So…it’s according to one of the supposed resident political ‘geniuses’ there at the Comedy News Network (CNN), Don Lemon, that it’s the Republican Party, and NOT the Democrat Party, that no longer stands for law and order. Meanwhile, it’s anyone with a brain, as well as 20/20 vision, who knows that it’s actually the Democrats, with all of their defund the police drivel, who are truly the ones very much anti-law and order. I mean, seriously, take a good long look at any of our largest cities, as they are quite literally being run into the ground, on a number levels, by Democrats and how so little law and order is actually taking place in any of them.

And it was Lemon, just this past Tuesday, who, during the handoff from Chris ‘Fredo’ Cuomo, made his rather bold claim that Republicans used to stand up for law and order before former President Trump was the leader of their party. And while ‘discussing’ the House select committee investigating the January 6 riot voting to hold Steve Bannon in contempt of Congress, ‘Fredo’ said, “The idea of privilege for Bannon, first of all, it hasn’t been asserted.” He continued, “But the bigger question, Don, you got nothing to hide. Why not come to the committee? Or at least if you want to show contempt for the committee, show up and plead the fifth.”

Lemon responded saying, “Because you want to – it used to be Republicans would say no man is above the law. No one is above the law. We should all be treated equally. Law and order until this fellow, this sort of shady real estate kind of person came along, and then changed all of that, the narrative for the Republican Party and showed that some people are above the law, and they’re actually are going to stand and are standing behind the right they believe for people to be above the law. And Steve Bannon is not. The former president is not, or should not be. But we haven’t really seen that Republicans stand by that whole law and order mantra or motto.”

‘Fredo’ said, “You haven’t seen the Republicans stand up for anything.” So okay, I will admit that there is a hint of truth in what ‘Fredo’ said, in that it’s a very rare thing to see Republicans, as a united front, stand up for much of anything. There always seems to be just enough RINOs that can be found that will allow the Democrats to advance their agenda the goal of which is, of course, the demise of America as we know it. And to be honest, until the party is able to come to grips with that little problem most of us out beyond the beltway will continue to keep our expectations low while keeping our fingers crossed that Donald Trump runs, and wins, in 2024.

But back to Lemon. The guy facing sexual assault charges and yet still allowed to go on and spew his lies to those few still watching. Typical of leftist loons to protect the dregs of society, the more they’re compromised the more they want them. CNN loves their sociopaths too, the sicker the better, to produce ‘fake news’ for the network. Lemon is a disgusting, bottom feeding, diseased parasite himself. Those are the prerequisites for working for CNN. For sure he’s no journalist. He’s just a talking head embellishing on what he’s been told to say. We all know how fake the news has become today. Especially when they all repeat the same phrase as if from a script.

Ah yes, words of wisdom from an individual whose ratings are quite literally in the toilet. Say what you will about President Trump but one thing is for sure, he gave Republicans the spine to tackle not only the Democrats but also the ‘fake news’ frauds, Hollyweird and ‘Big Tech.’ Speaking of persons being above the law, it’s ‘Creepy Joe’ and his crackhead son, that immediately come to mind and the entire Democrat Party as well. They bail their rampaging thugs out of jail, refuse to prosecute real crimes, open the border and force Americans to submit to taking an unsafe ‘vaccine.’ But when President Trump points that out, it’s suddenly all bad.

Only in the world of the crotch grabbing Lemon, does this ‘logic’ make a lick of sense. Where was the outrage for the violence perpetuated by Antifa? BLM? Oh right, there was none. As usual, these propogandists show only selective outrage with no foundational principles and when pointed out to them, their responses are either blank stares or straw man arguments. Like the people in Portland, they live in an echo chamber. And I must have missed those instances where President Trump was out raving about defunding the police and encouraging prosecutors to release criminals back into the fray to commit more crime. When exactly was that? Oh…NEVER!!!

Donald Trump has been gone from the presidency for nearly a year and still the scum on CNN continues to bash him every chance they get. That’s all that CNN knows how to do. CNN is no longer a newsworthy network, they’re nothing but propaganda wizards and Trump haters. CNN has the lowest rated viewing audience of all the cable ‘news’ networks! Meanwhile, it’s Hitlery who was, and apparently continues to be, above the law. The Biden Crime Family, too, seems above the law. And these CNN commentators love it. And illegals are above the law, and progressives are crazy glad. Oh, and how about those BLM mostly peaceful riots, lootings, mayhem and murders?

Boohoo, President Trump used Twitter and didn’t allow the ‘fake news’ media to control every narrative. Republicans lacked the gumption to fight back, their usual ‘tactic’ was to simply lay down and allow their voters to be labeled as racists, religious zealots, bigots, insurrectionists, white supremacists and all things bad without an ounce of pushback. They all got caught in lie after lie, and if that shady real estate mogul, Trump, hadn’t come along the feckless Republican Party would have allowed them to continue to control society via lies, Hollyweird mouthpieces, far left talking heads, and insane Socialist policies without so much as a fight.

After more than four years of non-stop attacks against President Trump you would have thought they would have found enough dirt, if it had actually existed, to convict him. Lemon is such a pathetic hypocrite. Where was the law and order regarding the riots of 2020? And where was the law and order regarding the blatant theft of a presidential election right here in the United States? Personally, I believe the entire staff at CNN, and every other fraudulent ‘news’ organization should be charged with treason. They are NOT ‘news.’ They are the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party. They are no better than the ‘news’ in China/Russia. Criminals is what they are.

The uber-politicized CNN anchor Lemon can’t stop himself from going low. Attack President Trump’s policies and programs if you feel the facts warrant it and if you think it will actually improve life in these dysfunctional semi-United States. Attacking a person, especially for telling the truth, is pretty low. And in answer to his rhetorical musing, a good reason for President Trump, or Bannon, to not appear before the very bogus House Select Committee on the events of January 6 is because, like Lemon, the committee will most assuredly go low and use the opportunity to launch personal attacks, slander and defame the man, not address programs and policies.

Lemon, and his idiotic sidekick ‘Fredo,’ are the perfect examples of the “Blind Leading the Blind.” One lies and the other swears to it. They make accusations daily against President Trump’s supposed illicit business dealings without ever providing even an iota of proof. It’s the Democrats who continue to protect their own: The Clintons, ‘Creepy Joe,’ ‘Mad Maxine,’ and hundreds of other criminal Democrats. It is the left who want to defund police and release criminals without bail. It’s Democrats who have opened our borders to illegal immigrants and even prevent many from being deported. I think we all know which side it is that refuse to stand for law and order.

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