First of all, let me make something perfectly clear. Just because someone has been a supposed ‘journalist’ for a number of decades, it does not necessarily mean that they have achieved any level credibility or trust. Nor does it make one any more credible than someone relatively new to the profession of ‘journalism. Case in point would be someone like ‘Commie Chris’ Wallace. Because it’s nowhere in the entire profession of ‘journalism’ that you will find a more dishonest fraud than Wallace.

And while Wallace continues to view himself as being one who has his finger on the pulse of all that goes on in Washington, in truth he’s little more than a spewer of Democrat Party talking points. Now it was once upon a time that I actually did view ‘Fox News’ as being a viable source of useful information as well as a very credible alternative to those other networks, one of which that still claims to be “the most trusted name in ‘news.’” But that now seems like such a very long time ago.  

And it was just this past Sunday, during the broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” that ‘Commie Chris’ once again demonstrated the fact that he is less a ‘journalist’ than he is a political hack under the employ of the Democrat Party and may even be on the payroll of the ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden White House. It was then that he pressed former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on the Trump administration’s deal with the Taliban in light of the current chaotic U.S. military withdrawal from Afghanistan.

‘Commie Chris said, “Critics say that for the U.S. to cut a deal with the Taliban without the Afghan government even in the room was hugely demoralizing and led inevitably to where we are today.” Pompeo responded, “Chris, that’s just simply not true. Go read the deal. Go read the conditions that were built into the deal. I was in the room. I was at the center of working to deliver that.” ‘Commie Chris’ then said, “I just want to ask you one more question about your record, though sir.”

And it was then, in typical ‘Commie Chris fashion, that he went on to say, “You were the first American secretary of state to ever meet with the Taliban, and you talked about how they had agreed to join us in the fight against terrorism.” And ‘Commie Chris’ added, “Do you regret giving the Taliban that legitimacy? Do you regret pressing the Afghan government to release 5,000 prisoners, which they did, some of whom are now back on the battlefield fighting with the Taliban?”

Pompeo said, “You make peace with your enemies.” And he then went on to add, “We didn’t take the word of the Taliban. We watched their actions on the ground. When they did the right thing and helped us against terror, that was all good, and when they didn’t, we crushed them.” ‘Commie Chris’ is emblematic of all that is wrong with the ‘Fair and Balanced’ network and why I no longer watch Fox and have no plans nor interest in ever going back. That network is rife with traitors.

Things have now progressed much too far for me to ever return. These days those who work at Fox have come to more closely resemble their colleagues on CNN and MSDNC and would be too many to list here. It would be easier to list those who have not yet gone over to the ‘Dark Side’. Those would include Carlson, for sure, and to a lesser degree Hannity and Ingraham. Wallace has all the appeal of a venereal disease. Why Fox keeps the little maggot, I’ll never know. I’ve ditched Fox and watch only OANN.

I can only assume that ‘Commie Chris’ must buy into the belief that by ignoring the Taliban they will no longer exist or have credibility even though, in reality, they were credible enough to take back the country. It’s kind of like pretending that the 2020 election wasn’t stolen as long we pretend that it wasn’t. If it wasn’t for fake news, ‘Commie Chris’ wouldn’t have any news to report at all. He no longer seems to care whether what he says is actually true or not. And yet he claims to be unbiased.

And let’s be real, those weren’t questions that Wallace hurled at Pompeo, they were Democrat talking points with a question mark at the end. Fox News is doing itself no favors by keeping this moron on the network. Wallace is an absolute idiot and a useful tool of the radical leftist Democrats. I can’t understand where this joker got any credibility as a ‘journalist.’ Whenever the Democrats need defending, this guy pops out of the bushes! As anti-Trump as ever, he’s one of the worst ‘journalists’ on Fox.

What a phony ‘Commie Chris’ is. He continues to call persons he clearly dislikes, “sir”. So condescending. In addition, “critics say” is code for “I say”. What a disgusting little man. Wallace is in the toilet as far as possessing any integrity. Him, Dan Rather, Brian Williams and Chuck Todd are the ones that everyone believes, right? Wallace doesn’t want to admit that the Taliban leaders feared President Trump and consider ‘Creepy Joe’ weak and a fool. Hence the need to defend him.

They’re desperate to somehow make all of this President Trump’s fault, but that dog won’t hunt. All of ‘Creepy Joe’s failures on everything from the border crisis to the economy, to China, not to mention ‘Chinese virus’ restrictions, the idiotic mask policies and our failing energy system, are front and center for all to see. President Trump has been out of office for seven months and yet everything is somehow still all his fault. Seems that all of these folks are singing a very familiar tune.

Blaming President Trump for this? Wallace is nothing if not completely DERANGED. And so are all those at Fox who keep this pathetic loser around. This cesspool of a traitorous network should immediately stop claiming to be ‘Fair and Balanced’ because they are neither. They are doing exactly what they did for the four years that President Trump was in office. Blaming everything on him. President Trump didn’t do this and for Wallace to suggest it’s his or Pompeo’s fault is despicable.

Wallace needs to find a rock and go hide under it, or at least finally come out of the closet and admit he’s a leftist. Sorry, Chris, but you can’t rewrite history in the case of the idiotic way that ‘Creepy Joe’s military and foreign policy nitwits TOLD THE TALIBAN THE TIMELINE of the withdrawal! The Taliban had months to put their plan together, and when our people abandoned the Afghan Army, such as it was, there was nobody there to stiffen the spines of a culture that has no history of a standing army.

So, based on Wallace’s rather twisted “logic,” we’d still be refusing to negotiate with the North Vietnamese, including for securing the release of all our pilots held as POWs in the North, in order to end that war. When you refuse to negotiate and talk with adversaries, you end up with a North Korea situation. We always negotiated with the Soviet Union, too. Wallace is a complete idiot, and Fox News is worse off for having him on there. And I will never again watch any of these dishonest clowns!




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