So when was it that most of those in our ‘mainstream news’ media lost interest in providing us with bona fide ‘news,’ only to then become preoccupied with shoving down our collective throat all manner of that which is nothing more than pure leftwing propaganda. And when was it that those who still stubbornly refer to themselves as ‘journalists’ ceased being the watchdogs of our government and became, instead, its most enthusiastic cheerleaders. Which, of course, brings me to one of the most enthusiastic cheerleaders of them all, CNN’s Don Lemon.    

And it was Lemon who, this past Monday during the handoff from fellow moron ‘Fredo’ Cuomo, said that supporters of President Trump were not in “reality” and should face consequences for the damage they’re doing to our democracy by believing that President Trump won in 2020. It was then that Lemon said, “There is one political party in this country that is working on reality, and that is the Democratic Party. But even in that, they’re not governing very well at the moment. They are not performing the duty of being good politicians in the moment.”

And he said, “They don’t see the urgency of what is happening across the country with voting rights, the urgency of what is happening with the big lie. They are still operating on thinking that ‘Oh, everything is normal. You know, we’ve got to play politics, as usual.’ It’s not politics as usual. What is happening of the right is not politics as usual. What is happening on the right is not right. It’s wrong. They should pay the consequences for what they’re doing to our democracy, the damage they’re doing to our democracy, and the damage they’re doing to this republic.”

He continued, “We listen to the fringes too much. The fringes have the loudest voices. The fringes all the way on the right have the loudest voices. The people who are not, you know, playing with reality, the Trumpers, we listen to them too much.” Lemon added, “I’m telling you, if you’re Republican and you care about what is happening in this country, you need to get on the Democrat side to get your party in order. That is the only way to fix it.” On the contrary, if you genuinely care about what is taking place in our country, you should never again vote for ANY Democrat.

Lemon is voicing what the Leftists support, the destruction of anyone, personally, who refuses to take a knee to their hate and bullying. No one has the authority to dictate to me what I must think, believe, or do and to then threaten to punish me for thinking in ways that they don’t like. And anyone who believes that they do is a threat and a danger to all. And everyone should be concerned that this blatant racist is advocating such concepts in a ‘free’ society. Does he have the right to voice this? Yes, in our society he does. But that doesn’t mean we have to accept it, and I won’t.

The unbelievable hypocrisy of these people. Twenty years later it’s clowns like Lemon who still think Gore won in 2000. Should ‘they’ now be made to face consequences for that? What about those who still believe Donald Trump won in 2016 only because he somehow colluded with the Russians? And then there’s Hitlery, whose campaign actually did collude with the Russians. She’s still out and about screeching about how she was really the ‘legitimate’ winner, after suggesting, in the debates, that President Trump not accepting the election results was tantamount to treason.

The damage being done is being done by those like Lemon who oppose the audits. If ‘Creepy Joe’ really did get 81 million votes, then why do they oppose the audits that would prove that ‘Creepy Joe’ actually did win the election fair and square? What do they have to hide? It’s hard to accept ‘Creepy Joe’ winning the election when he ran his campaign from his basement, and when he had a rally he was lucky if 20 people showed up. Now compare that to over a hundred thousand or more showing up at many of the Trump rallies. Voter ID laws are the only answer to fair elections.

Lemon should be one facing consequences for believing ‘Creepy Joe’ won. The minute the windows were covered up it was obvious something nefarious was going on. Why hide a fair election? Why remove observers? Why stop counting at 3 am and restart after observers left? Why pullout suitcases of ballots? Why did election workers start filling out ballots on their own? Why no signature verifications? Why the broken chain of custody and “lost” envelopes? Why? Because, ‘Creepy Joe’ stole this election. And if Lemon actually believes this drivel, he’s more of a moron than even I thought.  

I see FEAR in everything that those geniuses on CNN say, they can’t argue that the fringe is fake when they’re the ones who enthusiastically pushed every single anti-Trump story that’s been proven false. You can’t fix stupid. Lemon is just another leftist clown commentator making asinine accusations because he’s afraid he will be ignored and lose his job at CNN. Any idiot with an IQ in single digits knows full well that ‘Creepy Joe’ is the one who is outright destroying our democracy. Lemon is obviously not very bright, but he’s following the course the Left wants to chart.

Eight months after leaving office President Trump is still living rent-free in the heads of those like Lemon. They continue to spew this kind of nonsense instead of reporting the news. News like how it was that ‘Creepy Joe’ ended American energy independence, is now responsible for the greatest growth in inflation since the Jimmy Carter days, allowing untested and unvaccinated illegals to cross the border while trying to mandate Americans to be vaccinated, how he screwed up the Afghanistan pull out, and so much more. They are consumed by their hatred of Donald Trump.

So basically what Lemon is saying: You’re not ALLOWED to think differently, therefore you must be punished. Yet we still have political prisoners in jail from January 6. And sadly we have a substantial number of Americans who seem ok with political prisoners being jailed for no reason, ok with forcing medical procedures upon people and unconstitutional home searches, marking a group of people to be separated from jobs and society and use the media to focus hate on a group the government has identified as the target. If it sounds like 1930s Germany, you paid attention in school.

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