You know, just when you think you’ve heard it all from those on the loony left, along comes someone to prove just how wrong you really are. And to prove my point it was very recently that the medical moron currently in charge of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) made the rather idiotic claim that any concerns about how the thousands of illegal immigrants, infected with the ‘Chinese virus,’ that are now being allowed to stream across our southern border are meant only to serve as a distraction from what he described as being a far more serious and even deadly issue.

And just what might that issue be? Why, of course, it’s all those American citizens who refuse to submit to allowing themselves to be injected with these supposed ‘vaccines.’ And while it has now perfectly acceptable for these infected and untested illegal immigrants, once they arrive here, to be transported by our government to points all across this country, it’s become totally unacceptable for asymptomatic America citizens to remain unvaccinated. And it is the unvaccinated who are constantly being portrayed as posing the greater threat. Welcome to the USSA!  

It was NIH director ‘Dr.’ Francis Collins who, during an appearance this past weekend on “Fox News Sunday,” hosted by ‘Commie Chris’ Wallace, made the idiotic claim that raising concerns over ‘Chinese virus’ cases among migrates at the U.S.-Mexico border is a “distraction.” Let’s face it, this guy Collins is a proven liar and bungler who seems interested only in power rather than the health of Americans. In that regard there is little difference between himself and Fauci. No one can believe a word he says, especially when it defies ‘science.’ He is simply not to be trusted.  

‘Commie Chris’ said, “You talk about dealing with the science, dealing with facts, I’m going to ask you about that. Parts of Texas, the positivity rate for COVID among some of the illegal migrants coming across the border is over 10%. How responsible are they for spreading this wave of COVID that is sweeping the country right now?” And it was ‘Dr.’ Collins that responded by saying, “It certainly a cause of concern. They have very significant masking requirements there, but it is certainly possible. But, you know, let nobody try to say that’s why the U.S. is in trouble.”

And Collins went on to say, “The rate of infection in Mexico is actually lower than it is right now in places like Texas and Louisiana and Florida. I think that’s a bit of a distraction. We’ve got enough of a problem with her own citizens who have refused to roll up their sleeves. So maybe that would be a better thing to focus on if we’re trying to end this. That seemed like it was not going to get us where we need to be.” What must it be like to completely abandon your medical education and personal integrity just to advance a political message? Might he be getting compensated in some way?

And this quack was quick to add, “It’s an issue, but it’s certainly not the cause of our current dilemma.” So what we have here is a supposed medical professional doing is best to demonize unvaccinated American citizens while at the same time downplaying the fact that unvaccinated illegal immigrants are being permitted to flood into our country. Anyone else have an issue with this? Collins must think we’re all pretty stupid. And yet we have this lunacy coming from the very same moron who, just last week, told us all that we now need to mask up, even in our home.

So how about this? How about bringing in some practicing physicians with actual experience in treating patients, and voices with some real “applied science” in the field? What a concept, right?  How about an actual debate about facts that also provide real applied prevention education for the American people, instead of spreading fear, lies, division, and hiding the data? To Collins, and those like him, the healthy and capable people in the U.S. are the problem, especially the ones with natural immunity who aren’t afraid of this moron’s disease-mongering.

And so if I have this right, not being a medical professional myself, the unvaccinated are somehow responsible for getting the vaccinated sick, but we still all need to get vaccinated even though the vaccine doesn’t work since the vaccinated are getting sick from the unvaccinated. This misinformation is being spread for a reason. The facts show that the vaccinated are creating variants, as the virus mutates to survive. The Democrats, with help the ‘fake news’ media, have continued to politicize the ‘Chinese virus’ in the hopes of riding the lie all the way to the 2022 midterms.

If this was a serious pandemic, you close the borders, no ifs, no buts, no exceptions. And yet, if the borders are left wide open and thousands of migrants are pouring across each week with no checks of any kind, and disappearing into the countryside, it’s not a dangerous disease, and there are no valid reasons to use threats or compulsion to try and force citizens to receive a ‘vaccine.’ So people who have NO medical record or history of vaccination are ok but American Citizens are a threat? So am I to understand that it’s only American citizens who can spread the virus?

This guy Collins is nothing if not a certifiable quack. The so-called ‘Delta’ variant was the virus mutating around the vaccine. The vaccinated are variant factories. Blaming the unvaccinated is nothing if not pure propaganda intended to further divide us and force that experimental garbage into us. Any government or organization that is so determined to get this ‘vaccine’ into EVERYONE leads me to question why. And don’t tell me it’s because of some ‘pandemic.’ What pandemic? The storm is over. Just check the very low current death numbers. So sick of this pandemic fear porn.

And finally, either this virus threat is real, or it’s not. If this virus threat is real then we cannot legitimately expect a medical difference between a motorcycle rally and a BLM riot. If this virus threat is real, then gatherings on Martha’s Vineyards are as deadly as gatherings in Florida or Texas. If this virus threat is real then undocumented, untested illegal immigrants enter America from countries with third world health care is a huge problem. Stop saying stupid things that are politically motivated and perhaps people will gain some respect for your advice.


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