming the gun and disarming law-abiding citizens. Still no viable plan for disarming criminals. They think we’re stupid. Murphy is again exposing himself as being little more than an idiot. Blaming the object not the person shows a complete cognitive break. Why doesn’t he come out against hammers or knives? They too are used to kill and you don’t need a background check. Democrats loud and open support for anti-white racism is sending loud and clear messages of support for terrorist attacks on white people. And it’s the Democrats who have been loudly cheerleading for the BLM/Antifa looters and arsonists for years.

Democrats busying themselves by releasing violent criminals from prisons and jails is little more than a silent message of endorsement for them to commit more and increasingly violent crimes. For over 50 years, the Democrat Party has worked to disarm the victims, released violent felons from prison, kept lunatics out of asylums, drugged schoolchildren, and imported violent foreign nationals. When violence results from these policies, it these same Democrats who then turnaround and blame people who have committed no crime. It is long past time to realize that this is not unintentional. And it’s Democrats, like Murphy, who are complicit in violent crimes.

And it’s not the Republicans who support defunding police, or low and no cash bail. It’s not Republicans who are telling their ‘fake news’ minions to call riots “mostly peaceful” so that they can then demonize any police response. And it’s not Republicans scrutinizing any sort of police shooting to pass laws that only serve to further handcuff law enforcement. And it’s not Republicans that are passing all manner of social programs that are not available to families with a certain incomes, thereby devastating minority communities and leading to even more poverty, dependence, and hopelessness. No, it’s not the Republican Party that is pure evil.

These shootings give political cover to Democrats because the ‘fake news’ media uses them to pummel gun owners and Republicans, Meanwhile, 20 people get killed every weekend in Chicago and not a word from the Democrats. Democrat run cities have been turned into crime ridden battlegrounds and hypocrites like Murphy ignore the obvious murder and mayhem and attempt to take the moral high ground. It won’t work, people are angry and they’re not stupid. Someone needs to tell Murphy that gun laws don’t stop killers. It was already illegal for that 15 year old to have unsupervised access to that handgun. His parents are responsible for these shootings.

Precisely what is it that Democrats might recommend in the way of gun control that would stop school shootings? And why are they any different from the 1000 shootings in Chicago so far this year? How exactly would new laws help? In all these incidences it is people breaking the law who are doing the shooting. Democrats want to ban guns because they kill people, but should we also ban smoking, motor vehicles and all the causes of death that far surpass the shooting deaths by demented people that should never have a gun, but no one took notice that they had one. Yup, if we just take away all the guns of law-abiding citizens that will most certainly solve the problem.

Finally, can we all agree that Murphy is an idiot? He believes that gun violence will end when guns are banned. The shooting that was done by a teenager was done with a gun that was legally purchased. In reality, the vast majority of gun violence is committed with guns that are not legally purchased. Each time a murderer chooses to kill, Democrats try to disarm non-criminals, thus creating more helpless innocent victims. Democrats speak against and even discourage self-defense. Therefore, Democrats endorse, encourage and enable mass murderers. Then Democrats stick out their lower lip, point their fingers at Republicans and screech so self-righteously.


  1. If anybody ever wants to see what liberal logic does to places, to locales, look no further than blue cities blue states.


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