So it’s once again that I find myself asking the question the answer of which is, or at least should be, painfully obvious. And that question is: “Just how stupid do these Democrats think those of us who disagree with them, truly are? Obviously, they think we’re all pretty damn stupid. Also, they apparently think we all live in some sort of vacuum, totally oblivious to all of the political bullshit that they continually perpetrate against us on what has now become pretty much a daily basis. Which brings to that racist, know-nothing of a Democrat politician, ‘Little Jimmy’ Clyburn.

Because it was just this past Sunday, during the broadcast of CNN’s “State of the Union” hosted by ‘Mr. Fake News’ himself, Jake Tapper, that Jimmy made the claim that California’s recall results are to be seen as a bellwether in which the “American people see in the Democratic Party the future of what this country ought to be.” And the most remarkable thing about Jimmy making such a comment, was his ability to say it with a straight face. Which begs the question of just how long he had to practice saying it without bursting out in laughter? I’m thinking it was quite a while.

Jimmy said, “You know, they made some political calculations that paid off last year in many parts of the country. But I think the American people in the last several months have begun to look at exactly what’s going on here, and they are rejecting that. Now I know that people talk about California as being the left course of whatever they may call it, but California’s result, I think, shows that the American people are sick and tired of the posturing. They’re sick and tired of the lying.” It’s so easy to spot these liars when they can’t back up their lying with any actual proof.

And he added, “They want to see this country in a place that they can leave something for their children and grandchildren as being left for them. That’s where we are. So I think that what you saw on Saturday is a reflection of that. What you see with these Republicans not choosing to run again, some switching parties, all of those things are reflections of the fact that the American people see in the Democratic Party the future of what this country ought to be and where this country can go. I believe you’re going to see that time and time again.” Does he really believe that?

And his gauge for making such a comment? Well, Jimmy uses a Democrat politician elected in a majority Democrat state. Jimmy was likely never at the top of his class, but then he didn’t need to be. You see, he’s got the whole black privilege thing going for him. And he displays his monumental ignorance every single time he opens his mouth. Clyburn, Johnson, Waters, Jackson-Lee, if not the entire Congressional Black Caucus represent only 150 years of being civilized, and it shows! Perhaps our prospective politicians should not only be thoroughly vetted, but also given an IQ test!

And so, let’s just say for the sake of argument that Jimmy is spot on when he says, “American people see in the Democratic Party the future of what this country ought to be.” If that’s true, then ask yourself why is it that the Democrats are so desperate to nationalize our elections? Plus, why are they so desperate to kill voter ID laws? Of course, the primary reason would be because they know that if those laws succeed, the odds of them winning every election in the future greatly increased. So just why is it that Democrats feel that the American people cannot be trusted to vote ‘properly?’

Does he seriously think that the future which the Democrats wish to inflict upon this country is one which we want to be forcing upon our children and grandchildren? Is Jimmy totally in the dark?! For the first time in modern American history, our future generations are guaranteed to have a future worse, far worse, than that of their parents. Let’s see; High crime, homelessness, increased drug use and associated violence, increasingly higher taxes, a failing energy grid and that’s just for starters. Yes sir Jimmy, that is certainly the vision every American has for our future.

This moron, and his ilk, control 95 percent of all the media, most of the internet, our public schools, most of corporate America, the military, much of law enforcement and a big chunk of our judicial system. Those of us on the right have ignored these wackos for too long. They’ve been describing what they want to do to America for decades. And they intend to raise taxes, leave your children with unpayable debt; import millions of immigrants for our children and grandchildren to support. They want to enslave the entire, existing and future, population of the United States.

Jimmy has grown to love the acreage that he has been granted there on Democrat plantation, and therefore will do, or say, whatever he must in order to keep hold of it! Jimmy has apparently now gone through the looking-glass so it’s easy to believe anything when viewed from inside the ‘beltway bubble.’ This guy is living in a world that doesn’t exist. If the Democrats get their way and pass that egregious $3 Trillion economy killing socialist spending bill, there won’t be anything left to leave our kids. They’ve climbed the ladder of success and seek to burn it down for the rest of us.

And just what was it that President Trump did that makes him so hated by those on the left? Was it making America energy independence? Or perhaps getting the border under control? His real steps toward peace in the Middle East? His actual plan to leave Afghanistan honorably, safely and smartly? What about low gas prices, low inflation and job insecurity? Seriously, what was it that President Trump did that was so terrible? ‘Creepy Joe’ has had a dozen self-inflicted catastrophes, and nobody with two braincells to rub together thinks he has any idea how to solve any of them.

So while ‘Creepy Joe’ goes on yet another vacation, illegal migration remains out of control, fifteen thousand illegal migrants (the numbers increase every hour) are living under a bridge in squalor in southern Texas at the border, inflation is now over eight percent and businesses are folding in every part of the country all because of ‘Creepy Joe’s baseless COVID restrictions. Violent crime rate has now quadrupled in every jurisdiction run by these Socialist/Democrat tyrants while Democrats like Jimmy support defunding the police. And Jimmy thinks Americans support such things?

And it’s all thanks to the Immigration Act of 1965, a creation of Teddy Kennedy’s, that Jimmy may actually be right on this issue. The goal of the Democrats is to make all of those third world immigrants now invading America, American citizens. And it’s the vast majority of them who will, of course, be Democrat voters. Democrats, like Jimmy, seek to dilute the votes of middle, and working, class white folks. And it’s those same white folks who are not doing all that they can in raising their children and instilling within them the importance of never voting for ANY Democrat.

Contrary to what Jimmy may say, what many Americans see is a radicalized Democrat Party and an administration busy creating crises at every turn. They see a dementia-riddled *president and continue to question the integrity of the election that resulted in making him *president. They see a Democrat controlled Congress proposing lunatic levels of spending while at the same time creating what is a record level of inflation. They are seeing all this, Jimmy, even though the corrupt ‘fake news’ media is trying to hide it all and run interference for these blatantly incompetent Democrat buffoons.

I believe the Democrats are now capable of stealing any election they want. Take for instance Gavin Newsom’s recall. Newsom has screwed up California like no governor before him. The problems in California are well documented, and yet he survived the recall. So, was this a fair election? If Republicans are unable win back control of Congress, even after the Democrats have made such a complete mess of things, can we really believe that it would be because it was the will of the American people? Democrat should never again win any election based on their corrupt performance.

Jimmy remains confident that the American people view the Democrat Party as representing “the future of what this country ought to be” despite an inept foreign policy that only further weakens us in the world; a total inexcusable mess on the southern border that was completely avoidable; skyrocketing prices thanks in part to their cutting down domestic energy production and then importing more of the same; support for racial divide masquerading as CRT/diversity and complete confusion on covid measures, thanks to politicization of the pandemic. That’s not much of a future.


  1. He is out of his mind. And he always has been. No longer surprises me what any member of the anti-Democrat party says. I call them that because there’s nothing “democratic,”. about the whatsoever.

    To the person that reads my comments, if you go to the trouble to look up the word Democrat and spend a while really educating yourself what it means, you will come away knowing that they despise everything what that word means.


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