When was the last time you heard a Democrat, any Democrat, say, despite their political differences, that they were actually proud of President Trump’s many accomplishments as president? Such as, his making America energy independent, or his success in making the Middle East a far more peaceful region, his success in securing our southern border and, of course, how he created the strongest economy in decades that resulted in the lowest unemployment rate for minorities EVER! And yet, Democrats seem bursting with pride when it comes to ‘Creepy Joe’s uncanny ability to blissfully roll on from one debacle to the next. In just eight short months of being in office ‘Creepy Joe’ has managed to make Jimmy Carter look like a flipping genius.

And it’s none other than ‘Pocahontas’ who is of the opinion that we should all be very proud of *president ‘Creepy Joe,’ especially when it comes to his abysmal handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan. You see, it was during Tuesday’s broadcast of MSDNC’s “The Last Word,” host by that imbecile Larry O’Donnell, that Warren said that her takeaway on the evacuation of Afghanistan from the Senate’s hearing earlier in the day was that the evacuation “was actually an amazing undertaking” where “our military was able to get about 124,000 people out.” And oddly enough she also claimed that there had been no American-owned equipment left behind, which we know is a lie and “we should be proud of President Biden and proud of our military.”

Larry asked, “What was your takeaway from the hearing about the evacuation from Afghanistan?” Warren said, “That it was actually an amazing undertaking. It was done under chaotic circumstances. Because the government had collapsed. Because the army had melted away, the Afghan Army, and that, even in the midst of all of that, our military was able to get about 124,000 people out. They left no American-owned equipment behind. They managed to execute that. And, yes, it was at risk. I’m working now on trying to get the Congressional Medal of Honor for the people who we lost right at the end. But we knew it was a risky undertaking and the military performed. We should be proud of President Biden and proud of our military.”

&How can she be “proud” of a disastrous and deadly withdraw thar caught our allies completely by surprise? This woman is nothing of not a lunatic. Apparently, 80+ Billion dollars-worth of the best military equipment on the planet doesn’t count for much in her mush-filled head. We left behind 216,000 fully automatic assault rifles, hundreds of attack helicopters, armored vehicles and night vision goggles, body armor, and uniforms all paid for by taxpayer and this moron claims “no American-owned equipment” was left behind. Every day this illegitimate administration tops itself for its buffoonery. There has not been one success story that ‘Creepy Joe’ can point to since he assumed office. And it’s ‘Creepy Joe’ us the single greatest threat we face.

She is a pathological liar. Billions of dollars-worth of equipment was left behind. We saw the video of the Taliban entering American hangers after the last American flight left the Kabul airport and we all saw the equipment and parts left behind in those hangers. Personally, I can’t tell if Warren is deliberately lying or if she’s simply delusional. It is absolutely remarkable that these people can lie as easily as they breathe and demonstrate no shame, whatsoever, in doing so. They know they’re lying. We know they’re lying. They know. that we know, they’re lying. Their love affair with lying will come to an end when, or if, they ever face the realities caused by their deceit and horrendous policies that the rest of us have to live with.

Warren is likely trying to do nothing more than to claw her way back from the political wilderness and back into the news. She has made it very clear that she has no core and will say absolutely anything. This is more proof, as if any more was actually needed, that the Democrats have a dangerously grotesque view of what constitutes pride in their leader. And not merely content with launching her entire career and living a bare-faced lie based on her non-existent Native American ancestry, Pocahontas has sunk to new depths. And it’s all who choose to join the entrails of what constitutes the Democrat Party that must possess a masters degree in “spin-doctoring” before being admitted to this cesspool of a political party.

And you have to ask yourself, must one have a mental disorder in order to be a successful Democrat politician? Is it something that is considered mandatory? It certainly seems that way when looking at all the fraudsters, dossier forgers, hoaxers, slanderers, clowns, pathological liars, plagiarizers, race baiters, gender baiters, class baiters, simps, psychopaths, lowlifes, Marxists, fascists, Jihadists, restroom confused, Spirit Cookers, infanticidel maniacs, atheists, sadists, quislings, felons, fake Indian princesses, fake Vietnam veterans, fake hombres, fake gladiators, and fake natural born citizens in the country have gotten together and formed the demented anti-American coalition speciously known as the Democrat Party.

The United States is experiencing what is now clearly nothing less than a hostile takeover executed by domestic terrorists who are merely posing as government officials, some elected and some not. These traitors are destroying all that this country has stood for all across the globe, for as long as we all can remember. The woman is so ignorant. Everyone knows this evacuation was done back-asswards. The military always assume things can go wrong and have a plan for every possible scenario. Infiltration of the Afghan people and the Taliban must be assumed. Liberal logic: I set my house on fire and then after it burned to the ground, I poured some water on the smoldering ashes. I guess that makes what I did an amazing undertaking.

People like Warren believe the Democrats make no mistakes, they are perfect, even though they are responsible for leaving $80 billion worth of military equipment and weapons behind. Their mental disorders include malignant narcissism, psychopathy, and the schizoid personality. The Democrats demonstrate how far-reaching insanity is in America. Imagine her feigned horror if this debacle had been carried by a Republican president. Left no American owned military equipment behind? Now she’s trying to get congressional medals of honor for those needlessly lost in the debacle? Yes we should be proud of those rank and file who do all of the grunt work, as the adults in the room prove to be incompetent. Warren is doing what she does best, lie.



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