So despite the fact that ‘Creepy Joe’ can safely be considered a being the most incompetent f*ck to ever occupy the White House, it’s thanks to the many RINOs that we how have in Congress that he will never have to worry about being impeached because of that incompetence. Meanwhile, the president who made possible a booming economy and an America that was energy independent, the president who also brought peace to the most volatile region on the planet, ‘that’ president deserved to be impeached not once, but twice, by the Democrats. 

Which brings me to Mitch McConnell. You see, it was McConnell who told reporters, on Wednesday, that *president ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden will not “be removed from office” in wake of the deadly Afghan evacuation that left 13 U.S. military personnel killed, potentially thousands of American citizens stranded, and billions of dollars-worth of military equipment in the hands of the Taliban. He said, “Well, look the president is not going to be removed from office, I think the way these behaviors get adjusted in this country is at the ballot box.” He said, “There isn’t going to be an impeachment.”

Though McConnell shot down impeachment calls for the president likely due to the lack of Senate votes to do so, nearly 40 combined Senate and House Republicans have now called for ‘Creepy Joe’ to resign. The calls for resignation stem from what one Republican House member called the deadly “nightmare” evacuation. The frustration has motivated Republicans to put forward a resolution on Tuesday which demanded that the *president “resign immediately” for proving “himself to be unfit to lead our nation and serve as our Commander-in-Chief” following the Afghan debacle.

Not only have Republicans been angered by the 13 U.S. military personnel killed by a suicide bomb outside the Kabul airport, but many feel that America has been embarrassed on the world stage for leaving behind $83 billion worth of U.S. military equipment in the hands of a terrorist organization. And if the Taliban touting their success over their American enemy was not enough to anger Republicans, the Taliban is now in complete control of a country where an undetermined number of Americans were left behind and who remain stranded behind enemy lines. That’s disgraceful.

Such is the time in which we now live that Democrats can impeach Presidents for phone calls and Republicans refuse to impeach over American deaths. Something is seriously wrong with this picture. Or is it me? I hate Democrats, but I will say that they have the guts and balls needed to take care of business. The Republicans, not so much. And therein lies the problem. President Trump makes a phone call and gets impeached and the Democrats call it “protecting our democracy.” ‘Creepy Joe’ abandons American citizens, gets our soldiers killed, but that’s all good.

I firmly believe that ‘Creepy Joe’ could molest children on National TV and Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy and the rest of the RINOs would cover for him. McConnell is an American quisling, a surrender monkey of the highest order. He should be joining the calls for ‘Creepy Joe’s resignation. McConnell needs to be removed as Republican leader in the Senate. There are so many who would be so much better: Cotton, Cruz, Hawley, etc. We need a fighter, not a rubber stamper for ‘Creepy Joe’s regime. McConnell looks out for the ChiCom’s interests, not those of the Republican voters.

McConnell let the Democrats steal the election. He’s as guilty as Biden in this disaster. Any Republican senator who continues to support this backstabber is complicit. McConnell is happy with the status quo. McConnell was just reelected in 2020 for another 6 years. Going nowhere, out of touch and more powerful than ever. Same with Lindsey Graham. Enjoy the decline. McConnell symbolizes everything that is wrong with the Republican Party and American politics. If the shoe were on the other foot, the Democrats would have already had an impeachment vote by now.

McConnell was one of the many RINOs in Congress, and outside of Congress, who turned a blind eye to the Democrats as they cheated and frauded their way to ‘victory’ in 2020. They COULD have gone to court. There was more than enough proof of electoral fraud to make a strong case in any court of law. But instead, the Republicans were too timid, too weak, and too jealous of Donald Trump. So they allowed the fraud to happen, and even played along with it. I have no doubt that McConnell, Romney, Cheney, and all the usual RINO suspects, voted for ‘Creepy Joe.’

Look, if these people want to act like Democrats, then let them BE Democrats. But they don’t get to pretend to be shocked when we vote them out office. Whenever we replace them with real conservatives, these RINOs tend to show in places like CNN and MSDNC slandering those who voted them out as being the true extremists here. If the Senate voted on impeachment today, I have no doubt that RINOs like McConnell, Romney, Sasse, Collins, Murkowski and Cassidy, to name just a few, would gladly join in with the Democrats in voting against impeaching ‘Creepy Joe.’   

So why is anyone surprised? McConnell is not working for the American people or, for that matter, even the people of the state of Kentucky. He’s doing nothing more than the bidding of those behind the curtain and it’s they who are pulling his strings as well as the strings for so many of the others now holding power. It was McConnell who lost the majority in the Senate even though he begged President Trump to support his own re-election. McConnell’s loyalty is to his bank account which has been fattened by Red China. McConnell takes his orders from Red China just like ‘Creepy Joe.’

Democrats, and RINOs alike, know that one of two outcomes is inevitable. Either the leftist indoctrination continues, and we end up with what will be a communist takeover and subsequent depopulation program, or decent people will rise up and conduct a more modest takeover which temporarily restores the Republic, and they go right back to their graft and corruption of the bureaucracies until we end up right back at the same place in fifty years. Their job is to continue to personally enrich themselves, at the expense of the system, until the system is made to collapse.

It’s going to be difficult to stop the leftist/socialist indoctrination in our schools since they have such a head start over those who prefer a more conservative (and patriotic/traditional) view. Hopefully we can begin to slow it down by continuing to protest unsound ideas like Critical Race Theory (CRT) and aiming to restore more traditional views which happily DO require the use of reason and common sense. Sadly we can already see the fruits of the Marxist efforts by liberal teachers and professors and the garbage they have been ‘teaching’ by merely looking to the streets.

Democrats are continually seeking new and improved ways to enlarge the ranks of the indoctrinated, the latest of which is forgiving college debt and promoting free college education for those who have financially been left behind. Make no mistake, the purpose of these invitations is NOT to educate the lower classes, but to indoctrinate them, and so, to enlarge the group of young Americans who perceive the U.S. as predominantly evil. They know, then, that it will only take another 30 years or so until the older conservatives die out, and the Marxist and socialist view prevails.

Therefore, this is the time, right NOW, that is likely our best chance to act against the anti-American ‘educators’ in our country before time runs out. Do what you can, and what you must, to get rid of the type of educators like we saw this past week, those who have chosen to remove the U.S. flag from their classrooms and have their students, instead, pledging allegiance to a gay pride flag. We must not lose hope, we must be willing to spend all the time necessary to teach our young to think for themselves, and to be aware of those seeking to negatively influence them.

I have said it before and I will continue to say it, the greatest threat that we in this country are now made to face comes not from the Democrats, though they do pose a very serious threat courtesy of a their radical agenda, but from the RINOs, like McConnell, who continually provide political cover for them. We now have three groups of people involved in our government: Democrats, Republicans and the RINOs. And it’s these insidious RINOs who pretend to be Republicans but are, in truth, Democrats. And we need to rid ourselves of them if we wish to survive.


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