So riddle me this, how is it that anyone of even average intelligence, or has managed to stay even minimally informed, can look at what’s now taking place in this country, or actually that is being ‘made’ to take place, and not wonder if there is actually anyone competent in charge? Because it would seem that we are now literally surrounded by all manner of incompetence. But what’s even scarier, suppose all that we are now witnessing is actually not being done out of incompetence but is, instead, actually being done on purpose. That, most certainly, would be even worse. 

And it was just this past Wednesday that a Quinnipiac University poll was released that seemed to reveal that it’s more than half of U.S. adults who now believe that *president ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden and his entire administration are simply not sufficiently competent to be in charge of running this country. It’s 55 percent of the respondents said ‘Creepy Joe’ & Co. is not competent in running the government. In comparison, 42 percent of the respondents said the administration is competent. I find it rather scary, actually, that 42 percent remain able to say this clown show is competent.

But then I suppose the majority of that 42 percent are the same ones who comprise the lifelong parasites of American society. You know, those on generational welfare, who receive ‘free’ healthcare, food stamps and all those who sell their vote and the rest who seem quite comfortable living off those of us who go to work every day. And either they have absolutely no clue about what being competent means, or they simply don’t care whether those they elect are competent or not. In which case it’s those who possess such a sentiment who should have their voting privileges revoked.

And upon further examination if we break things down by party preference it’s 62 percent of those identified as Independent that said the administration is not competent, versus 35 percent who actually think that it is. There are also 94 percent of Republicans who do not think the administration is competent compared to only 5 percent who, for whatever reason, think they are. And, no surprise, it’s 85 percent of those who identified as a Democrat who said the administration is competent, versus 13 percent of Democrats who thought the administration is not.

And so the 85 percent of Democrats who believe ‘Creepy Joe’ is doing a competent job, are still sticking with their guy. They know that it’s ‘BO’ who’s pulling ‘Creepy Joe’s strings. And it’s the remaining 15 percent of Democrats who are likely wishing that Jimmy Carter was still the president. Look, we all know that competency is not exactly the strong suit of those in the Democrat Party. ‘Creepy Joe’ works to destroy America and these Democrats are just fine with that because President Trump isn’t tweeting. Well, stolen elections have some pretty serious consequences.

Perhaps we need to consider placing blame where it might actually belong, with the American people. Do they still possess the credibility needed when commenting on anyone’s competence? After all, they gave ‘Creepy Joe’ enough votes to make it possible for the election to be stolen allowing his doddering old fool to get into the White House. They did nothing more than to vote AGAINST their own prosperity and for the country’s demise. The American people, as a whole, are who may be the most incompetent these days. Politicians can’t do anything without first being elected.

And the amount of damage that has been done in only eight months is nothing short of incredible. Gas in over double what it was just last year. Activists occupy parts of our cities and the FBI is now coming after those people brave enough to speak up at school board meetings. That and how these days that you can now get fired if you refuse to take a vaccine, that isn’t really a vaccine. Perhaps incompetent isn’t the proper word to describe these people. Perhaps a better word would be ‘destructive,’ or any number of the many similar descriptive terms for describing something evil.

So, America, are you happy and peaceful in your homes tonight, like you used to be? Stop to consider all the misery these godawful tyrants have rained down upon our country since the left essentially seized power. From FBI threats made against parents seeking only to protect their children from socialist garbage to vaccine mandates taking away your very livelihood! Are we really going to stand for this, America? We need to rise and throw these bastards out! These reprobates are history’s garbage! We were born in freedom and liberty, and we must never lose sight of that!

This poll makes me wonder about that 85 percent of Democrats who believe ‘Creepy Joe’ & Co. is competent. How many of them are competent? Seriously, we’re seeing incredible inflation, a shortage of people willing to work, supply chain issues that will be impacting manufacturing and result in job losses and shortages, national defense in shambles, allies considering the US unreliable, Taiwan about to be attacked by the Chi-Coms, the mess of Afghanistan pullout, the border being ignored, etc. etc. What competent person thinks anything taking place is being handled responsibly?

What a sad state of affairs that we are now ‘led’ by people selected by a population manipulated by the 24/7 drumbeat of propaganda from our ‘fake news’ media, the educational system and social media. They bray on like the donkeys about how they are the guardians of our democracy while actively undermining it. A misinformed electorate is simply incapable of making a rational choice and what we are seeing now is the result of this manipulation. Some are now slowly coming to the revelation that they have been duped, but it’s too late and the damage has already been done.

And we are seeing, once again, how every time these Democrats are provided with the opportunity they work to create, and to encourage, this type of chaotic environment because it tends to work to their advantage when it comes to their continuing efforts to wreak as much havoc as possible. And it’s those who reliably vote Democrat who rarely care just how badly things are being run as long as it’s their folks who are making such a mess of things and they’re able to continue receiving all of their taxpayer funded ‘freebies.’ Because that’s all they really care about.

And finally, there is just one last point I would like to make here. And that is, if this country is to be saved then it’s going to take all of those who still love this country, regardless of race, banding together to do it. This madness simply cannot be allowed to continue, because when this ship called America, that nation which represents the last vestige of true freedom on the entire planet, sinks, it will do so with all souls onboard regardless of race, religion, gender or sexual persuasion. So either we all work together to save this country or we all go down with it when it sinks.

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