When it comes to Democrats it just never ceases to amaze how stupid they think the American people are. Especially those who disagree with them and refuse to except the very dark vision they have for America. And they seem to think that if they persist in their lies, with the help of the ‘fake news’ media which these days has come to include ‘Fox News’ as well, they will eventually succeed in convincing the American people, or at least the majority of them, that their alternate universe is really not so bizarre as it is actually a far more accurate portrayal of how things should be. 

And it was just this past Friday, during an appearance on MSDNC’s “Morning Joe,” that network contributor, and ex-senator, Claire McCaskill actually praised *president ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden for his masterful handling of the economy, which has seen consumer prices rising at their fastest rate in decades. And it was in making her case to those few hundred, or so, who may have been tuned in, that McCaskill did accomplish one thing. And that would be that there is a very clear reason why the folks back home chose to fire her, sending her off to join the ‘fake news’ media.

As “Morning Joe” discussed an op-ed saying “competence” was hurting the Democrat Party more so than “wokeness,” McCaskill asserted that “Biden has done a great job on the economy with the asterisk around inflation.” She said if both gas prices and inflation go down, there would be “amazing job creation.” And she argued, “At the end of the day, Joe Biden has done a great job on the economy with the asterisk around inflation right now.” And she then added, “If gas prices level down; if the inflationary index calms down, you are going to have amazing job creation.”

And she went on to say, “And if they execute the infrastructure bill competently, that is turn some dirt, get some stuff built, cut some ribbons on some highways and bridges and all of those things, people will feel that in their communities, but it’s going to take some competence in terms of getting that infrastructure bill out the door in a way that we’re not talking about the future next November — rather, people feel that it is the present that there is a real difference being made in terms of their infrastructure.” Clearly the folks back home made the right decision in 2020.

It was then that this old hag lost her re-election bid and the folks in Missouri went from her to Senator Josh Halley, the difference between darkness and light. McCaskill left no doubt that she was on those politicians who believed in that old adage, “Tell the people what they want to hear, and then after re-elected we give them the shaft.” And so she’s now relegated, in her attempt to remain relevant, to making appearances on shows such as this on networks such as MSDNC. After all, it’s not like she was going to go and get a real job and contend with laws she helped to create.

And if what ‘Creepy Joe’ is doing to the economy can in any way be called a good job then I’d hate to see what things would now look like if he was doing a bad job. And you have to call into question not only the intelligence, but the honesty as well, of anyone who is actually able to look at what is now taking place in this country, with its empty store shelves and a supply chain that badly broken, and can still stay that it’s a good job that’s being done. And I think we all know what she would be saying if what we’re now witnessing was taking place with Donald Trump in the White House.

She’s not wrong if one looks at things from the Democrat perspective. The fact is, we have lots of people out of work means more people dependent on government. Fuel prices going up making it easier to push their green agenda. Rising fuel prices also means inflation nearly across the board as fuel is the No.1 driver for higher costs of everything. This creates more people struggling to pay their bills resulting in even more Americans dependent on the government. Open boarders means a permanent underclass dependent on the government. It’s all playing out very nicely for them.

So to her, ‘Creepy Joe’ has been doing a good job. After all, the Democrats’ goal here is to drive the country off a cliff. McCaskill is simply too stupid for words. Typical elitist politician who has no clue on what the average person has to deal with every single day. The ability of these Democrats to lie to themselves is nothing short of phenomenal. They live every day completely detached from reality. I find this to be extremely frightening. Why in the world is it that anyone, real journalist or fake, would be interested in anything this buffoon has to say, about absolutely anything?

This is what suppression really is. Suppression of information. News commentary reported as fact. Idiots in the media and former idiot politicians, shilling for the Democrat Party. We the American people deserve much better than what we’re getting from all parties concerned. But don’t expect anything to change anytime soon unless, of course, more American voice their displeasure with being constantly lied to. Democrats have turned the America dream into a nightmare. One would have to be a real Kool-aid swill drinking junkie to believe a word of what Democrats say.

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