Let me start things off by saying that the last thing I need is to have some senile old pervert like ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden or, for that matter, any scumbag Democrat reminding me that this is still the United States of America. This despite all that they have done in what has been, and continues to be, their very determined effort to destroy it. And it’s from where I’m standing that the only ones in need of being reminded of that fact would be ‘Creepy Joe’ himself and every Democrat politicians, as well as every brain dead moron who insists upon voting for any of these power-hungry losers.

Which brings me to *president ‘Creepy Joe,’ who, during a speech in Scranton, Pennsylvania this past Wednesday, appeared frustrated regarding the fact that his agenda has stalled in Congress. ‘Creepy Joe’ shouted, “This is the United States of America, dammit!” And then asked, “What are we doing?” ‘Creepy Joe’ spoke about a number of his priorities, admitting that it was a struggle to get his agenda passed through Congress, where Democrats control both houses. He also acknowledged the pessimistic tone of his media coverage regarding his multitrillion-dollar agenda.

Referencing the media, ‘Creepy Joe’ said, “They have understandably believed there is no possibility of my getting this done. This has been declared dead on arrival the moment I introduced it.” And, of course, he took a shot at President Trump for failing to pass infrastructure spending. He said, “Last four years you’d hear every month is, you know, infrastructure month.” And he rambled on saying, “Didn’t do a single damn thing. Nothing. I mean, nothing for four years.” ‘Creepy’ continues to struggle to break the logjam in Congress, putting the future of his radical agenda in doubt.

‘Creepy Joe’ appeared nostalgic for the old days while appearing at an electric trolley museum to promote the future of America’s infrastructure. ‘Creepy Joe’ recalled his childhood days before his family moved to Delaware saying, “I remember riding the trolly, I lived at the end of the line.” And he also boasted of his history riding Amtrak, promising massive investments into the rail system to get more cars off of the road and more passengers on trains. He said, “We will take, literally, millions of automobiles off the road.” Millions of cars off the road, seriously?

‘Creepy Joe’ repeatedly insisted that his multitrillion-dollar bills would not add a dime to the federal deficit or add to our rapidly ballooning national debt. He claimed, “It does. not. increase. The debt,” despite widespread skepticism that both bills will be able to pay for his radical tax and spend agenda. He admitted that he avoided even talking about the spending numbers. He said, “When you talk about the number, we shouldn’t even talk about the numbers because it’s all paid for.” Democrats never want to fess up when it comes to the true cost of their very costly pipedreams.  

Right, President Trump did nothing for four years. I mean, after all, he only succeeded in making our country energy independent, succeeded in cutting taxes, he secured the southern border and got three Covid vaccines out to the public. ‘Creepy Joe,’ on the other hand, has, in just nine short months: brought about double digit inflation, allowed thousands of illegal immigrants to flood across our once secure border, has gas prices surging and the disaster with Afghanistan. Why it took Jimmy Carter three years to accomplish all this and ‘Creepy Joe’ did it in only nine months!

No one could possibly do this much damage to our Republic, in such a short period of time, unless it was intentional. And yet, this is the type of stuff that happens when those who hate this country are not only permitted to brazenly steal an election but are allowed to keep it covered up and to therefore get away with it. They don’t need to fire a single shot in order to, first, install their own special brand of tyranny and to then keep it going. The Democrats now own the entire apparatus of sustaining power through a collaboration of ‘fake news’ media, Big Tech and Hollyweird.

Yup, ‘Creepy Joe’ shouted at those in attendance, “This is the United States of America, damn it! What are we doing?” But which America is that? Would that be the one that leaves Americans behind enemy lines in Afghanistan. Or the one that have people taking pictures but offer no assistance to raped women? The one that punishes people with loss of job because they refuse to be subservient. Or the one that allows government bureaucrats to dictate church meetings? Or the one that has schools where children are kept ignorant and the FBI treats parents as terrorists?

Or maybe the one that allows an unarmed women to be shot on the other side of a glass door and treats the murderer as a hero? The one where the FBI uses FISA warrants to spy on Presidential candidates? The one where illegals overrun our borders and are aided and abetted in their lawbreaking by Homeland Security? The one where ‘science’ is used to call men, women and to allow them to walk into female restrooms? The one where drug lords are in control of cities while working people are told to disarm and cower. Good Question, Joe. What are we doing?

I don’t know what he is doing because in the United States I remember as a kid, if you needed to replace an appliance you didn’t have to spend three days looking for it and then drive 60 miles to pick it up. The United States I remember didn’t have empty shelves in grocery stores unless they were predicting a quarter inch of snow. The United States I remember, car dealers were scrambling to move cars off their lots, not scrambling to find cars to sell. This is worse than the Carter years and I don’t think Joe will be building houses for poor people as penance after he leaves office.

Yes, I am old enough to remember the Carter years. Sure, he was awful, but at least we didn’t worry about the government censoring your speech or blacklisting you. That happened in the Soviet Union and their satellite states. Anyone under the age of 40 has very little knowledge or memory of Soviet communism and have been taught it was great by pro-Communist professors who used freedom of speech to eliminate freedom of speech. From the moment Donald Trump entered office, Democrats did everything thing possible to prevent Trump from exercising any authority.

‘Creepy Joe’ lied to get into office. He claimed he was the sensible one, the who would unite everyone, and make us normal after COVID. He has done none of this. In fact he went so far left that we don’t recognize what he wants to do as being what this nation is about. He blurred every border to make it wide open to those who would do us harm. He is lying about where he is sending all the illegals. He has forced the vaccine mandates, even though he said he would never do that. In fact, ‘BO’ was right when he said, “Never underestimate Joe’s ability to f…k things up.”

‘Creepy Joe’ has totally screwed up everything he has touched. He has screwed up our energy policy, the ‘Chinese virus,’ the border, our economy, the Afghanistan withdrawal, by leaving Americans behind and turning over $87 billion to our enemies of the best and latest military equipment. And has messed up everything with our allies, while bowing to the Communist Chinese, and so very much more. ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden is a demented, illegitimate, *presidential figurehead. He is a puppet to someone else who is busy pulling his strings. You have to know that!

Dammit, Mr. *president…the question is, what are you doing? The American people want to know! You’ve consistently overturned policies that had served us so well out of spite for your predecessor. You’ve managed to crush hopes and dreams for Americans now and for future generations. Your demands for equity, social reform and social justice has morphed our once great republic into something unrecognizable and unfamiliar. We will not be coerced, intimidated or threatened and will stand by our Constitutional rights and will thwart any further efforts to tear us apart.


  1. The most dangerous thing in our country right now is Joe Biden and his entire administration and the Non-Democrat Party.


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    “It’s the greatest assault on voting rights in the history of the United States, for real, since the Civil War,” Biden said. He hit the nail on the head when he made that statement. In my opinion, he was referring to the 2020 election. The method the Dem’s used – Hammer Scorecard voting software has to be investigated before the next election.




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