Please forgive me for continuing to harp on this guy Fauci, but there is simply nothing that I detest more than a liar. Which is, essentially, what keeps bringing me back to him in the first place. After all, there is nothing more disgusting than to have a member of a profession in which trust plays such an integral part, and is so completely dependent upon, who is such a blatant liar. I mean, what does it say about a ‘physician’ who can so easily, and so callously, lie to those who should be able to trust him without question. Which brings be to ‘Dr.’ Fauci who is both a disgusting liar and a piss-poor excuse for a ‘physician.’

And yet, at 80 years old, Fauci has still managed to carve out for himself a very successful and, dare I say, lucrative, ‘career’ for himself. And that feat becomes as all the more impressive when you stop to consider that, as a physician, Fauci has never once seen an actual patient and the fact that it can be said that he is now responsible for what has become hundreds of thousands of deaths. Deaths that he managed to bring about nearly singlehandedly. If anything, Tony Fauci is nothing more than the classic definition of your average ‘Mad Scientist!’ But that seems not to bother those on the Left even in the slightest.  

Now for those who may not actually remember, it was just last year that Fauci, who now serves as *president ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden’s Chief Medical Adviser, said that “you cannot force someone to take a vaccine.” And yet, more recently it was Fauci who said that it may take “many many” more vaccine mandates to get the ‘Chinese virus’ pandemic under control. And it was on Sunday, during an interview at some bizarre gathering called the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association (NLGJA) convention, that Fauci said “you’ve got to go to the alternatives” if people are not voluntarily ‘choosing’ to be ‘vaccinated.’

You see, it was then that he told one of CNN’s resident bimbos, Jen Christensen, that, “I believe that’s going to turn this around because I don’t think people are going to want to not go to work or not go to college … They’re going to do it.” And he continued, “You’d like to have them do it on a totally voluntary basis, but if that doesn’t work, you’ve got to go to the alternatives.” These comments stand in some pretty stark contrast to what it was that ‘Dr.’ Fauci was saying just a year ago. You see, it was in August 2020 that he told Healthline, “I don’t think you’ll ever see a mandating of vaccine, particularly for the general public.”

Fauci said then, “If someone refuses the vaccine in the general public, then there’s nothing you can do about that.” He added, “You cannot force someone to take a vaccine.” Yet, last week, *president ‘Creepy Joe’ announced sweeping mandates for federal workers, federal contractors, certain healthcare workers, and members of the private sector. And it’s now that Fauci has shifted his view. In an August interview, Fauci claimed to “respect” people’s freedom but added: “When you’re talking about a public health crisis, that we’ve been going through now for well over a year and a half, the time is come, enough is enough.”

And it was in yet another interview that Fauci explicitly said people need to “put aside all of these issues of concern about liberties and personal liberties, and realize we have a common enemy, and that common enemy is the virus.” And yet more recently, during a Tuesday interview on MSDNC’s Morning Joe, Fauci said that the decision to get vaccinated “isn’t all about you.” He said, “If you get infected, even if you don’t have any symptoms, it is likely that you will pass the virus on to someone else who might pass it on to someone else who might have a severe outcome, leading to hospitalization and even death.”

And it was Fauci who went on to say, “So you’ve got a look at it that you’re not in a vacuum.” He then asked, “You’re part of society. And do you want to be part of the component that propagates the virus and propagates the outbreak? Or do you want to be part of the solution?” And he added that people “have some responsibility as a member of society” to get vaccinated. Let me just say that I am not my brother’s keeper. I have no more right to force others to take this ‘vaccine’ than they have a right to force me. That’s the way it is in a free society, and that’s what Fauci either does not understand or chooses to ignore.  

And you have to ask yourself, why in the world is anyone still listening to this fraud, the same guy who funded and researched the humanized mice virus in Wuhan? What Fauci means to say is that the ‘vaccine’ makers cannot allow half the population to remain unvaccinated because that then creates a formidable control group, against which we can measure all of the adverse outcomes of the vaccines. They know they’ve never put such a dangerous product on the market before. They are now desperate to hurry up and get rid of this monstrous control group, and Fauci is doing everything he can to help them, because that’s what he does.

But think about it, wouldn’t it be much better. if the government was going to actually mandate these vaccines, that they first make sure that the ‘vaccines’ actually work? And can somebody please tell me why it is that the vaccinated folks are so afraid of the unvaccinated? Could it be because that deep down they all know that whatever the ‘vaccine’ it is that they’ve allowed to be injected into them, really doesn’t work? People need to be smarter about all of this. The ‘Chinese virus scamdemic’ is just one more example of the toxic, abusive gaslighting BS that the left has perpetrated upon the global public.

And still I can find no place where it is that Fauci has made any sort of a comment or recommendation that those illegal immigrants who continue to flood across our southern border every single day be tested and vaccinated prior to their being released. Am I the only one who sees that as being more than a little strange? ‘Creepy Joe’ would have the unquestioned authority to mandate vaccination of illegal immigrants prior to release, but chooses not do so. Why is that? Why is it that 200,000+ unvaccinated people are added into the country every single month if it is such a public health crisis? Because it’s not!

And is it anyone who can please explain to me why it is that members of Congress, as well as all their staffs, are exempt? Or why Federal Judges, and their staffs, are exempt. Or why U.S. Postal worker are exempt. Or why Afghan refugees are exempt. Did I miss anyone? If these ‘vaccines’ are so safe and effective, then why isn’t Congress mandated to get one? That’s how serious Fauci takes this virus, and that’s why I don’t take it seriously. No sane government has open borders during a real pandemic and exempts large parts of themselves from having to do something that we must all do in order to considered as good citizens.

Personally, I will not be participating in this ‘scamdemic.’ Fauci, and his many ‘Chicken Little’ minions, speak as though the ‘Chinese virus’ is a death sentence. But it isn’t. Just like any other flu epidemic, it is the people in poor health that will have serious issues with it. I had the virus back in January and it really wasn’t that bad. But then I’m in reasonably good health, although nearly 70. I now have natural immunity and, for me, the ‘scamdemic’ is over. Fauci will never relinquish power nor let the pandemic go until he is dragged kicking and screaming from his position. He’s had a taste of authority and he loves it!


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