Democrats now seem to be behaving much like rats deserting their sinking ship and choosing to abandon that which is essentially a fiasco of their own making and taking the coward’s way out rather than face the wrath of their voters back home. And with that there is now much talk about how the Republicans may make near historic gains in the next election making it possible for them to regain control of Congress. Now granted, much can still happen before the next election, and it is far from a foregone conclusion that the Republicans will actually regain control of the House, of the Senate, of both or of neither. Although at the rate these Democrats are jumping ship, they must be fairly certain of what it is that lies ahead for them in roughly 12 months.

And so it would at least appear that Nancy Pelosi’s ambition of keeping the Democrats in control of the House, by even the slimmest of margins, beyond the midterm elections next year are dwindling, as we’re seeing this mass exodus of vulnerable Democrats announcing plans that they are leaving their current seats to either retire or seek a different office instead of fighting in a brutal reelection. Republicans only need to net five seats to gain control of the House after the midterms. So far a total of 18 Democrats have decided to officially call it quits, and have left their seats open for a fight, giving Republicans a chance to gain another seat since House Republicans only need to net five seats to gain the majority and retire Pelosi as Speaker.

Vulnerable Democrats will be facing tough reelection battles all across the county, having to campaign in districts that more than likely have different lines after redistricting in addition to their having sided with *president ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden on many key partisan issues, that have resulted in escalating gas prices, empty store shelves and rapidly rising inflation. Also, they have willingly lashed themselves very firmly to ‘Creepy Joe’ who’s approval numbers, after only holding office for ten months have, very significantly, tanked and for reasons already stated. With the news of retirements and members seeking other offices, there is rumored to be more Democrats considering abandoning ship in the months leading up to the election.

In addition, there have been reports of Pelosi herself contemplating leaving elected office. If these Democrats were such staunch supporters of their radical agenda why do they not stay and fight for what they claim to believe in. Instead, they cut and run, like the cowards that they are. Mike Berg, the spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee, which is in charge of helping Republican incumbents and winning back the House majority, has that, “Nobody wants to run as a House Democrat this cycle because all Democrats’ majority has given the American people is higher prices, skyrocketing crime, and open borders.” Which begs the question, what were they thinking when they were supporting such things?

Now I’m quite sure that everyone is very much aware of how we have been told many times before that Pelosi’s majority is on the verge of crumbling, and it never quite comes to pass. Democrats have struggled to find new candidates to run in some congressional districts, along with some Democrat recruits dropping out of races. This comes as some members are yet to announce their intentions for next year, which will continue to make it increasingly difficult for Pelosi to maintain her majority. In September, a report from Politico outlined that House Democrats spent their last two elections (2018 and 2020) talking about their achievements unseating members in red districts, which have since gotten far more competitive over the years.

But here’s the thing, even if we do succeed in getting rid of as many of these Democrats as we can, it solves only part of what has become our continuing problem. Even if the Republicans do win the House and/or the Senate, what will they do with their newfound power? Recent history should cause us all to call into question their willingness to be tough. Will the Republicans, of which, a substantial number remain RINOs, merely squawk, make noise, make all manner of threat and ultimately, in the end, do nothing! Will they, as is usually the case, all sound quite impressive and make people feel good for a bit, only again to disappoint and the people come to realize that once again they have wasted their votes. Only time will tell, I suppose.

Also, watching the entire Republican ‘leadership’ teams in both the House and Senate during the Trump administration made it very clear that all are in obvious need of being removed from their positions and replaced with genuine conservatives. Either that happens or we must accept the fact that very little, or nothing, will actually be changed. Our band of RINOs, in particular McConnell and McCarthy, are responsible for our losing Congress in 2020. These so-called leaders did little more than to sit on their hands in the spring of 2020 when the Democrats worked to changes voting rules in numerous states without going through their state’s legislatures. These RINOs made clear that they could not care less about our traditions of freedom and liberty.

And so, as important as the defeat of the Democrats may be, it’s the defeat of every RINO in the House in the 2022 primaries, along with every RINO in the Senator running for re-election, that is even more important, even crucial, if we are to save our country. The Democrats may be presenting us with a great opportunity, one where we can kill two birds with one stone. Then in the general election we must fight for every vote and with luck we will achieve super majorities in both the House and the Senate. But even then, without a change in leadership nothing will change. Nothing will be repealed. There will be no investigations or hearings. There will only spending and more spending. And within a couple years the Democrats will win it all back.

I must say that I do worry about the tendency of the Republicans to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, courtesy of what has been their total lack of political courage and their mindless corporate incompetence. And will the RNC again ensure Democrats are elected directly, or indirectly, with Republican candidates that are actually Democrats? We need to primary most every Republican in the House, even if the Republican Party does regain the majority. Too many Republicans are liberal wolves and sell outs that do not possess deep conservative convictions, morals, or ethics, they just take the course of least resistance. Don’t celebrate until we have proven conservatives, ‘Republican’ is no longer a trustworthy label.

Again, having the Republicans take back House, and the Senate is all well and good, but the real question remains, what will they do with that majority should they get it? Whomever it is that ends up in the leadership positions must adopt the ‘America First’ agenda or else the win will be all for naught. Republicans only pandering to their numerous special Interest groups while ignoring main street America will only confirm ‘Washington Politics’ is yet to be exterminated. The Republicans in both houses of Congress have many fences to mend, and if fortunate enough to regain some level power in the next election they must work to do so. Heads must roll for all the corruption, treason and misinformation/propaganda that has taken place.



  1. I don’t have any hope anymore when it comes to the Republican Party. And I’m not going to use the word or the phrase, “I’m sorry but I don’t.” and I don’t have much faith in our country anymore because we live in a nation now that is almost divided down the middle. Half the country despises my side and we can’t stand the things that the other side believes that.

    There is a large broom in this country that doesn’t give a damn about the southern border they don’t give a shit how many come across. And I am being dead serious here talking from the heart. And my side does give a damn.

    Think about it, on any given day now we are looking at 30 to 40,000 people a day coming across. It’s going to be that way until somebody gets elected like Donald Trump.

    And my party is gutless. Flat out gutless!!!!!! And we need a real leader that is a real fighter, one for the House, one for the Senate. That lives breathes eats sleeps etc Patriotism! And flat out loves my Nation. And somebody that is not scared to call this other party to their face exactly what they are!!!! A vile evil menace that needs to be eradicated!!!

    look at the threats they have made against the Supreme Court!!! they have directly threaten the United States when they threaten the Supreme Court. The threats they made a loan we need somebody that will stand up on TV and call them what they are to their face traitors!!

    But I don’t see anybody like I’m thinking of on the horizon. And the leaders of both Houses meet and work together. But I just don’t see anyone like I’m thinking of on the horizon.


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