A poll, that some are actually describing as shocking, was recently released showing that *president ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden’s approval rating has now collapsed to 39 percent, the lowest point of his presidency. This shocking poll was conducted by Economist/ YouGov and released this past Wednesday. Personally, the only thing that I find shocking about this poll is the fact that there remains in this country 39 percent of the population who actually approve of the job ‘Creepy Joe’ is doing as he goes about destroying our of country. Which begs the question, who the Hell are these people?

While only 39 percent approve of Creepy Joe’s job performance it’s 49 percent who disapprove, a drop of six points in just one week. Overall, ‘Creepy Joe’s evaporating approval numbers are primarily due to Democrats, who seem to have had enough of his piss-poor handling regarding the challenges of inflation, Afghanistan, and the ‘Chinese virus’ and have begun to abandon him. Nearly nine out of ten Democrats had approved of ‘Creepy Joe’ for almost half of his first year in office, but Democrat support of the president has since dropped to 77 percent, down from 86 percent.

But ‘Creepy Joe’ is not just suffering from Democrats’ low approval. Only 39 percent of Independents now approve of ‘Creepy Joe’s performance. And it’s nine percent of Republicans who feel the same way. With respect to specific issues, a greater portion of Americans disapprove of ‘Creepy Joe’s handing of the ‘Chinese virus’ for the first time. Forty-five percent disapprove and 42 percent approve. On jobs and the economy, 40 percent approve, and 47 percent disapprove. Only 16 percent of American adults now think the economy is improving, while 44 percent disagree.

In addition, a plurality of Americans also think that ‘Creepy Joe’ is to blame for the fledging economy that is reeling from inflation. About 45 percent blame ‘Creepy Joe’ and 26 percent blame President Trump. And regarding Afghanistan, only 33 percent of Americans approve of ‘Creepy Joe’s management, while 55 percent disapprove, including 25 percent of Democrats. ‘Creepy Joe’s lowest polling of his presidency comes as Democrat pollsters and political strategists have begun to vocalize their frustration with foul-ups committed by the Biden administration.

And it was some political ‘strategist’ who told Politico: “When Biden was elected, it was supposed to be, ‘Oh, the adults are back in the room to take charge. It turns out, we can’t do anything. Any Democratic strategist who thinks this is not going to impact the midterms or impact Biden being reelected, clearly they don’t know what the f— they’re talking about.” And a former advisor to ‘Dingy Harry’ Reid, Megan Jones, said ‘Creepy Joe’s presidency feels like an “apocalypse sometimes.” She said, “It feels like the apocalypse sometimes when you wake up and turn on the news.”

So how does someone who never achieved better than a fourth-place finish in Iowa (in three presidential campaigns), manage to get 15 million more votes than the left’s much beloved ‘BO’ and their most qualified Hitlery? The answer is, they cheated. They probably wanted ‘Creepy Joe’ to win by a narrower margin, but they got so carried away that he actually ended up with 81 million. And because they got so carried away the fact that they had cheated became painfully obvious to anyone with half a brain. Hence their resistance to all of the audits now underway or planned.

What’s so astounding is the fact that there are actually people who, to this day, still believe this senile old fool actually defeated President Trump in the largest landslide this nation has ever experienced in a presidential election. Now fast-forward to where gas has now gone from $1.97/gallon to $3.09/gallon, we have thousands streaming across the southern border, hundreds of Americans were left to the mercy of Afghan terrorists and $83 Billion in military equipment was given to those same terrorists. All of which proves that the 39% who continue to approve of ‘Creepy Joe,’ are morons.

This is what happens when you vote against someone without having someone to vote for. Even if you accept the doctored vote totals as being legitimate, there’s no question that people voted emotionally, not intellectually. The “No Mean Tweets” mentality has now resulted in a “No Leadership” fiasco on so many different levels And even the clowns who crowed about how “their candidate” ‘defeated’ President Trump are finally recognizing that they did something that was pretty stupid, and they won’t be exempted from the consequences that they themselves have wrought.

And imagine having a ‘fake news’ media and ‘Big Tech’ that shelters you, coddles you, protects you and yes, even praises you, and still you can only manage a 39 percent approval rating. This country is becoming a joke…and our hyper biased media and Big Tech have made it this way. One day, they are going push a little too hard and hopefully find themselves facing some very long prison sentences. Happens with all tyrants and their puppets who try to suppress freedom (including freedom of speech). But then, it’s likely nothing more than wishful thinking on my part.

And after having spent nearly a half a century in public life, ‘Creepy Joe’ has shown himself to have an irresistible propensity to lie. He has lied to his professors. He has lied to his constituents. He has lied about his academic work. He has lied about his speeches. He has lied about his support of civil rights. He has even lied about the death of his own wife and young daughter. And today, he continues to lie to us about his son, Burisma, his personal links to the Chinese Communist Party and himself. Biden’s best chance for surviving the rest of this term is to go back to his basement.

Finally, the signs were there for those who kept themselves informed and ignored the propaganda spewed by the ‘fake news’ media and the Democrat Party. All people needed to do was to watch his public appearances that made clear his cognitive decline. Democrats used the ‘Chinese virus’ as an excuse to keep ‘Creepy Joe’ in his basement. Now that he is *president, we have a man who can barely read what’s put in front of him, written by, who knows, and after reading his statements, turns tail without taking any questions. His approval is dropping like a rock and will get worse.


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