Now imagine for a second that the Democrats had not been successful in stealing the 2020 presidential election and the ‘fake news’ media had been accurate, honest and truthful in their reporting that Donald Trump was still our president. And then ask yourself, if Trump were still in office would we have had the Afghanistan fiasco? Would we have destroyed relationships with our allies? For sure we would not now have Americans stranded in the most volatile region on the planet and no vaccine mandates for our military and no threats of higher taxes. What we would have is much more robust economic growth, affordable energy and more manufacturing jobs.

But, the Democrats were successful in stealing the 2020 presidential election and their many allies in the ‘fake news’ continue to this day to make the claim that it was Donald Trump who tried, and continues to try, to steal the election.  And so it is then that we recently had *president ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden doing his best to defend what were very disappointing jobs numbers for August while at the same time promoting higher taxes as being the solution. ‘Creepy Joe’s economy only created 235,000 jobs in August, a disastrous number as ‘analysts’ had predicted as many as 740,000. Who in their right mind would predict such a number in today’s economic environment?

Anyway, ‘Creepy Joe’ acknowledged he was disappointed by the report but cheerfully noted that the number was still positive. He said, “While I know some wanted to see a larger number today and so did I, what we’ve seen this year is continued growth month after month.” And, of course, ‘Creepy Joe’ blamed the Delta variant of the ‘Chinese virus’ for hurting the economy, as well as those Americans who continue to refuse the various ‘vaccines.’ ‘Creepy Joe’ inexplicably tried to compare the poor economic numbers of the coronavirus surge last winter, when the ‘vaccine’ was not widely available, to the current disappointing jobs numbers.

‘Creepy Joe’ insisted, “We are adding jobs, not losing them.” He also promoted his proposals to raise taxes in order to offer more entitlements to poorer Americans, such as free elderly care, free childcare, free preschool, and free college. And he said, “We’re going to do it by leveling the playing field,” saying corporations and the wealthy would be forced to pay more in taxes. And noting that the number of billionaires in American grew, he said, “The vast majority of Americans are struggling just to hang on.” And added, “They can afford to pay just a little bit more.” Chuckling, he noted the stock market was still setting records during his presidency.

And it was in referring to President Trump, who was known to tout the stock market as a mark of success, that ‘Creepy Joe’ said, “Imagine if the other guy was here.” ‘Creepy Joe,’ added, “That doesn’t mean that it’s the best for the economy.” I am imagining he was still here. And what we would have is a secure southern border, millions less illegal aliens running around the country who knows where and doing who knows what, NO Americans and Afghan allies remaining trapped inside Afghanistan, far less crime, much less wasteful spending, and a government that actually puts America FIRST. So yeah, I’m imagining (and wishing) the “other guy” were here.

Let’s be clear. Covid was, and is, an orchestrated “illness” to take down the American people and it worked. ‘Creepy Joe’ has a lie for everything. I’ve never seen a *president like ‘Creepy Joe’ who has made such a career out of lying. On his worst day President Trump was a better president than ‘Creepy Joe’ can ever hope to be on his best day. ‘Creepy Joe’ is a fraud and unfit to serve as *president and Commander in Chief. Not only is he negligent, his policies are all wrong. No one has confidence in ‘Creepy Joe’. Trump won the election and should be President! ‘Creepy Joe’ only won the crooked count, and nothing but trouble has come from the fraud!

It would be easy to chalk up everything that is now being made to take place in this country up ‘Creepy Joe’s rather questionable mental status. But I do have a theory. That every mess before us is taking place both on purpose and by design. The objective being, of course, to overwhelm all aspects of civil life and to cause social institutions to collapse. Whether it’s his handling of the economy, health care, huge deficit spending, higher taxes, higher gas prices, rampant inflation or disrespecting our fallen heroes, it’s all part of the master plan. Democrats are desperate to create a country ripe for the taking. This is the beginning of social/fascist/communism.

And might ‘Creepy Joe’ only be pretending to be this incompetent? And if so, might he be doing everything intentionally. I mean he has created a recession, botched the COVID response, thrown open our southern border to what has been, and continues to be, a massive invasion, threatened the raising of taxes, terrified both investors and consumers, wrecked the Afghanistan campaign, embarrassed the United States, demolished U.S. prestige abroad, helped the Communist Chinese to take over the planet, allowed terrorists to destroy U.S. cities, and is rightfully earning the title as ‘The Worst President’ ever in the history of this country.

Or instead, is ‘Creepy Joe’ actually as dumb as he appears. Maybe he does believe that raising taxes will create jobs and that reducing oil production will lower the price of gas. But I do know that under President Trump the economy had never been better. The current administration continues to talk about how good this economy is. I think wallet size and feel in general that, if we’re being honest, it doesn’t feel like the economy is doing as good as it was when the “other guy” was in office and running things. No American can honestly say that they are doing better now as opposed to when the “other guy” was in office, pre pandemic. It just isn’t true.

So here we go again with the same thing that happens every time the American people actually trust the Democrats enough to put them in charge. Tax and spend Democrats targeting the middle class to pay for the bottom feeders on their plantation. ‘BO’ tried this and most people stopped spending and saved their money, the main reason why, during ‘BO’s entire eight years in office, the GDP never reached 2 percent. As easy as it is to open my wallet it’s just as easy to keep it closed. People like myself will just buy bare essentials and bank the rest. End result the economy swirls the drain. Anything and everything the Democrats touch, turns to shit.

What’s the one primary thing Democrats do that is their calling card of howling stupidity, destroying the economy, right? Hopefully in the not too distant future Republicans can take back control of Congress and make the changes that will get the economy back on track again, that’s about the only thing that’s worth looking forward to, as Democrats offer nothing positive in that regard! It’s a continuous cycle of having to take back the government the from Democrats to fix it. They lie, cheat, gaslight, and somehow win the subsequent election, then go about destroying things again and the cycle starts all over! That ‘cycle’ must stop, otherwise America stops!


  1. “MAKE-AMERICA-REGRESSIVE!!” as fast is it can be done!
    Joe the piece-of-scum, has done it!! and Tucker Carlson was, and is still so correct on what he had to say last year about so many illegal aliens over the years. What it has done to so many large blue cities.

    “An air of criminality permeates the cities, which in turn it has made them dirtier, meaner, and far less livable.”

    And of course the instant hit brigade came out attacking him for what all he had to say which is the truth, but the big drive to have him taken off Fox News began very quickly. “Cruel racist and misogynist.” they labeled Tucker with. All because he told the damn truth.


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