It was just this past Sunday during an appearance on MSDNC’s ‘Alex Witt Reports,’ hosted by one the many boobs there the network, that ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters decried Kyle Rittenhouse’s acquittal of murder, and other charges, after he shot and killed two men and injured a third during a ‘Black Lives Matter’ (BLM) event/protest last year in Kenosha, Wisconsin. And it was, the clearly unbiased, Mr. Witt who started things off by asking, “As you well know, a couple of courtroom cases have grabbed national attention the last few weeks. Let’s start with the thoughts on the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse. What goes through your mind?” Her mind? Seriously??

Regarding Kenosha County Circuit Court Judge Bruce Schroeder’s behavior during the murder trial, ‘Mad Maxine’ said, “Well, you know, I was absolutely disappointed in the judge. He demonstrated from the very beginning that he was on the side of the defendant. The business of not letting the jury decide on the gun issue, whether or not he was too young to have had a gun, he took that unto himself. It was unusual for him to allow this defendant to be able to select who the final jurors were going to be. He was absolutely outrageous in the way that he conducted himself. Everybody saw that. He was the talk of the country, the way that he conducted himself.”

And she then went to add, “He was brazen, he was bold, he was on the side of the defendant, and I don’t think justice has been served.” Can we just be honest here, ‘Mad Maxine’ has no real interest in justice, she is seeking nothing more than revenge and discrimination against whites. Because, you see, she hates white, all whites! I’ve lost count of how many times that she’s made that crystal clear. It’s like we’re stuck living in a real world ‘Twilight Zone.’ It’s very little that any longer makes even a lick of sense. What this woman is essentially saying is that if Blacks want to go about burning your city down you must let them, because to resist them is to be a racist.

And it was nowhere during this bizarre exchange that there was any mention, by either ‘Mad Maxine’ or the intrepid ‘journalist’ charged with interviewing her, regarding the 27-year-old Florida man, ‘A.J.’ Coffee IV, who was acquitted of second degree felony murder and three counts of attempted murder of a police officer on the very same day that Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted in Kenosha, Wisconsin. But then, why should we expect there to be? Mr. Coffee was acquitted by a jury of charges dating back to “a 2017 fire fight between a Sheriff’s Office Special Weapons and Tactical team and Coffee IV at his home in the 4500 block of 35th Avenue.”

Coffee admitted shooting at the officers but told the court that he did so in self-defense. His girlfriend, 21-year-old Alteria Woods, died after being shot ten times by a SWAT officer during the raid. Coffee testified he thought he was being robbed when SWAT began making entry during the 2017 raid. The officers allegedly broke out a rear window then “[used] a pole to detonate a flash bang.” Coffee believed the pole was rifle, and says he then shot through the open window to defend himself. Kyle Rittenhouse was also acquitted of murder charges on Friday, but as he is white and Coffee is black, yet the only miscarriage of justice seems to involve Rittenhouse.

But in getting back to ‘Mad Maxine,’ Democrats continue to think they are somehow above the law. They get away with a lot because of our very complicit ‘fake news’ media that has no interest, whatsoever, in challenging their lies. Also, because our Department of Justice and FBI have now been transformed into something other than what they were intended and made into weapons of a fraudulent *president. But then, that’s what tends to happen whenever we’re unfortunate to have a Democrat in the White House. This needs to be stopped. They’re still spreading lies and so the riots will continue. These people that continue to lie need to he held accountable.

If there was true justice in this world, ‘Mad Maxine’ would be cleaning toilets at her local Motel 6 instead of being in Congress. When those in the ‘fake new’ media and politician’s distrust, question or disagree with verdicts arrived at by a duly formed jury, what’s the alternative? Verdict by mob rule, or by Twitter, or by Facebook, changing our presumption of guilty until proven innocent? ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters, and her ilk, desecrate our Constitution and the rule of law. Presumption of innocence and unbiased jury review of ‘all’ the evidence is MUCH BETTER than the cruel mob rule that they would like to see imposed. The sham is wearing thin, very, very thin.

Those who are claiming that justice was not served are putting the juror members, the judge, the defense attorneys, and Mr. Rittenhouse in jeopardy. Our judicial system is not perfect, and you might not always like the outcomes, but jury decisions are integral to our justice system and must be honored by all as the final word. But this is our system when Democrats are placed in charge, utter disdain for laws, our history and our sovereignty. It appears those now in control of our government hate America. ‘Mad Maxine’ is a poisonous anti-American actor within our government. Every move the Democrats make has as its goal the destruction of America.

It’s obvious that ‘Mad Maxine’ has never met a thug, anarchist, looter, rioter, or felon she didn’t defend, especially if they were violently attacking a white male or a business or group in authority, and more importantly if they were Conservative whites or elected officials. She is the epitome of the despicable, disgusting, degenerate, putrid elected official, but she is also a bit if scientific miracle, recognized by experts as the oldest known walking, talking stool sample in history. ‘Mad Maxine’ is another career congressional politician who is uneducated, ignorant, as well as a criminally corrupt racist. Sad that she is just one of many like herself in Congress.

You know, I’m constantly amazed at the level of incompetence, stupidity, or lack of caring demonstrated by those voters (legal or not) who continue to send the likes of Nancy Pelosi, ‘Mad Maxine, or any other Democrat back to Congress in every election. I didn’t think it possible to be as stupid and uneducated as this woman is and still be able to get elected to Congress. That she has been, and for quite the number of years, says much about the intelligence of her supposed constituents. She doesn’t seem to possess even the most basic understanding of our judicial system. Again, Democrats are merely looking for someone at which they can direct their hate.

The video says it all, these thugs were chasing and beating Rittenhouse, not the other way around! That is why he was acquitted, plain and simple. A fool could see it, but of course the Democrats, as ‘Mad Maxine’ makes so very painfully clear, are worse than any fools I know, so they just can’t bring themselves to see it. These people like ‘Mad Maxine’ are allergic to fact and truth. It affects them in much the same manner as sunlight affects ‘Vampires.’ They aren’t happy unless they are lying through their teeth. And it matters not what they’re actually lying about, only that they are lying. And they know there is no one in our ‘fake news’ media who will call them out for it.


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