Have you ever stopped to consider just how different this country would look today, politically, economically and even socially, if we actually had a bona fide, ‘news’ media that was actually fair, objective and totally unbiased? Because I would venture to say that it would look nothing like what it looks like today. And that’s primarily because we do not have a ‘news’ media that has any interest in being fair, objective nor unbiased. What we have instead is a group of supposedly independent ‘news’ organizations who are not independent of one another at all but, in fact, act in concert with one another, and as one gigantic propaganda spewing conglomerate.

And what’s more, it is nothing less than a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Democrat Party. And that becomes very clear whenever you choose to tune into any of these supposed ‘news’ outlets or pickup any piece of print media, like the New York Time, the Washington Post or any number of others. And it was just this past Monday that those who, for whatever reason, tuned into MSDNC’s ‘The ReidOut,’ hosted by racist homophobe Joy Reid, witnessed MSDNC’s ‘intelligence’ analyst Malcolm Nance claim that the Republican Party was becoming an “armed insurgency.” This guy only self identifies as an intelligence analyst, and if you don’t play along you’re a racist!

Anyway, it was Nance who said, “Madison Cawthorn should be used as a weather vain. You can see how he picks up on the themes that are not just coming from the Steve Bannon level and Donald Trump level but the Republican street and that Republican street is armed, they’re angry with an entire belief that America and that they no longer want the America that the rest of us, the 60% of the country live in and they’re willing to take up arms for it.” He continued, “When Cawthorn is saying these things, he also sees himself as propaganda in waiting, so he can be brought out and will be lifted up by the Republican street to being a senator in some other state.”

And this dolt wrapped things up by saying, “They don’t care about the effect of those words. If you remove the words from his speech, Washington D.C. and Christian, you would have the exact same terminology that I found analyzing al Qaeda and ISIS communications calling for jihad. It’s almost the same.” Nance added, “I just finished a 120,000-word book about how the Republican is becoming an armed insurgency in the United States, and it is absolutely terrifying.” And so I’m sure it comes as no surprise that this leftist dolt also has a book to peddle! But that’s the way it is with all of these people, regardless of whether they are on the left or the right.

This moron has the IQ of a grape. Americans arm themselves, Socialists disarm others. Americans have rights, Socialists have tantrums. Americans own, Socialists confiscate. Claiming “armed insurgency,” is just one more step toward outlawing any form of dissent under the premise that conservatives and Republicans are both violent and dangerous. You see, the Left is to be obeyed, and that’s all there is to it. Obey or you will charged with thoughtcrimes! And it’s uncanny, don’t you think, that Nance, and his ilk, can so easily overlook the nefarious activities of BLM and Antifa, and work to convince people that it’s conservatives who are actually burning down our cities.

Just how stupid do these people think we are? They don’t even hide anymore the fact that they are wackjobs. Like a choreographed script, the public is exposed to the same messaging from different networks and newspapers all pushing the very same slanted messaging. So its ok for Antifa, BLM, and any other groups of these leftwing radicals, to be armed insurgents, burning, rioting and looting, but not for ‘unarmed’ people to go to the nation’s capital to voice their obvious displeasure regarding how it was that the Democrats very clearly stole the 2020 presidential election? But then I would expect nothing less from MSDNC and/or its any of its ‘employees.’

And it never ceases to amaze how these Marxist fools are so blind to their own, never ending, violent actions, let alone words. Armed insurgency? It was Democrats who spent months of 2020, leading up to the presidential election, burning, looting, assaulting, raping, murdering, vandalizing, and destroying with folks like this moron Nance actually cheering them on. Billions and billions and billions and billions of dollars in damages. And I’ll ask the question again, just how stupid to these people think we are? We do not live in a vacuum where clowns such as thing are our only source of information. Who know who the armed insurgents are, and they are not us!

And why should the Republicans be concerned? After all, it’s not like Democrats aren’t constantly talking about packing the Supreme Court. It’s not like they aren’t trying to force through Congress nearly $5 Trillion in combined spending. It’s not like they aren’t pretending that borders no longer exist and are flooding the country with what now has to be up over 1 million new uneducated and illegal immigrants with no intention of stemming the flow over the next three years. And it’s not like it’s your body, your choice, EXCEPT when they support what they are forcing into your body. I don’t understand how any Republican should be concerned about anything!

There is obviously no shortage of boobs like Nance on the Left. The deflection and craziness is extreme with this supposed “intelligence” analyst. First, he chooses to pick on a Republican representative who uses a wheelchair. Second, polling data shows just the opposite of what he contends. The majority of Americans reject the left’s version of ‘America,’ which in no way resembles, even remotely, what the Founders’ intended as laid out in our Constitution. Republicans exercise their second amendment rights, and yet where is all of the violence which he speaks about? Republicans haven’t brought out their arms and employed violence as a weapon.

That’s what the left has been doing, with bricks, water bottles filled with cement, and Molotov cocktails, as well as using illegal firearms in every city, every night to commit violent acts associated with criminal gang activities. Republicans, conservatives, Trump supporters, and others have committed no acts of violence. This clown is just a liar, another “believe what I tell you, ignore what your own eyes and ears are telling you, just like the reporter who tried to convince her viewers that the chants they heard in the background weren’t “f*ck Joe Biden. Deflection, propaganda, outright lies, and actual violence, and it’s all coming from the left.

The violent lunacy that continues to take place in this country is always committed by those on the left, those who support the Democrat Party and its mission to destroy this country. As usual, they are accusing everyone else of doing what they themselves are very busy doing. Thieves think everyone is stealing from them, liars don’t believe anyone else, cheaters don’t trust and leftists are always looking for something to burn or a business to loot. And yet we’re all supposed to believe that those who want nothing more than to be left alone are the ones guilty of causing all the trouble. We know which party is the home of violence and hate, it’s the Democrat Party.


  1. America would not be so divided. That’s for sure. I call all 5 the NNC. = NETWORK


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