So just what is it with faux ‘journalists’ who share the last name of, Wallace? Or, does having the same last name mean absolutely nothing and is, instead, nothing more than just some sort of bizarre coincidence. Either way, perhaps the far better question would be to ask why it is that Republicans, or at least the RINO segment of the party, continue to be such willing participants in the continuing games that these same ‘journalists’ seem to take such great pleasure in playing. Especially when they would be doing themselves a yuge favor by choosing to stand up to these ‘fake news’ pukes. But I fear that once again my expectations are far too high.

And I say that because it was on Monday of this week that one of the many resident bimbos over there at MSDNC, Nicolle Wallace, claimed during her show “Deadline” that House Minority Whip Steve Scalise knows that claims made that former President Trump actually did win the 2020 presidential election are “total bullshit.” Wallace is clearly nothing more than just another of your average run-of-the-mill Trump Haters. Of course, Wallace was making reference to Steve Scalise’s non-answer answer when recently asked directly, and multiple times, by “Fox News Sunday” host ‘Commie Chris’ Wallace if the 2020 election was “stolen” from President Trump.

And it was a spineless Scalise, who did neither himself nor his party any favors when appearing with that other Wallace, this past Sunday, and being rather evasive when asked what was, to be honest, and pretty straight forward yes or no question. We’re tired of these wimps. Because instead of showing a little backbone Scalise only ended up providing ammunition to fraudulent ‘journalists’ just like this bimbo, and others like her there in the world of ‘fake news.’ All Scalise had to do, when asked if he thought the election was stolen from President Trump, was to answer with a very resounding, “Yes!” Before then going to on to explain exactly how. But nope!!!    

Anyway, it was Wallace who said, “If you’re not scared for our democracy and the damage being done to it around the clock, brick by brick, by elected Republican officials, then you’re not paying close enough attention to the knuckle-dragging of American politics. Yesterday on live television, the number two Republican elected official in the House of Representatives refused to acknowledge the legitimacy of President Joe Biden’s victory in November of 2020, which happens to be the very same election, which returned him to the House of Representatives.” She added, “Millions of Americans have been sold a fraud — that the election was stolen.”

And then this idiot then went on to say, “Republicans have a duty to tell the American people that this is not true. Perpetuating the big lie is an attack on the core of our constitutional republic. It was punctuated over the weekend when more Republican leaders, guys like Senator Chuck Grassley, playing to Donald Trump at a rally of thousands. Standing right there, close by his side. Embracing him and his message.” She said, “Here’s how you know it is B.S. Here’s how you know Steve Scalise knows it’s total bullshit. Steve Scalise could call for every House Republican in all the states in question in their minds to resign.” How can anyone take this moron seriously?

And she continued, “Because if those states were messed up, then they’re not real congressmen, are they? Why don’t the Republicans have the courage of their convictions to go all the way?” Obviously, this self-professed ‘journalist’ is another of those who thinks that if one repeats a lie often enough, people will start to believe it as true. But then that’s all this smear merchant ever does in her effort to damage those who disagree with her politically. And it’s in that regard that she resembles just about every other player in the business of ‘fake news.’ And yet Republicans always seem to think that they will somehow be treated fairly by those like Wallace.  

Look, when President Trump went to Washington, after defeating 16 establishment Republicans, on a promise of draining the Washington swamp, it was some of those same swamp Republicans who were quick to side with the Democrats to initiate fraudulent investigations against the new Republican president, basically for treason, based on a fraudulent dossier paid for by Hitlery’s campaign. President Trump was a lone wolf who did not have his own political people to bring in. He only had the Republican base that had been repeatedly sold out by self-serving politicians, decade after decade. Those who had run on draining the swamp only to become part of it.

The Democrat/RINO alliance has spent five years in its effort to destroy President Trump and Trump associates through abuse of their own power. Most others would have been destroyed, but not President Trump. People could see through the ridiculous attempt to paint him as a Russian pawn and all the other ridiculous smears that imbeciles like Wallace attempted to spread. And it’s the endless stream of attacks has only made President Trump stronger. If anyone doubted the reason why the swamp needed to be drained, they proved it every time they came up with the next failed smear. But stealing elections takes it a step too far.

Given the ongoing train wreck that is the Biden Administration, those in the business of ‘fake news’ have had to divert attention away by spewing never-ending BS about President Trump. But as recent polls have made clear, the vast majority of Americans aren’t listening. Most don’t care about the pabulum she and others spew to their limited audiences. All they do is repeat it’s the big lie. If it’s such a lie and they’re so certain, why do they feel the need to convince people? This is a child’s game the ‘fake newsers’ are playing. When children do this exact same thing, you tell them to stop being devious and just be truthful. These people lack such self-awareness.

And what’s “total bullshit’ is the fact that any thinking adult could actually convince themselves that ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden really did get 81 million votes and won the election. Those on ‘Team Biden’ lie to the American every single day in an attempt to explain away their total failure at governing. And if Wallace believes that President Trump legitimately lost the election then I think it only fair that we can legitimately blame her for assisting in electing a man to the highest office in the land who is clearly mentally incapacitated and that she is subsequently responsible for the mess he has made on everything from the border to Afghanistan, to the economy.

Wallace is nothing if not a left-wing pathological lying deranged, and clearly psychotic, creep. Look, deep down she knows ‘Creepy Joe’ didn’t win in 2020. Just as she knows that there is no way that a majority Americans actually voted for a guy so obviously demented, and pretty seriously so. Americans knew he would be the complete disaster if he were actually to be elected, and that is what he has so very clearly turned out to be! Why, because a liberal, moron, like Biden, will hire far-left wing deranged, psychotics to be part of his administration, and as well his advisors. Look Wallace, get ready, if Trump runs in 2024, he will win.

These people must keep pounding the drum of “baseless allegations” and “the big lie” because they are the very same people who organized it, supported it, covered up the skullduggery, and benefited from the fraud. And it’s their very loud opposition to the various audits taking place and that have taken place, tells all we need to know about the part they played in the blatant act of election theft in our history. If even one of these liberals would say, “OK, I’m game, let’s look through the forensic audits and see what’s going on,” one could argue that maybe, just maybe, the election was on the up and up. But everyone who’s screaming “big lie” is one of the perps.

And it matters not how many times Wallace, or any other ‘fake news’ loons, says it’s a lie, it doesn’t make it fact. Just like all the Democrat losers who continue to repeat January 6th was an insurrection and a riot. It was a protest that lasted less than three hours. These losers sit there and can’t believe and wonder why they are underwater as a party with the majority of Americans, this is one of the exact reasons. America thinks that all these people do, is lie. Perhaps if they were to try being truthful rather than spewing BS maybe people would come to see them as being credible. Until then Democrats as well as our ‘fake news’ has ZERO credibility with the American people.

Wallace Is the personification of BS, walking, talking BS. She refuses to comment on the current and more relevant failures of ‘Creepy Joe.’ Instead, she focuses on the November 2020 flawed election. Not a word about the continuing failures of the Biden Administration, not a word about a president that is in cognitive decline, not a word about a *president that won’t take questions from the press, not a word about inflation, not a word about unvaccinated, not vetted, uneducated illegals looking for free money invading our country, and not a word about Biden’s 38 percent approval rating. You want to talk about BS Ms. Wallace? Look in the mirror, you are it.


  1. “In-depth.” It’s too bad we don’t have the feature of correcting mistakes after we send our comments. I do believe that feature is available with the software that you’re using. I could be wrong….


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