Can we all agree that ‘Commie Chris’ Wallace can no more be trusted to tell the truth than can everyone’s least favorite quack, old ‘Doc’ Fauci. Over time it’s become abundantly clear that both have a political agenda, and just as clear is the fact that both seem very willing to say whatever is necessary to advance that same agenda. Neither of these two ‘gentlemen’ are what the profess themselves to be. They are both nothing more than a couple of very-obvious frauds. And it’s both who routinely provide to the American people more than enough reason to disregard just about everything it is that they say. In short, both of these men are nothing but liars.  

And so it was, just this past weekend during this week’s ‘Fox News Sunday’, that those tuned in again got to witness ‘Commie Chris’ Wallace’s rather unique style of questioning, during what sounded far more like a cross-examination, or perhaps an interrogation, by some two bit attorney desperate for a win than it did an interview conducted by someone who is a bona fide impartial, unbiased and truly objective journalist. And it was in what has become his typical fashion whenever ‘interviewing’ those of differing political opinions that ‘Commie Chris’ told Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton that his position on COVID vaccine mandates was “not consistent.”

‘Commie Chris’ asked, “You say Texas companies should take care of their own workers so, given that, how do you justify the governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, issuing an executive order that bans any business in Texas from issuing a vaccine mandate and how do you justify the governor issuing a ban on all school districts on mask mandates, a ban that was overturned just this week by a federal judge?” Paxton responded by saying, “So I justify it by the governor has the authority under state law in an emergency. And so he has done just that.”

And Mr. Paxton then went on to say, “Obviously, it’s his view that these mask mandates are unnecessary and that vaccine requirements are also unnecessary so it’s my job as the state’s attorney to go defend what he’s done and what the legislature has done and I’m perfectly comfortable doing that.” ‘Commie Chris’ then asked, “You said that Texas companies should take care of their own workers. Is that consistent with the governor’s executive order and your enforcement of that order, which bans companies from taking care of their own workers as they see fit?”

Paxton said, “What I was trying to say in the clip is that the president does not have the authority to force companies. Obviously we have a stay in the Fifth Circuit to stop them from forcing companies to require workers from getting the vaccine or fired. What I’m saying to these companies is you don’t have to listen to him because he’s out there saying that you should do it anyway despite the fact that we have a stay from a higher court.” ‘Commie Chris’ seemed to disagree saying, “Yeah, but you said that the businesses should take care of their own workers and the governor is saying they can’t take care of their own workers as they see fit.”

And he went on to argue, “They’re prohibited from deciding, if they so choose, to issue a vaccine mandate. That’s not consistent.” Paxton responded, “We’re dealing with different types of requirements here. We’ve got state government requirements. So it’s clear that the governor has a different executive order for them. We’ve been in all types of litigation with school districts and counties, trying to stop them from forcing mandates in San Antonio and vaccines and we’ve been successful. We’ve no lawsuits against businesses and there’s a lot more freedom with businesses to make their own decisions.”

And he added, “What I would say is that they should consider their employees because we are in a situation right now with the economy where we cannot to lose transportation employees or health care workers or law enforcement officers. That’s happening all over the country. It’s going to have a negative impact on our economy and our ability to help people.” ‘Commie Chris’ said, “I just want to go through this one more time. You’re saying that they should have the authority and the ability to decide what their workers should do.” He said, “The governor’s executive order prohibits them from deciding what they want to do. He bans vaccine mandates.”

‘Commie Chris again asked, “Isn’t a mandate by the federal government — are you saying there is a different from a mandate to get a vaccine from the federal government is different in terms of the ability to take care of their own from a state mandate not t have vaccine mandates? Paxton said, “I think your question is a little confusing. But yes, the federal government has no authority to do this. Right now, we have OSHA guidelines that have not been authorized by the Congress.” He said, “They absolutely have no authority to do this. The governor has a different authority under state law that the legislature has given him and he’s operating under that state law.”

