Can we just all admit that after all this time Tony Fauci has proven himself to be nothing if not a completely corrupt, lying scumbag who loves the camera and is someone who, at this point, wouldn’t know actual ‘science’ if it came up and bit him on the butt. He is at least partially responsible for every single death that occurred because of this ‘plandemic’ and should be arrested and put on trial. These old bureaucrats believe they are not accountable for their reckless and negligent actions, he, and half of ‘Creepy Joe’s administration, should be in prison. He’s a political windsock, what he says depends entirely on which way the wind is blowing.

And yet, it was Fauci who, just this past Sunday, during another appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union,” hosted by that master of ‘fake news’ Jake Tapper, whined about how it’s all “really unfortunate” that Republicans, like Gov. Ron DeSantis, are attacking him because, at least according to him, he’s “merely articulating the proper public health practices.” Tapper said, “Six weeks ago Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ reelection campaign committee started selling shirts and more that said, ‘Don’t Fauci My Florida’ and touted what he called Faucism. Since they launched those products, more than 5,000 Floridians have died of the coronavirus.”

And Tapper then went on to ask, “What do you make of how some of these politicians are attacking you?” Fauci said, “Well, I mean whoever is attacking me, are attacking me, is just a reflection of the politicization of what should be a purely public health issue. It’s really unfortunate. They’re attacking me personally because I’m a visible person, but I’m merely articulating the proper public health practices that are recommended strongly by an organization, and that organization is the CDC.” He added, “So they like to pick out a certain person because they can make that person the person personification of a political divide which is so unfortunate.”

Fauci concluded by saying, “We should put that aside. We have a problem that’s killing people in the United States, killing us, putting us in the hospital. So that kind of politicization that you just mentioned, there is no place for that when you’re dealing with a public crisis.” It’s all quacks that whine about what this guy is now whining about, when they get caught. There isn’t one thing he has declared that he hasn’t had to go back and contradict! Start with his incredibly idiotic “two million dead in America” last year–obviously a lie (I thought) the minute he said it. Fauci is a national menace and contributes absolutely nothing at all to the nation’s health.

He claims that he is “merely articulating proper health practices?” Seriously? Fauci has been all over the place in his predictions and advice ever since the beginning of this ‘plandemic.’ Two weeks to lower the curve, masks aren’t necessary, masks are necessary, masks need to be mandatory, get the ‘vaccine’ and you’ll be fine, now you need a booster shot, now a booster shot every five months, make the ‘vaccine’ mandatory everywhere, and on and he goes. The bottom line here is that Tony is, at best, only guessing and at worst simply lying, throwing everything up against the wall, hoping something will stick. Why doesn’t he admit that he doesn’t have a clue!

Tapper, who we all know fancies himself a ‘journalist,’ is unable to bring himself to ask Fauci that one very simple question, “If the vaccine isn’t stopping you from contracting the ‘Chinese virus’ or preventing you from spreading it, then why is it so important for everyone to receive it?” Look, I understand the need to give it to those people who may be compromised in some way. Everyone else has a 99.8% chance of survival, along with natural antibodies to protect you better against other variants. And until someone with a lot more credibility and this quack, Tony, is able to explain to me, with some scientific logic, the need to take it, I will never take it.

And I would argue that it’s Fauci who is the one solely responsible for having caused MASSIVE, and quite possibly irreparable, harm to this country courtesy of his tyrannical dictates and bogus “recommendations” that are then put into action by the biggest bunch of losers on the planet, ‘Creepy Joe’ & Co. He should have long ago been fired, but like all government employees rarely to they ever get fired, instead they tend to get promoted. It’s now almost every day that we find out more about just how much of a fraud this guy truly is, and has been, since day one. He has been exposed as a fraud and a criminal, he has misled and has outlived his usefulness.

Fauci needs to be held accountable for every single death that was a result of the ‘Chinese virus.’ It’s Fauci who IS the public health crisis! Liars lie and whiners whine and Fauci does both all the time. To paraphrase an old maxim, if you don’t like Fauci’s opinion about something, simply wait an hour. It’s amazing that his memory is so limited. He has reversed himself time after time on masks, ‘vaccines’ and his draconian recommendations that are then spewed 24/7/365 by those in ‘fake news.’ Fauci is nothing but a career bureaucratic know-nothing who is about as far removed from a medical professional as one can get. He is a fraud and a charlatan.

And since when is destroying an economy, ostracizing the population over differing opinions, silencing all who would dare to publicly question the withholding of proven medications, demanding people line up for unproven vaccines, opening our borders to hordes of all manner of diseased illegals while ignoring proven science that many reputable scientists and doctors agree upon, since WHEN has any of that ever been considered “articulating proper public health practices?” It became apparent, pretty early on, at least to me, that Fauci was nothing but an attention seeking media whore, hellbent on distributing false information all in the name of medicine.

Fauci should be arrested for his crimes committed against humanity for having helped to facilitate the spread of this ‘Chinese virus’ that he acknowledged was coming as far back as 2017. And has been less than forthright regarding the role he played in the dispersing of it. He then needs to be tried for his crimes and, if found guilty, must be made to face the ultimate penalty. I guarantee that if someone were to actually have the gonads to follow through with such a prescription, this so-called ‘plandemic,’ along with all of the bogus ‘vaccine’ and mask protocols, would likely end overnight. This guy must no longer be provided a platform from which to spew his lies.

No one would now be criticizing Tony if he had truly done his job of implementing “proper public health practices,” and not chosen to be an agent for Big Pharma, and the great reset. Evidence emerged early on that HCQ, and Ivermectin were promising therapeutics for treating the ‘Chinese virus,’ yet he, and the government health agencies never allowed these medications to be honestly vetted. Instead, so called government ‘scientists’ ran short term, biased, and faulty tests that were guaranteed to fail. It was government policy from the beginning that only ‘vaccines’ would be permitted to treat this virus. As Democrats say: Never let a crisis go to waste.

Big Pharma was never going to allow inexpensive treatments to used when there were big bucks to be made on leaky ‘vaccines’ that require quarterly boosters, and Tony was their pitchman. And government leaders embraced their newfound emergency powers, and relished being tyrants. Many of us learned long ago how to read between the lines of government disinformation, and have no trust in government liars. As a retired member of the U.S. military, my evaluation of your performance, Dr. Fauci, is ‘1.0 Below Standards.’ And it should have resulted in a countdown to the termination of your employment. This should have occurred long ago.

Finally, in truth Tony, you’re not actually being attacked, you’re being outed and exposed for the obvious fraud that you are and likely have been your entire ‘career.’ You are an evil little troll who now spends the majority of his time attacking those individuals who have decided not to subject themselves to experimental therapies that are NOT vaccines, that do NOT protect people from getting infected and that have NOT been properly approved by the FDA. There is absolutely nothing that you can say that will, at this point, convince anyone that you have a clue about what you’re saying. You’re a dangerous little man wanting to get rich off dead Americans.


  1. Why can’t people see this? I get it – they all hate Trump but really? They are so blinded by hate they cannot see for themselves anymore, that which is basic common sense. It’s crazy.


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