Look, I’m pretty sure we all remember how, when Donald Trump was president, all the Democrats, and their many media minions, could talk about was how America was in such terrible shape, and all because of President Trump. You know like the fact that we had become energy independent, the economy was booming, there was a real increase in wages especially for minorities and women, ISIS was eradicated and so very much more. But apparently what the Democrats were actually doing back then was to paint a picture of what America would come to look like if the American people were ever foolish enough to put them back in charge of running the country.

And so it was that courtesy of a fraudulent election the Democrats gained control of the White House and together with control of Congress, by the slimmest of margins, Democrats busily set about to wreak all manner of havoc upon this country and the world. Long before Donald Trump had ever mentioned running for office, we were constantly assured by Democrats, and their many allies in the ‘fake news’ media, that the United States as we knew it was pretty much toast. And it was on election night 2016 that heads all across the world of ‘fake news’ were set spinning. And the many claims made by Democrats essentially became a self-fulfilling prophecy.   

It all began on election night 2016 as Hitlery’s various paths to the White House dwindled down to nothing and the talking heads at each and every network, including ‘Fox News,’ repeated the dire warning that a Trump victory meant certain doom for both America and for the world. It was the first of about a million things that they got so wrong. Trump’s economy was humming along in overdrive until the Wuhan lab let a bat go free. Objectively speaking, the first three years of the Trump era were damned good ones for our republic. And yet it was the Democrats who saw things so very differently. It was like they were all in some sort of alternative universe.  

And so, rather than just sit back and enjoy all of the peace and prosperity that President Trump helped bring about, all they could do was to rant about the fact that he had dared to defeat the least likable presidential candidate in history fairly and squarely. A fact that, nearly five years later, they, and the candidate herself, have yet to get over. And it was back then that had one been a regular consumer of the so-called ‘mainstream media’ here in the U. S. of A., all you read or heard about was how this great land ours was about to be ruined forever by the newly elected Donald Trump. And they kept up the wailing 24/7/365 while President Trump was in office.

There was nothing that was reality-based that fit their narrative, so they simply lied about everything. They breathlessly “reported” an avalanche of anonymously sourced anti-Trump garbage every sing day. From almost the moment that Donald Trump got into office, I enjoyed the way he never backed down and never surrendered. Instead, he gave it right back to them, and they simply didn’t know now to respond, a Republican had never behaved like this before. Which only caused their meltdown to intensify. The only real chaos during the Trump years happened in 2020, and it wasn’t his doing. The pandemic threw everything into a tizzy, including election integrity.

Now we’re seven months into a nightmare brought about by Democrat opportunists who ran over dead bodies just so they could point back and use them as excuses to obliterate any semblance of transparency in an American presidential election. The result of that, sadly, is the fact that we are now living the nightmare that Democrats falsely claimed was a reality during Trump’s presidency. ‘Creepy Joe’s brief tenure as occupier of the Oval Office has been a bigger threat to Americans than our enemies could have ever dreamt of being less than a year ago. Those who actually did vote for this loser should be ashamed of themselves, this is their fault!!!

And it’s nothing that better symbolizes what a complete and utter failure ‘Creepy Joe’ is as our *president and commander-in-chief than Afghanistan. We were already in a bad place as a country before the Taliban effortlessly waltzed across Afghanistan and erased 20 years of effort and sacrifice by the U.S. and our allies. Of course, those in the ‘fake news’ would never agree with that. They were busy pretending that *president ‘Creepy Joe’ was standing up to these bloodthirsty practitioners of what is nothing more than a cult based on all manner of violence and death. In truth it was our supposed commander-in-chief who was doing the complete opposite.

Democrats never seemed to tire of telling us how it was that our friends around the world no longer respected us because Donald Trump was our president. I would argue that it was specifically because of President Trump that America was respected more than at any time since Ronald Reagan. America was in great shape. And now, just seven months and a handful of days into ‘Creepy Joe’s tenure: inflation is exploding, the peace Trump brokered in the Middle East has been destabilized, our allies don’t trust us, our enemies are mocking us, our border with Mexico has become a porous COVID super-spreader event and then, of course, there’s Afghanistan

You have to wonder where ‘Creepy Joe’s approval rating would be if those in our ‘fake news’ media ever took it upon themselves to report the truth instead of to continuously spew that which is nothing more than pure propaganda. Imagine if they were to take part in real, in-depth reporting on illegal immigration, inflation, foreign affairs, crime and Covid, the real numbers, real stats and real stories about who it is that’s responsible for all of it. ‘Creepy Joe’ has been office for seven months, and it has been a long, terrible seven months. It’s the Democrats who need to face the facts and accept the fact that the United States is a big mess and it’s of their making.

The possible silver lining here is that the Democrats, by ‘winning’ the 2020 election, may have actually ensured their own demise for the next few election cycles. They ran on a platform of competence, both foreign and domestic, against their phony bogeyman Trump. They have been proven to be incompetent in both arenas. Furthermore, the degree of their incompetence, greed and outright lunacy is so staggering they may be poisoning the well for Democrat candidates in the mid-terms and beyond. Hence their rush to shove through Congress and to ‘Creepy Joe’s desk their blatant attempt to make law all that made it possible for them to ‘win’ in 2020.

The Democrats are doing everything within their power to nationalize elections under their power. If they succeed, you can kiss free and fair elections good-bye. We’ll be California in only a few years. One-party rule with just enough token RINOs in power so people think their vote still matters, and whose purpose will be to act as someone to blame Democrat failures on. All the Democrats need to do is pass the John Lewis Voting Act and no Democrat will ever lose another election! Will the Republicans hold the line? Will the Democrats suffer because of their overreach? Will the ‘fake news’ media remain a propaganda cabal? Who knows? So, we wait and we hope.


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