Can someone explain to me this sick fascination Democrats have when it comes to butchering the unborn? This whole discussion seems so surreal. It’s a child, with a heartbeat, why is it ok to kill it? I mean, if you listen to any of these people you would think that their entire world will come to sudden and complete end if they were no longer permitted to murder babies. It’s all so insane. And in proving what I say is true it was former Bush political ‘strategist’ Matthew Dowd, during an appearance on MSDNC’s “Deadline,” hosted by resident bimbo Nicolle Wallace, who said Republicans should have the word “pro-life” ripped out of their mouths.

And it was in referencing President Trump’s Supreme Court picks, that bimbo Wallace said, “Yeah, I mean, Matthew, it is like the ex-president reached from beyond his political grave and is still having his way with women in America and it’s already happening. South Dakota’s governor Kristi Noem, quote, ‘Following the Supreme Court’s decision to leave the pro-life Texas law in place, I have directed the unborn child advocate in my office to immediately review the new Texas law and current South Dakota laws to make sure we have the strongest laws on the books.’ South Dakota today is trying to outdo Texas. Where are we heading?”

Dowd said, “I was listening to the question that was asked Jen Psaki’s and her response to this, and I’m offended by that man’s question. I was raised Roman Catholic. I go to church every week. The idea these folks think that the word pro-life belongs in their mouth, it ought to be ripped out of their mouth. These are folks that constantly talk about pro-life and want nothing to do with doing anything about guns. Want nothing to do with capital punishment, funding health care of the people that may be born because of this. They’re not pro-life. They’re pro-birth. The words pro-life of the people that support this are to never come out of their mouth again.”

Wallace then proceeded to claim that anti-abortion laws passed by Republicans were like “male governors in Florida and Arizona and Texas” reaching “deep into the uterus of a woman.” She said, “Matt Dowd, this is your state. You’ve been calling out its leaders for a long time. With this law I described as a medieval state of affairs, it feels like gender apartheid on the medical front for women. What’s going on in Texas?” Dowd said, “Well, I woke up this morning, and I stayed pissed off, I have to say, and I’m still angry. I didn’t think I could get more angry or pissed off what the leadership of the state is doing, the governor and lieutenant governor here.”

Dowd said, “This is one thing which is the worst thing they’ve done so far but one of many awful things. I love Texas, but I hate our politics. When you watch this unfold, they are appeasing to only 5% of the country and 5% of this state to do this. Two-thirds of the state of Texas wants to retain Roe v. Wade as the law of the land.” Wallace said, “In this moment, male governors in Florida and Arizona and Texas don’t want the body to be covered by a four-inch piece of cloth, against mask mandates. But we’re going to reach deep into the uterus of a woman and tell all of them to carry — 85% of abortions take place after the six-week mark that the Texas law bans.”

Technically, Wallace could not be more wrong in what she says. Not only are these governors not reaching into uteruses of women, they are actually preventing abortionists from reaching in those same uteruses. And I can say with some certainty that it is the abortionist who “reaches deep inside the uterus” for the specific purpose of destroying the life in the womb. It’s red state governors who want the baby’s home to be safe from intruders with their instruments of death. Wallace has it upside down and backwards. And the leftists are being forced to rail against a law that spares babies who have “heartbeats” – making them name their crime.

Wallace has always been, and continues to be, nothing more than a babbling fool with no concept of the truth. She most certainly is not a ‘journalist,’ what she is, is nothing more than a willing tool of the left used to propagandize their insanity. And her lack of logic by comparing abortion with face masks is absolutely astounding. And it’s interesting, don’t you think, that those on the left, like Wallace, don’t mind, in the least, the making health of decisions for those who do not want to take any of these ‘Chinese virus’ ‘vaccines.’ So you see, it’s we who are the threat, but a woman murdering her baby, that’s seen as being perfectly acceptable.

Democrats apparently see nothing wrong with threatening to terminate countless doctors, nurses and hospital staff, to shutter hospitals or to terminate law enforcement and teachers, if they refuse a ‘vaccine’ that has some pretty nasty side effects, while at the same time they scream like demons when they can’t murder the unborn in the state of Texas. Basically, all that this Texas law does is to force people to be accountable for their own actions and to accept the consequences of having unprotected sex. They didn’t take away anyone’s rights, nor did they choose to side against females, they simply have forced people to be accountable for their actions.

And it’s at the same time that, according to leftist Democrats, and their fake news minions like Wallace, genders no longer exist, according to their politicized ‘science.’ And that we now have ‘birthing people,’ because MEN can now birth babies too, so she and they tell us. My point? Since MEN now apparently have a uterus too, MEN now have say in abortions. THEY can’t have it both ways. Just a few months ago the Democrat controlled House passed a bill that genders no longer exist because women can be men and men can be women. Apparently, MEN can then have abortions too and now have a seat at the table to argue the matter. Their argument, not mine.

If women today do not know what causes a pregnancy and how to prevent it, then they’re beyond help. Killing a life due to one’s own lack of personal responsibility is at best hateful, and at worst a sin to be judged by God. I couldn’t care less about a women’s body. If two adults consent and have sex and that act produces a baby, they need to take care of the baby, to nurture that baby, and raise that baby to become a responsible adult. After all, they made that baby, and they owe it to that baby. The adults that made the child need to step up and be adults and take care of what they created. Women always say, “My body, my choice!” But it’s just not that simple.

And finally, yes I am a male of the species, and very proudly so! And, yes, I was not the one who carried my daughter for the necessary nine months, since that is something that is anatomically impossible. And yet, it is today that every time I look at my daughter that I realize what an important part she has played in my life, and I in hers. And while I did not carry her, I did play a part in creating her. Her mother was not solely responsible for giving her life. She would not be the person she is today without my involvement. And that goes for all fathers. And it’s fathers who must have a say in the destruction of any life that they have helped to create.

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