It’s gotten to the point where most every time I watch just about anyone in the business of spewing ‘fake news,’ which is rare, I can’t help but wonder if somehow we’ve all somehow been transported back to our grade school days. And I say that because we now seem to have folks who not only claim to be ‘journalists,’ and are supposed to be adults, but who very seldom behave like either. And yet we’re still expected to take them seriously and are severely chastised when we don’t, and because of their own blatantly childish behavior. And they seem not to be bothered in the least by the fact that most Americans no longer believe much of what they say.  

And it was this past Wednesday, during her silly little MSDNC show ‘Deadline’, that one of the many the network’s resident bimbos, Nicolle Wallace, said during an exchange with a former ‘strategist’ for George W. Bush, Matthew Dowd, that Republican voters knew President Trump was a “big, fat liar” but they still supported him. Dowd, you may recall, is the very same guy who, back in 2018, called for all “white male Christians” to stop running for public office. And yet it’s today, just three years later, that Dowd, who identifies as white, male and Christian, is now running for public office. Which is another thing than makes one go ‘hmmmmm.’   

Wallace said, “Matthew, as a strategist with whom I worked alongside, I understood this about voters, one they don’t like to be lied to. Two, they want to see government deliver. The current Republican Party breaks those rules. The Republicans lie to them all the time. It would seem Republicans knew Donald Trump was a big, fat liar. They stayed with him, of them are still with him.” So Ms. Wallace actually wants to complain about lying? Wow. These media hags literally have no shame. ‘Creepy Joe’ has been president eight months, and President Trump is still living rent free in her head. If she had anything positive to say about ‘Creepy Joe’ wouldn’t she be saying it?

Anyway, it was this bimbo, Wallace who then went on to add, “In terms of delivering I mean Texas has delivered gun laws that endanger all Texans. It has been AWOL on COVID protections, that has killed Texans. It has taken away reproductive rights which has Texas women and couples in some instances fleeing the state for health care. How do you undo what is really an upsidedown dynamic in terms of how traumatized sort of Stockholm Syndrome Republicans feel about their failed leaders?” And it was Dowd, who is running for lieutenant governor of Texas as a Democrat, who said, “I am going to tell the truth.” Seriously, this guy is going to tell the truth?

And he then went on to say, “I am going to show my values, why I loved raising my children here, why I live here, what is fundamental about this state that I love.” First of all, he’s made clear his ‘values,’ or lack of, by choosing to run as a Democrat. Look, I think we can all safely agree that Democrats, every last one of them, are nothing if not soulless creatures who apparently see absolutely nothing wrong with butchering a baby at the moment of birth, literally forcing people to allow the government to inject toxic chemicals into their bodies, believing that you can still have a country by doing away with your borders and so very much more.

How rich is this, this lying ‘fake news’ media minion lied to her miniscule viewing audience for four years about Russia, Russia, Russia, impeachment Number One and Number Two and all of the many other bogus claims made against President Trump, and yet she has the gall to call him a liar? Obviously, being a ‘journalist’ for MSDNC requires one to be a “big, fat liar” and to constantly lie to your viewers, while maintaining a straight face, and not breaking out in laughter as you and your guests tell YOUR “big, fat lies.” Is there now a required college course on lying to obtain a ‘journalism’ degree, or is lying something that comes perfectly natural to her?

That she refers to President Trump as “a big fat liar” is straight out of third grade. ‘Creepy Joe’ has lied his entire pathetic 50 year career. And in his new role as the selected *president, his lies have real-world consequences and the country is in a downward spiral because of them. How is it that anyone on the left can look at what is now going on and think that we are actually moving in the right direction? Inflation, high fuel cost, crime, economy, etc… Everything that makes this country tick, is falling apart and has been doing so since ‘Creepy Joe’ was sworn in. Given that these childish words are coming from one of the brain addled MSM, take it for what it is.

Nine months later and still all anyone in the Democrat Party can talk about is President Trump, it’s absolutely amazing! But then, maybe that’s why he can still pack 30,000 people into a stadium for a rally while all JOBID-19 can do is pack his depends with a load of Fauci! President Trump is the most honest politician I’ve ever seen. Does he have faults? Sure. But what you see is what you get, and no President has ever fought as hard to keep as many of his campaign promises as President Trump. President Trump did more for America and its citizens than any other President since Reagan. Meanwhile, ‘Creepy Joe’ is literally destroying America.

Wallace is a perfect example of how far the standards for ‘journalism’ have fallen in recent years. President Trump is “a big fat liar?” I was somewhat surprised that she didn’t follow up by telling President Trump his mother wore army boots. This moron is clearly an intellectual lightweight. President Trump accomplished a majority of the promises that he campaigned on. He also had the entire Democrat Party, media, and the globalists all attacking him on a daily basis. If you want to talk about who lied, look at Biden. In office for almost 50 years and he has done NOTHING. Why does the media not ask how it was that he and his entire family became multi-millionaires?

We know that, as a ‘journalist,’ math is not her strong suite. Had it been, she might have noticed that ‘Creepy Joe’ only won 2 of the 19 counties that presidents, since before Reagan, have always won. There have been thousands of images, and signs of voter irregularities, from state to state. Arizona has stated ‘no cheating,’ yet they have more voters than citizens, and more than 50,000 votes that are still in question, and ‘Creepy Joe’ supposedly ‘won’ by less than 20,000 votes in that state. So these statements remind me of fentanyl, which kills 9,000 Americans a year, but the new vaccine kills 24,000 Americans a year?? The details are always in the math.

The current administration is headed by a lying, racist, pedophilic, criminally corrupt, incompetent, dementia ridden old fool. Our allies are realizing that with friends like the U.S., who needs enemies? Terrorists have now been armed with billions of dollars-worth of military technology, weaponry, vehicles and aircraft all paid for by U.S. taxpayers. Illegals are allowed to come freely into our country in a human tidal wave across our southern border. And it’s only going to get worse. Eight months into his term, and ‘Creepy Joe’ has damaged this country on every level. From the economy, to foreign policy to everything in between, ‘Creepy Joe’ is a spectacular failure.

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