It’s the mind of a Democrat that is a strange and very dark place. And I only say that because it appears that a new strategy has now been devised by those geniuses who are in charge of Gavin ‘Gruesome’ Newsom’s effort to avert his being ousted from office. And it’s the focal point of this campaign that has the candidate pleading with voters to vote for him in order to prevent California from becoming, wait for it, another Texas. And who is it in their right mind who would want that???

So while closing in on the California recall effort that could oust old ‘Gruesome,’ his campaign has used Texas as, of all things, a scare tactic. You see it was Texas laws banning most abortions, and others regarding voting that are now being offered by ‘Gruesome,’ and fellow Democrats, as evidence of what a Republican governor would be capable of doing in California if voters decided to remove ‘Gruesome.’ Such are the priorities of Democrats, not lower taxes, election integrity and/or jobs.

‘Gruesome’ also said that his Republican opponents will most certainly follow the lead of Texas, Florida and other Republican-led states by rolling back mask and ‘vaccine’ requirements. He has framed the issue as ‘a matter of life and death’ for Californians. During a campaign speech on Wednesday ‘Gruesome’ said, “The whole idea that a constitutional right, the right to choice, the right to reproductive freedom, rights of women, now are under assault, what a remarkable moment it is in American history.”

The last day to vote in the recall is Tuesday and Democrats are using stronger, more incendiary, rhetoric to drive their voters to the polls. There are nearly two times as many registered Democrats as Republicans in the state, meaning a strong turnout should enhance ‘Gruesome’s chances of surviving. More than 7 million of California’s 22 million voters already have cast ballots and Democrats so far have made a strong showing. Meantime, recent polls show the recall failing by double digits.

Polls should be taken with a grain of salt. Larry Elder, the leader of the pack regarding ‘Gruesome’s Republican opposition, is a conservative Republican seeking to become the state’s first Black governor. ‘Gruesome’ has described Elder as “someone that celebrates what just happened to women in Texas, and is celebrating the prospect of overturning Roe v. Wade.” Texas recently became the first state in the nation to enact a ‘heartbeat’ law banning an abortion once a heartbeat is detected.

Elder urged followers to vote yes if they were unhappy with things such as homeless encampments, crime, failing schools, rolling blackouts, and fires. And it may be worth noting here that California’s population growth has slowed over the last decade to the point where the state actually lost a congressional seat for the first time in a very long time. Meanwhile Texas kept growing fast and actually gained two seats. You would think this would point to things going in Elder’s favor, but you never know.

I think we can all be pretty sure that ‘Gruesome’ and the Democrats will pull out all the stops in their attempt to cheat in this election much like ‘Creepy Joe’ did in 2020. And if successful, nothing will change. California will remain a Third World shithole. According to ‘Gruesome,’ ‘white supremacists’ are those who work hard and raise their children to take responsibility for their actions. And you’ll find such ‘white supremacists’ living in nice houses in peaceful neighborhoods there in Texas.

If California doesn’t recall ‘Gruesome’ than I can only assume they’re fine with the high cost of housing, dystopian levels of street crime and litter, the incompetence in water resource management, public pension deficits and so much more. They need to take their state back. The best thing that could happen to California is to become like Texas. Law and order, honesty in government, freedom according to the Constitution, much lower taxes, respect for citizens, no pandering to illegal aliens, and on, and on.

Law and order, good jobs, no poop on the sidewalks, and the freedom to chart your own course without communist interference. Texas must be awful? You’d have to have your head up your butt, not to notice how sick California has become over the last several decades. Out of control crime, homelessness, human debris, drug crisis, taxes and inflation. There’s a reason California is called the land of the fruits, the nuts and the flakes. If Californians had brains they would want to be more like Texas.

For sure Californians, I’m sure you DON’T WANT to end up like Texas, with all those pesky laws being enforced, no junkies shooting up near your schools and taking over parks, fewer homeless, able to keep your own money instead of giving it politicians to waste. Meanwhile it’s likely that the vast majority of Texans are praying that the Lone Star State doesn’t end up becoming another California because of all the people moving there from California. Will they bring their nutty politics with them?

What does it say when a governor has to run to keep his job by championing the unrestricted butchering of infants, as a campaign slogan? That is a man that no thinking person should ever want to be in the position of having any level of authority over them. ‘Gruesome’ Newsom is a deceiving, lying, low life Democrat, PERIOD. Anything he says is not worth listening to because he does nothing more than lie. He doesn’t deserve to be elected dogcatcher let alone elected as governor.  

Newsom’s Record in public office is one failure after another, at every level. Easy to check, but most don’t, or won’t. Their too lazy to see how he is fleecing those that think he is perfect for California Governor. High taxes and gas prices and soon food will skyrocket. Deadly fires, streets, infrastructure failing and many homeless encampments. The state is the official joke of America. Democrats have ruined the once ‘Golden state.’ This is the sad TRUTH. Recall ‘Gruesome’ and save California.

And finally, California needs to finally break free once and for all from the political stranglehold that it has been made to endure for decades. But the Democrat Party is strong there and able to easily control the narrative and possibly even the outcome. So, Californians, instead of moving to Texas get to the polls and elect those who are grounded in reality and who actually have your best interest at heart. And get rid of those who are in it only for themselves. Starting with ‘Gruesome’ Newsom.


  1. As a Californian it would save me a lot of money, if California did become Texas. I like Texas – always have. Unfortunately I won’t leave California because of my family here. Now if they all agreed to pull up stakes, I’d be tagging along, for sure.


  2. What do you expect from this Newsome wreck? Can he do something on his own? No. Any useful skills? No. Anything else? No. As a shoe repair service, cleaning and sweeping the dirty streets of San Fran, maybe he can deliver something useful for the first time in lifetime. look at his Resume, Mr. nobody.


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