Please excuse my ignorance, and what some may see as naivete, when I say that there was once upon a time when I was very much a supporter of John Bolton. And it was then that I actually agreed with his tough talk directed at those who were America’s enemies. But it’s been more recently that I have come to recognize the error of my ways. And there is nothing that proves better what a fraud this guy is, and likely has always been, than how he seems to have come out in defense of ‘Creepy Joe’s Afghanistan debacle and instead proceeded to blame it all on…wait for it…DONALD TRUMP. I mean to make such a claim, even in jest, is absolutely ludicrous!

And so it was, as recently as this past Friday, that during a visit there at ‘fake news’ HQ, aka CNN, that Bolton was again provided a platform from which to spew more of his typical anti-Trump pablum when he said that former President Trump’s “mistake” of negotiation with the Taliban was what led to the unfolding chaos in Afghanistan as the United States withdraws. By all means, negotiation is never a good thing, we must always waste resources and manpower in trying to obliterate our adversaries and never even attempt to seek out a peaceful resolution to any conflict, potential or actual. This has always been his mantra and rarely has it been effective. And yet…

So anyway, it was Friday that Bolton said, “I think Biden has been very clear for a long time. He and Trump actually see this exactly the same way. They both wanted to get out. Now, there’s finger-pointing, Biden saying we’re stuck with the Trump deal, Trump saying well, they could have done it differently. Look, the basic mistake that’s playing out here is that Trump negotiated this deal only with the Taliban. There are a lot of mistakes in the deal itself.” And he added, “But the fundamental problem of dealing with this terrorist organization is that the Trump negotiators delegitimized the Afghan government.” He’s simply trying to provide cover for ‘Creepy Joe!’

And it was Bolton who continued by saying, “The government we set up — the government, with all its many, many flaws, had at least some democratic legitimacy, of which Taliban had none.” And he then went on to say, “And by delegitimizing the government, de-recognizing it in effect, we shattered the morale of the Afghan army. The army is saying, well, if the Americans won’t even protect that government, why are we going to end up protecting it?” And he concluded by saying, “Which is why, honestly, nobody should have been surprised that the army collapsed so quickly when Biden announced the final withdrawal.” Again, simply more excuse making.

Look, in truth, ‘Creepy Joe’ kept none of President Trump’s deals on anything, he simply went his own way. And I cannot be the only one who views it as being rather cowardly that they proceed to blame President Trump for the border crisis immediately after they stopped construction on the border wall and proceeded to throw open our southern border. They have blamed President Trump for everything that *president ‘Creepy Joe’ has done wrong, so this drivel now coming from Bolton should come as a surprise to anyone. Also, more than a little dishonest is how they’ve taken credit for the vaccines though, when that too was President Trump’s doing.

And, if I remember correctly, wasn’t it the Democrats who said they wouldn’t trust, nor would they take, any vaccine developed under President Trump. But now they claim that it was all their doing while at the same time making threats about how we must all be vaccinated or else! Democrats are nuts. ‘Creepy Joe’ has been nothing less than a disaster on every level that he could have been, and has done absolutely nothing right since being sworn in. And those who continue to defend him, like those such as Bolton, demonstrate what frauds they truly are and, sadly, likely have always been, making those who once trusted them feel like we were simply made fools of.

Bolton, by making such claims, is clearly demonstrating that there is nothing that he will not say in his effort to remain, in any way, relevant. But it’s not going to work with most. As far as I’m concerned, he’s worse than a loser, he’s a traitor who seems interested in doing nothing other than to put his own petty personal issues above the interests of the nation. So, of course, he’d show up on CNN. And it’s in his attempt to defend ‘Creepy Joe’ that Bolton is simply telling another whopper. ‘Creepy Joe’ publicly repudiated the deal President Trump negotiated with the Taliban back in April. That is why this mess, and the idiotic decision making is all on ‘Creepy Joe.’

‘Creepy Joe’ threw out any and all things President Trump did without any consideration because he thought it would make him look good. The whole purpose here was to make it look like Donald Trump had never been President. And it’s one thing for ‘Creepy Joe’ to dump President Trump’s deal, but to do so and have nothing to replace it with, that’s simply dereliction of duty. And while “Orange Man Bad” seems to continue as being the political battle cry of those on the Left, as we have seen, it’s not much of a foreign policy strategy. Diplomacy involves sitting down with those groups you don’t like and finding common ground and acting like an adult.  

Bolton was, and continues to be, patently incompetent, and is still childishly angry and resentful because he was fired by President Trump. Bolton is now even less in touch then he was when he worked for the Bushes. He is definitely not someone who should continue to be taken seriously. He has been reduced to a joke, and all by his own doing. The retreat from Afghanistan was totally the work of ‘Creepy Joe’ & Co., and any attempt to portray it is anything else should be seen as nothing more than a work of pure political fiction. So I ask you, can our country or, dare I say, the world afford another three and a half years of *president ‘Creepy Joe’ and his team?

As I said, Bolton continues to work so very hard to remain relevant, so hard, in fact, that he was forced to resort to appearing on CNN with its 250,000 viewers a night in order to prove just how irrelevant he still is. We all know, this would be the only Trump plan that ‘Creepy Joe’ would have followed, if indeed he had followed it. We aren’t stupid enough to believe that this ‘Keystone Kop’ plan was cooked up by anyone other than those who comprise the current administration. President Trump did the right thing by choosing to fire this fraud. Bolton has proven himself to be such a disappointment. The time has come for him to simply go away.

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