You really do have to wonder just how clueless ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden truly is when it comes to knowing anything about the country that he actively cheated his way into becoming its president. And he seems not to understand in the least that a majority of Americans hear only lies whenever he, or most any other politician, is speaking to them. Because while these politicians may say one thing it’s very seldom, if ever, that they actually choose to follow through or make good, on anything that they say. The only ‘politician’ in recent memory to do that was, of course, President Trump. 

And so, it was just this past Thursday that we had *president ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden once again taking it upon himself to promote ‘vaccine’ mandates for businesses, and voicing his frustration that people were resisting his vaccination efforts since ‘taking’ office back in January. And he actually went so far as to criticize those Americans who felt the mandates are a violation of their freedoms. And it was in making clear that old ‘Creepy Joe’ is more than a little frustrated with those very same Americans, ‘Creepy Joe’ said, “I’ve tried everything in my power to get people vaccinated.”

‘Creepy Joe’ spoke about ‘vaccine’ mandates at an event in Illinois, where state and local officials are more strict than most other midwestern states about requiring vaccines. He said, “Look, I know vaccination requirements are tough medicine, unpopular for some, politics for others, but they’re lifesaving, they’re game-changing for our country.” And ‘Creepy joe’ announced his decision to enact more ‘vaccine’ mandates in September, but the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has not released the final text of the rule. Good luck with that!

And while ‘Creepy Joe’ admitted that ‘vaccine’ mandates were not his “first instinct,” he felt that it was the only way to get the vast majority of Americans ‘vaccinated.’ He said, “Yes. Some object. And some object very strenuously, and some are making a political statement out of this issue.” And he claimed ‘vaccine’ mandates for employment are “nothing new,” citing ‘vaccine’ requirements for polio, measles, mumps, and rubella in certain fields. Well, those were actually bona fide ‘vaccines,’ what he’s asking people to submit to most definitely is not!

‘Creepy Joe’ asked, “I don’t quite get this, you know, why it’s a matter of, ‘No violation of your right to go to school, or get a job,’ etc., but now it’s a great cause célèbre?” And he argued that ‘vaccine’ mandates were actually broadly popular with Americans and effective, as people reluctant to get the coronavirus ‘vaccine’ chose to get vaccinated rather than lose their jobs. He said, “It’s about life and death, that’s what it’s about … it’s about being patriotic, doing the right thing.” Only in his demented mind is submitting to this ‘vaccine’ patriotic, or the right thing do. 

Lowering his voice to a whisper, ‘Creepy Joe’ reminded the audience that even Fox News had ‘vaccine’ mandates. He said, “This I always get a kick out of, Fox News. Fox News requires vaccinations for all their employees. Give me a break. Fox News.” ‘Creepy Joe’ also claimed that unvaccinated Americans were flooding hospitals with coronavirus cases and threatening the economy by making people afraid to leave their homes. He said, “They’re worried they’re going to get sick.” And this man is our *president? How absolutely embarrassing! The entire world is laughing at us!

Obviously, being the good little Democrat that he is. ‘Creepy Joe’ doesn’t really care that people don’t like to be told what it is that they must put into their own bodies. Millions of Americans still view such a thing as being a personal choice to be made by FREE people. Period. And attempting to coerce people into ‘choosing’ to do what they’re told to do by removing them from their livelihood if they refuse to do so tends to provide them with even more of a reason to refuse. Free people are like that. ‘Creepy Joe,’ like every other politician, work for us. They do not OWN us.

Why demand people take a NON-vaccine that neither protects people from COVID nor keeps infected people from transmitting it to others?  ‘Creepy Joe’ himself was vehemently against the ‘vaccine’ while Donald Trump was President. The virus and vaccine have been politicized from the start by this administration. Fauci and others have lied repeatedly about masks, and other aspects of the virus, from its origin to their involvement in its creation. We keep getting conflicting guidance from the White House, CDC, FDA, NIH, WHO, Doctors and other supposed medical experts.

Many of us know someone who has died, quite unnecessarily from COVID, who would likely have survived if Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine had been used early on.  And many of us know people who have been fully vaccinated and who still got infected. Also some of us know people who have had extremely serious side effects from the ‘vaccine’ to include heart problems and death. And can someone explain to me why members of Congress, their staffs and even the thousands of illegal immigrants who are allowed to flood across our border are exempt from getting ‘vaccinated.’

And yet, I’m supposed to voluntarily allow my government to administer an experimental concoction into my body because they claim it’s a ‘vaccine,’ a ‘vaccine’ that they know doesn’t work and that has a higher chance of killing, or permanently disabling, me than the virus it’s supposed to protect me from. ‘Creepy Joe’ has no power to compel anyone to get a ‘vaccine’ as a condition of employment and neither does the OSHA. Yet there are people who do get this ‘vaccine’ under duress, being coerced by their employers to get ‘vaccine’ or be terminated.

I am not vaccinated. That is my personal choice, because I had the virus back at the beginning of the year and so I see no sense in doing so. I am not anti-vaccine, I am just anti this ‘vaccine.’ Whether or not you choose to get this ‘vaccine,’ it should be your choice and yours alone. What I don’t understand is that those who are the most scared, are those who have already been vaccinated! This makes absolutely no sense. I am neither worried, nor afraid, due to someone else’s vaccination status. Get the shot, if you want. Or, don’t. I matters no more to me than a cloudy day.

And you know, when it’s a legion of known pathological liars, depopulation fanatics, evil cultists, and corrupted and immoral evildoers, who telling me that it’s my duty to get this ‘vaccine,’ I’m not buying it. When very real hazards are downplayed to the point of medical malpractice, I’m not buying it. When I’m told it works but that it needs frequent boosters, I’m not buying it. When all standards of medical ethics are violated to coerce its use, I’m not buying it. When government thugs try to force me, or intimidate my employer or school to force me to take it, I’m not buying it.

Finally, there continues to pushback because people are tired of being lying to and no longer trust those who are doing their best to convince us that taking this ‘vaccine’ is for our own good. It’s doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that ‘Creepy Joe’ & Co. have thoroughly corrupted and politicized the ‘Chinese virus.’ They banned known medications that work, they’ve been lying about ‘vaccine’ injuries and deaths, and when caught in their lies, they double down on the bullying. In America we have a choice, if you don’t like people having choices then you’re unfit for public office.


  1. These vaccines are nothing but a damn joke I. Natural immunity is 100% better then if you had a half a dozen of these worthless shots. We have been so gaslighted over this that it boggles the mind.


  2. And you can bet I will be putting this on fascistbook because everybody loves what you do!!! and since I use an iPad Pro 12.9 which is the large model in the largest one they make, I always snap a picture of the picture at the top of each of your column and then I frame it correctly and then put it on fascistbook and people just absolutely love them!!


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