According to a recent report the junior Senator from Illinois, Tammy Duckworth, hasn’t paid any property taxes on her Illinois home since 2015. Duckworth’s tax evasion, though, is legal. The senator apparently found a number of loopholes and tax exemptions that lowered her rate effectively to zero in property taxes. And apparently Democrats, like Duckworth, feel that they, and they alone, should be the ones able to take advantage of such loopholes while at the same time feeling free to accuse those like Donald Trump of trying to avoid paying their “fair share” for doing the exact same thing, trying to reduce the amount that one owes the government.

One of the tax breaks that the 53-year-old Duckworth employs concerns her status as a disabled veteran. Unlike many other states, the Illinois rules are not income-based. Any disabled veteran qualifies for the tax break, no matter how wealthy they may be. The Chicago Sun-Times reports that critics of the many exemptions say that the rules are applied far too liberally. They add that too many people whose incomes do not justify tax breaks are still able to qualify to receive them. But then, we are talking about Illinois, a state that is among the most corrupt in this entire country. After all, it’s a state represented in the Senate by Duckworth and ‘Little Dick’ Durbin.

Due to the veteran exemption, and other exemptions as well, it’s been since 2015 that Duckworth, and her husband, have avoided having to pay $42,000 in property taxes. Their house is valued at $225,000, and the senator alone earned nearly $500,000 in each of 2019 and 2020. And it’s her entitlement, as a wounded veteran, that I have no issue with. After all Duckworth was injured in service to the country during her stint while piloting a helicopter for the Illinois Army National Guard in Iraq in 2004. Due to her status, she is one of more than 2,000 Cook County residents who are excused from paying a total of $102.8 million in property taxes.

The Sun-Times reported that Laurence Msall, president of Chicago tax watchdog group the Civic Federation, is one critic that feels the rules need to be tightened. Msall said, “What we have done is to create all special sorts of categories – veterans, disabled people, senior citizens – and all of those exemptions administered by the county basically undermine the integrity of the property tax system.” He added, “We grant people relief regardless of their income situation, and the rest of the community has to pay more. It’s unfair, it’s very hard to monitor, and it’s hard to authenticate who’s getting the value. Is it the needy people, or is it a giveaway?”

And I’m sure no one would be surprised to hear that Duckworth refused to comment when the Times contacted her to comment on the story. However, through a spokesman, Duckworth said she “has always believed that everyone should pay their fair share in taxes and that those who served this nation in uniform deserve and should claim the benefits they earned.”  Whenever a Democrat says, “fair share,” what they really mean is ‘everyone but them.’  While hard-working middle class folks in Illinois struggle to pay their property taxes, U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth pays nothing. Liberals love spending money, just not their own money.

So why is it that anyone is surprised by this? Masks for thee, but not for me. Taxes for thee, but not for me. Social distancing for thee, but not for me. And on and on. This is the way these politicians act, people could not get their haircut, but Pelosi could. Most people could not go to church, but Chuckie Schumer could go to a Central Park concert. If you want an abortion, no one can tell you what to do with your body. But if you do not want the ‘vaccination,’ you’re stupid and are the cause for the vaccinated getting sick. These people are mentally sick in the head. How else can you explain that the unvaccinated are causing the ‘vaccinated’ to get sick and die.

Now keep in mind that Duckworth is just one of many rabid Democrats who whined on and on and accused President Trump of not paying what he owed in taxes because he too took legal tax write offs and deductions. They’re still demanding to see his tax returns. Perhaps we need to see theirs! As a U.S. senator she gets more benefits in her job then all of us receive. She’s a U.S. senator with the power to vote on the taxes of every citizen in this country, not just those in Illinois. If she wants to take advantage of these tax benefits then perhaps she should resign from the Senate return to Illinois and become a regular citizen. But don’t count on that happening.

The fact she lectures others on paying their “fair share” while she banks $4,527 each year while making $174,000 as a member of Congress and another $300,000 doing who knows what, is why YOU should care. And again, the issue here is not she takes a tax break that’s available, it’s that she attacks others for doing the very same thing. Veteran or no, this is hypocrisy in action and it’s outrageous, especially from someone who should have some self-awareness as a supposed leader. How many veterans has she helped with her policies? What charities or causes she has donated any of her ill-gotten gain, as a member of Congress, to support other wounded veterans?

Does that make her a bad person? No, but it doesn’t make her into some veteran’s heroine either, or at least it shouldn’t. She is a Democrat, which in turn makes her an anti-American, as well as a fraud, a crook and, most of all, a liar! What has she done for disabled veterans? Probably about as much as John ‘The Maverick’ McCain did for Vietnam veterans suffering from Agent Orange exposure, which is nothing. It’s the hypocrisy and double standards that should bother us. Wounded veteran or not, this woman should be viewed as an embarrassment to every citizen of the state of Illinois. But that’s likely not the case, which, in the big scheme of things, is really kind of sad.

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