Ya know, I’m still wondering when more people are going to wake up and finally throw in the towel when it comes to he who is nothing more a lying fraud, Tony Fauci. And even though he is the very last guy on the planet, or at the very least one of the last, who should be telling anyone that the time has now come for them to start “facing reality,” that certainly hasn’t prevented him from doing so. I mean let’s face it, there is now no one who is more detached from reality than is everyone’s favorite ‘Mad Scientist,’ ‘Dr.’ Fauci. And yet, he still somehow sees himself as being qualified to lecture us when, in fact, he’s not qualified to so much as park our car.

And the more that is revealed about this guy, the more you have to wonder why it is that he’s not rotting away behind bars. Instead, it was this past Sunday that he appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union” claiming that Republicans need to “face reality” and realize immigrates are not “the driving force” of the coronavirus pandemic. You see, it was then that host, one of CNN’s many resident bimbos, Dana Bash said, “Doctor Fauci A new Kaiser Family Foundation poll asked Americans what they thought the major reasons for high coronavirus spread are and the top reasons the Republicans gave was immigrants and tourists bringing COVID-19 into the U.S.”

And she asked, “Are immigrants a major reason why COVID-19 is spreading in the U.S.?” And it was Fauci who said, “No, absolutely not. If you just look at the data and look at the people who have gotten infected, look at the people who are in the hospital, look at the people that died. This is not driven by immigrants. This is the problem within our country, the same way it’s a problem with other countries throughout the world. The idea when you have 700,000 Americans dead and millions and millions of Americans getting infected that you don’t want to look outside to the problem. The problem is within our own country. Certainly, immigrants can get infected, but they’re not the driving force of this. Let’s face reality here.”

But our ‘Mad Scientist’ didn’t stop there. It was also this past Sunday, on CBS’s ‘Face the Nation,’ that host Margaret Brennan said, “We’re going into cold weather, the holidays. Do people need to start looking around and say it is too risky to gather with family members if there are unvaccinated children?” And she asked, “But we can gather for Christmas, or it is just too soon to tell?” And it was our favorite ‘Mad Scientist’ who responded by saying, “You know, Margaret, it is just too soon to tell. We have to concentrate on continuing to get those numbers down and not try to jump ahead by weeks or months and say what we’re going to do at a particular time.”

And he went on to say, “Let’s focus like a laser on continuing to get those cases down. And we can do it by people getting vaccinated. Also, in the situation where boosters are appropriate to get people boosted because we know they can help greatly in diminishing infection and diminishing advanced disease.” So I ask again, when are people going to wake up and kick this snake-oil salesman to the curb? Because that’s really all he is. He’s playing us all for suckers and making himself rich in the process. And the sad thing is, is that are still far too many of us who continue to fall for his malarkey. As I said, people need to wake up, they MUST wake up!

By all means Tony, let us face reality. The reality that the unvaccinated are not the spreaders here. The reality that masks don’t work. The reality that these ‘vaccines’ are not the only method of treatment. The reality that the vaccinated are becoming afflicted with things that they otherwise would not have been afflicted with had they not been vaccinated. The cold hard reality here is that our government is in charge of this ‘plandemic.’ Our ‘Mad Scientist’ needs to step off the ‘fake news’ merry-go-round and into the witness box in front of 12 of the vaccinated who have life-ending or debilitating illnesses because of this supposed ‘vaccine’ he has advocated for!

And this so-called ‘vaccine’ that our ‘Mad Scientist’ is so desperate for us all to submit to, is not really a ‘vaccine’ at all. It only acts on the spike protein. A real vaccine is years, or possibly even decades away, but might be worthless if the virus mutates, as may the current vaccine. ‘Natural Immunity’ is the only way to go and is most likely the basis for any real vaccine. Yet the people with their heads in the sand are following the ‘science’ and ignoring inconvenient facts. Like, ‘vaccinated’ people become carriers so they are far more dangerous to the unvaccinated, and in the long term no one knows what this mRNA crap is going to do to human immune systems.

And it’s these same immigrants that this supposed ‘medical’ professional is telling us that we have nothing to fear from, that are being shipped all over the country, with no notice to the residents, going to clinics and hospitals, riding on buses and more. And in the process, of course, they’re spreading this and many other diseases, many of which our medical system has little to no experience in dealing with. ‘Creepy Joe’ is shipping hundreds of thousands of illegals all over the country. As many as 40% have Covid. None of them have been tested and none are required to wear masks. But they are not the problem. It’s us working folks living in Red states who are the problem.

And has anyone even considered the fact that it’s the very same Democrats, and their many allies in what has become known as the ‘fake news’ media, who for four long years continually harangued President Trump, accusing him of being a Russian spy who stole the 2016 presidential election from Hitlery, that are now busy mandating, ordering, intimidating, and trying to get people fired, or in some way punished for refusing to take a ‘vaccine’ that really isn’t a ‘vaccine’ at all. It’s totally unreasonable to allow the same man who played a major role in creating this virus, therefore causing this pandemic, to be telling everyone else how to live.

And how much was our ‘Mad Scientist’ paid to help develop this virus in the first place? And then, how much was he compensated to ensure it was disseminated, by the Communist Chinese, to the greatest extent possible? Nothing this weasel does is for free. How would he know if these illegals aren’t responsible for the spike in cases here in the US? Are they testing the illegals to find out what strain they’re infected with? Do they even know what strain is here in the US? Why don’t we put the lying bastard on the stand, under oath, and ask him? Of course, under oath means nothing to those on the left. Either on the stand, or bearing witness, if it’s one of their own.

Finally, the only virus that I am in any way fearful of, is the virus we know as… government and its frightening variant, tyranny. And it’s the carrier of that virus that is the Democrat Party, and its voters. The symptoms are eradication of Liberty, ginned up fear, isolation, confusion, suppression of dissent, panic and hysteria. The complications are the end of national sovereignty, hunger, misery, gulags, and death. I would have zero concern if I were to find myself in a room full of the ‘unvaxxed.’ But I would not want to spend one second in a room full of Democrats. They are a toxic poison a million times more dangerous than any ramped up cold virus.

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