Pardon my French but I have just two words for Jerry Rivers, aka Geraldo Rivera. And those two words are: “F*ck you!!!” You see, it’s now according to this brain-dead-has-been that regardless of the fact that I have already had the ‘Chinese virus’ I still somehow represent a threat to his family because I refuse to get one of these bogus ‘vaccines.’ I have had the virus and therefore I don’t feel I need to expose myself to all of their many, at least potentially dangerous, side effects. Now if that’s something that Jerry wishes to do then, by all means, he has every right to do so.

And it’s important to keep in mind here that Jerry is one of many leftwing hypocrites who seem to be not the least bit concerned about those being permitted, even encouraged, to flood across our southern border, many of whom are positive for the virus, before then being transported by the government of ‘Creepy Joe’ to points all across the country. Perhaps old Jerry should stick to that which he knows best, texting sophomoric selfies of himself. This guy should no longer be provided with a platform from which to spew what are nothing more than leftwing talking points.  

All of which brings to Thursday’s episode of FNC’s “The Five” during which Jerry made the patently idiotic comment that everyone should “get the damn vaccine” because people have no right to negatively impact his family. Jerry said, “This was a president who was doing something that he feels necessary to curb an emergency that has already, ladies and gentlemen, taken more lives than the American civil war. Let’s put it in the context.” Jerry may likely be suffering from a little dementia himself since he seems to have forgotten that this is still a free country!

Jerry continued with his imbecilic rant saying, “This is what we are talking about. We’re not talking about, you don’t have a right to drink if you’re 19 years old or you don’t have a right have a license before you’re 16. This is about life and death. He is impatient. He’s angry. He thought he would be remembered as the president who crushed COVID and instead COVID is threatening to crush his agenda. So, of course, he is in every way frustrated.” And is shows just how ignorant he truly is that he chooses to defend the actions of a man who is clearly nothing more than a senile puppet.

And Jerry said, “Ladies and gentlemen, there is long-settled law in the United States of America that your freedoms cannot infringe on my family’s health. You don’t have the right to spread smallpox or Measles or Polio or whatever it is to my family. I have a right to protect my family. My government has the obligation to protect me and my family.” He continued, “Get the damn vaccine. I have grandchildren. You have to get vaccinated.” He concluded, “You have no right to make a decision that negatively impacts my family.” My comment to Jerry…”Stick it in your ass you moron!”

It’s so difficult to take this clown seriously. Jerry’s apparent fear is not something that I, or anyone else, has the responsibility to take care of. If you have been vaccinated, great. You have a certain level of protection from the worst effects of the virus. This is internal to you. You can, with relative confidence, hang out with someone who is not vaccinated, and that will have NO effect on you, whatsoever. You might actually give the virus to them, as the ‘vaccine’ is not a shield, but a way for you to prepare your immune system to attack the virus before you have symptoms.

So, realistically speaking, it’s the unvaccinated who should be afraid of those like Jerry. Of course, they can take steps to avoid the disease by isolating themselves totally or reducing the chance of getting the virus by minimizing contacts, and socially distancing. So, since this disease is something that even the vaccinated can get (with minimal or no effects), Jerry saying “get the damn vaccine,” although medical advice in general is OK, is medical advice that he is not in any way qualified to give to any specific individual. Only individuals can make that decision.

So, apparently, Jerry doesn’t feel safe even after having been vaccinated and somehow feels justified in demanding that the unvaccinated get vaccinated with the same vaccine that doesn’t make him feel safe. And if they don’t, they should be somehow coerced into being vaccinated with a ‘vaccine’ that no one who taken it feels safe after having done so. So I guess I would only say, “The only folks who can make their paranoia go away is themselves! If their ‘vaccination’ doesn’t make them feel safe, they need to crawl into a hole and stay there until the madness passes”

And it’s strange, don’t you think, how these people, like Jerry, who are demanding that all Americans “get the damn vaccine,’ never once bring up the millions of illegals now flooding across our borders who are still unvaccinated from polio and other diseases! I have no doubt that if the virus was passed by farts, Jerry would be gladly shove a butt plug up his butt if that is what he was told to do. I prefer people who actually think for themselves, not sheep who blindly follow the shepherd to the slaughter. Jerry’s family must be nervous wrecks with his logic leading the way.

And so, it’s hacks like Jerry who are nothing more than hired hands whose only job is to read from the script the ‘fake news’ media owners give them. The owners themselves like to stay in the shadows so us cattle won’t notice who’s really pulling the strings. During the French and Russian revolution, the elites were well known and thus easily disposed of. Our elites don’t want to make that same mistake. ‘Fox News’ is echoing, endorsing and supporting our phony *president’s idiotic rants and policies, and has become an embarrassment. I haven’t watched the network since November.

And if Jerry is vaccinated, and the ‘vaccine’ works then, logically speaking, the unvaccinated are not a threat to him or his family. After all, you don’t take a TB vaccine to protect others, you take it to protect you. Jerry has bought into all the propaganda. What an idiot! Never mind that it is the vaccinated countries that are now seeing the surge in cases, it’s not the unvaccinated countries. A little critical thinking and research would do wonders. Yes, take an experimental drug for a disease with a 99.98% survival rate…if you are in the 20% that are infected by the virus.

Frankly, I don’t understand why it is that anyone continues to pay this moron any amount of attention. After all, he’s not particularly bright and, if we’re being honest, he’s not much of a journalist either. Someone should tell him that longevity does not, nor should it, equate to possessing credibility. Personally, I couldn’t care less what he says regardless of the topic being discussed. But I do care what he say when it comes to the ‘Chinese virus’ because it’s pure BS. And if it’s anybody who poses a threat to anyone’s family, it’s he who poses a threat to mine on any number of levels.

By choosing to echo what are nothing more than Democrat talking points regarding these ‘vaccines’ he plays the part of Democrat stooge working to further endanger those freedoms which many of us still hold very dear. And I’d be curious to know where it is that this boob went to medical school or is he only regurgitating the same drivel that we continue to hear from that fraud, Tony Fauci? And finally, I can’t help but wonder just how much old Jerry might be getting paid, like so many in his ‘fake news’ colleagues, by the Chinese Communist Party to spew this garbage?


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