Who would have ever thought, back in the beginning, that there would come a day when the network that not only claimed to be ‘Fair and Balanced,’ but actually was, would become unrecognizable to the point where it would be impossible to tell the difference between it and other supposed ‘news’ networks like CNN and MSDNC? But then again, with their current cast of characters I don’t suppose that it should come as that much of a surprise. And it’s one of those characters that is none other than Jerry Rivers, aka Geraldo Rivera. As many already know old Jerry has a habit of shooting off his big mouth and proving he’s nothing other than a raging buffoon.

Anyway, it was on Wednesday that Rivers, the new resident leftwing loon on Fox News’ “The Five,” replacing Juan Williams, accused Republican senators Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley and Tom Cotton of being “nasty” and disrespectful to Attorney General Merrick Garland during his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Rivers said, “I have to say, watching Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, they’re so nasty, so snarly. They make my skin crawl. It really is. The way they were so disrespectful. And Tom Cotton? That attack just now? That doesn’t make Tom Cotton look like a real serious senator. That looks like an ideological warrior trying to score a cheap point.”

Rivers went on to say, “I do remember. They were getting back at Merrick Garland, who had nothing to do with the Kavanaugh hearings.” And it was co-host Katie Pavlich who then said, “It makes my skin crawl the calling for the DOJ to be politicized to go after everyday parents for daring to question their school board members that they elect.” And it was Rivers who then whined, “What about children watching the Senate in action? Where is Jimmy Stewart? “as low down and dirty as it gets.” It was Jesse Watters who then piped up and said, “You have not been paying attention.” Rivers declared, “I have been plenty paying attention.” But clearly, he has not.

And isn’t it odd that whenever Democrats asked Garland a question, he knew all the details, but when Republicans asked him a simple question he fumbled and mumbled and said, “I cannot disclose information about this case, or I haven’t heard about this happening.” The same lying answers the liars always use, “I don’t recall, or blah, blah, blah.” Unreal he claimed he hadn’t heard about the rape of the young girl by the tranny. Now we know why ‘BO’ was so determined to get this Commie on the Supreme Court. He’s toxic to our nation. Hawley, Cotton and Cruz were spot on and showed America what a lying, usurper of our Constitution this creep really is.

And who doesn’t think that parents who pay property taxes that support their public schools don’t have every right to know exactly what their children are being taught? Perhaps those parents who don’t want their kids in public schools should not be made to pay those property taxes and be allowed to send their kids to private schools. Elected school officials need to be held accountable and they should be forced to answer to the parents who are paying their salaries. Rivers is as smart as he is tall. Direct questions, demand direct answers. Garland was not forthcoming. Government no longer respects the limits placed upon it by the Constitution.

And can I just say that the only thing worse than having this guy where he currently is, would be to have him on the Supreme Court. What a nightmare scenario that would have been. Garland’s daughter and son-in-law are in the business of pushing CRT education and publishing materials to push that propaganda in our schools. Garland knows about that case, and he should recuse himself from anything and everything about schools, because of that fact. He is enabling the destruction of children’s minds and self-worth, by promoting CRT through his own family ties. He needs to resign or be forced to resign. The conflict of interest is disgusting.

And he should be aware of why the parents, those he refers to as terrorists, are actually upset. Also, in that case, the father of the rape victim is being made out to be some kind of out-of-control parent they need to be protected from, when in actuality they were vilifying him to cover up for the rape of his daughter. It has direct bearing on the Garland’s DOJ falsely accusing parents of being domestic terrorists. These school boards don’t like the pushback they’re getting, and Garland should know why that pushback is occurring. That’s part of the facts surrounding the case. That didn’t happen in a vacuum and the rape case and cover up are absolutely relevant.

In getting back to Jerry, his ‘outrage’ is seriously selective to say the least. He gets very personal in his objections to words and actions of those who are not his fellow Leftists, but oh-so-general and limited to the specific words and actions of Leftists without ever criticizing those Leftists by name. A curious shading and devious favoring of the Left. For one who so seriously favors the Left, his sanctimony rings pretty hollow. Judge Kavanaugh was raked over the coals and accused of being a sexual predator in front of his wife and children. Asking Garland questions about his job is hardly the equivalent. Rivers and his selective virtue signaling makes ‘MY’ skin crawl!

Rivers apparently assumes that there are those who actually care what he thinks, not realizing that most people view him as a stooge. He assumes that what he has to say is important. However, it’s in my world, that he’s nothing more than a loudmouth. I could care less what he thinks. He turned on MY president, Donald Trump, and made abhorrent remarks about him after claiming that he supported President Trump. Rivers is a fraud like so many others who claim to be Republicans. He can go straight to Hell. He’s no longer credible regarding any topic he may wish to discuss. He spews nothing but nonsense, and he rarely, if ever, makes even a lick of sense.

And so poor little Jerry had his feelings hurt. While Garland is further weaponizing the DOJ and FBI into the strong arm of the DNC, a handful of conservatives finally take a stand and verbally lay into him. Apart from that tongue lashing, nothing else is going to happen because that’s all the Republicans can do. The Democrat Party is corrupt and the Republicans are pathetically soft and inept. And where was Rivers when the Democrats disrespected, impeached, assaulted and lied about President Trump, and continue to attack and blame him for everything wrong in America. They never gave him an once of credit for anything he accomplished, pretty much all by himself.

Rivers has a rather nasty temper combined with a big mouth. Garland deserved everything word he got. Jerry hasn’t had anything positive to contribute to anything, since he was kicked out of Afghanistan, during the period of heavy fighting, when he mapped out, ON AIR, in the sand, the location of the 101st Airborne, the military division, with which he was embedded. He has all the brainpower of a No. 2 pencil!!! Contrary to what Jerry would like us all to believe, Garland is a nasty, vengeful, little communist who is owed no respect from anyone. He is a disgusting human being, and one that has no business being in the position in which he has been placed.  

What is there to respect? Garland is nothing but your typical arrogant, hypocritical, leftwing bureaucrat who thinks he’s some kind of a genius who has all the answers. I cannot believe that Jerry genuinely believes that Garland would be impartial if he were on the Supreme Court. Garland looked to be a political hack then and he has been proven to be a hack today. We need to be able to trust our government. Many don’t and for good reason. This memo was meant to be a threat to the parents of our children. How un-American is that?  Garland is nothing more than a far-left appointed bureaucratic liberal hack with no concept of the definition of liberty or freedom.

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