And ‘Commie Chris’ interrupted, “So he can tell private businesses what to do? It’s OK and they can’t take care of their own?” Paxton said, “I definitely agree that states have more authority over these areas than the federal government.” He added, “And I would even question whether Congress has the authority.” You’ll notice that whenever ‘Commie Chris’ doesn’t get the answer he’s ‘fishing for’ he merely continues to rearrange his words and narrative around to hopefully bait the person he’s ‘interviewing’ and even after they answer his question, he is an irritating and pathetic twit. Wallace is a moron and Fauci is nothing but the worst kind of liar.

The problem here is that the vaccine is a failure on virtually every level. It was supposed to prevent COVID-19. It doesn’t. As a matter of fact, the countries that have the highest vaccination rates have the highest number of COVID-19 cases. It was supposed to stop the spread of COVID-19. It didn’t. The latest data shows that vaccinated individuals often have higher viral loads than unvaccinated people. It was supposed to prevent hospitalizations and deaths. Data from across the globe shows that a large majority of recent hospitalizations and deaths have been among double-vaccinated people. Worse, for some the vaccine itself is dangerous and deadly.

In only 10 months, this vaccine has directly injured, disabled and even killed far more Americans than all other vaccines in modern history combined. How bad will those numbers look in a year or two? It’s obvious that Fauci lied about and blatantly misrepresented many things. We should never have listened to Fauci in first place and neither should have President Trump. There are many legitimate questions and concerns about these vaccines. And Americans have every right to ask those questions. We should have a national debate. That’s called ‘science.’ And every American has a right to say NO. It’s your body, that makes it your choice!

By now almost everyone should be aware of ‘Commie Chris’s tricks: false arguments, red herrings and gotcha attempts are his specialty. However, unlike ‘Commie Chris’, Mr. Paxton has sworn to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution. Mr. Paxton therefore sees none of the inconsistencies that ‘Commie Chris’ tries so hard to conjure up. The federal government is one limited by enumerated powers while the state governments have more general powers, thus there’s no inconsistency with the OSHA ‘vaccine’ mandate now being stayed because OSHA overreached the limited enumerated Commerce Clause authority that created the agency in the first place.

And unlike ‘Commie Chris’, Mr. Paxton is an elected public official who understands that line-drawing regarding policy choices in a state is vested in the legislature, which gets to make the policy call whether a rape or incest exception will be allowed in a state’s abortion ban. If a woman is determined to abort a pregnancy caused by rape or incest, Texas does not preventing her from going out of state to do so. The 5th Circuit’s recent opinion affirming its stay of ‘Creepy Joe’s ‘vaccine’ mandate obliterated the mandate in just 22 pages. The court found that the plaintiffs there are likely to succeed on the merits of their action to get a permanent injunction.

Similar anti-mandate litigation is pending in a couple of other federal circuits, and those circuits will be hard-pressed to reach a legal conclusion different than that of the 5th Circuit. (Even though the military anti-mandate litigation may not be grounded on the OSHA rule, it nevertheless raises the same ‘grave concerns’ regarding constitutional and statutory issues that lie at the heart of the 5th Circuit ruling). Fundamentally the State’s job is to protect the first amendment. That means religious beliefs come into play. ‘Creepy Chris’ is the inconsistent one here, because he’s trying to argue the State should sit idly by while companies violate their beliefs.

I wonder, would ‘Commie Chris’ tolerate a mandatory bacon eating requirement to filter out Moslems and Jews? Companies do not now have, and have never had, complete dominion over the public or their employees; they can hire or fire, they can direct them on work to do, but their ability to direct ends when it involves violating a person’s rights, which in this case the mandates do. ‘Commie Chris’ thinks it’s ok for ‘Creepy Joe’ to tell employers nationwide what to do through a heavily enforced unconstitutional mandate, but it’s NOT ok for Abbot to tell Texas businesses that workers’ freedom prevails. You can’t make this crap up.

‘Commie Chris’ is so ignorant it would be funny if it wasn’t so sad that ‘Fox News’ still employs him when he makes the entire network look like a clone of CNN or MSDNC. You do need to give Democrats high marks in having “confidence” in their policies. The problem is they are ALWAYS wrong, and their policies NEVER work. But they are very sure they are right about everything including how to educate black kids, how to improve the economy, how to lower gas prices, how to take control of our economy, how to exit Afghanistan, how to control inflation and how to stop the spread of Chinese Flu. And they can always count on those like ‘Commie Chris’ to support them.


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