Every time Jerry Rivers, aka Geraldo Rivera, opens his mouth he provides us all with even more justification for choosing to ignore him. No one really cares what he thinks or what he has to say and yet he persists in telling us what he thinks and to spew nonsense that none of us are interested in hearing. I seriously doubt there is anyone who tunes into ‘Fox News’ for the sole purpose of hearing what the great Jerry Rivers might have to say. So why is it that the network continues to pay, what I’m quite sure, his very generous salary? He’s a joke, a caricature and someone who ranks right up there with Juan Williams when it comes to having nothing intelligent to say, ever! 

Which brings to Jerry’s recent idiotic comments regarding the recently wrapped up trial of Kyle Rittenhouse. It was on the day after the trial had wrapped up that Rivers made more of the idiotic claims that he’s become known for when he said that maybe Kyle Rittenhouse had “watched too many Rambo movies” Tuesday on Fox News. He said, “I personally feel that he has been lionized way over the top.” And it was this dolt who then went on to say, “He has been portrayed by half this country as a heroic youngster fighting for his community. I don’t believe that at all. I think he watched too many Rambo movies.” So I’m curious, is that his professional legal opinion?

Clearly Jerry views himself as being one of the great legal minds of our time, that no one else does. That said, Rivers did, however, say that he believed Rittenhouse would be found not guilty. He said, “Well, I think the verdict should, if the jurors stick to the law, result in an acquittal.” And he added, “I think once they drop the less serious charges that made the possibility of a clean sweep more likely. Why? Because self-defense is so powerful, in Wisconsin particularly.” Rivers also asserted that people should not “root” for any particular ruling in the case. Liberalism demands that you die at the hands of an enraged leftist mob as a leftist purity test.

Anyway, Rivers then went on to say, “My point is he will be acquitted.” And he added, “He should be acquitted. What is very distressing, and I made a point of telling my dear colleague here, we have to be careful not to root for an outcome in a criminal case. Let these jurors decide based on the facts and circumstances as they were presented, the legal evidence that was presented.” Personally, I’m thinking that old Jerry has perhaps watched a bit too much daytime television and continues to think of himself as an actual journalist, which he most certainly is not. What he is, is a joke! Jerry’s opinion is worthless, just as it has been for the past 40+ years.

For those who may spent the last few months living under a rock, it was Mr. Rittenhouse who fatally shot Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber, and wounded Gaige Grosskreutz, back on August 25, 2020. He was subsequently charged with first degree intentional homicide and attempted intentional homicide, among other charges. And, rightfully so, given the circumstances, Mr. Rittenhouse pleaded not guilty to all charges.  During the trial, the judge dismissed additional charges of “possession of a dangerous weapon by a minor” and violating a curfew that were leveled at Rittenhouse. The jury’s deliberations started earlier this week.

Jerry must have not watched the videos showing Rittenhouse running away from the crowd. He must have also missed the guy kicking him in the face and another swinging a skateboard at him and will need to remind me where it was that Rambo put out a fire, acted as a medic, or cleaned up graffiti and trash in the streets. Rittenhouse was put into a position of having TO DEAL with a situation that was not of his own making. That would be the Democrats who allow rampaging hoodlums to destroy their cities. The blame should’ve been put on the governor and mayor who should’ve put a stop to the burning, looting and the destruction of property. The blood is on their hands!

At any other time here in America, those violent, threatening rioters would have all been thrown in paddy wagons and hauled off to jail, or the funny farm, where they rightfully belong, and that would be the end of the story permanently. And if Mr. Rittenhouse was black and had come to Kenosha to protect businesses and ended up in the same situation, he wouldn’t have been charged, the media would ignore him. It’s not a racial issue. It’s Americans’ right to defend themselves no matter what race they are. The ‘fake news’ media tries to put this racist crap on whites and when we refuse to stand against it proves to them that we are all racist.

The woke mob and Democrat Party are now punishing people with their kangaroo courts and denying them their Constitutional rights. Mr. Rittenhouse should never have been charged in the first place and that’s clear even those like Jerry. And if getting kicked in the head and hit with a skateboard is no longer self-defense, nothing ever will be. But the left wanted to send a message that they will burn and loot whatever city they choose and those who try and stop them will pay a price. The mob is likely already making out their Christmas list, awaiting the verdict, so they can go on their little shopping spree with absolutely no fear of apprehension of punished.


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