So once again we have he who was most likely the most corrupt individual that this country has ever had the misfortune to have as it’s Attorney General doing what it is that he does best. And, of course, it’s Eric Holder of whom I speak. And it was ‘BO’s “Wingman” who, during an appearance this past Thursday on MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show,” called on those on the loony left to now take to the streets in the name of fair elections. He said that protesters now needed to be “in the streets” getting arrested in the political fight over voting laws. Because fair elections only matter in a Constitutional Republic, not in a Socialist ‘Democracy.’

It was Maddow who started things off by saying, “What do you make of the direct action strategy that is being brought by voting rights advocates? Obviously, Vice President Harris and President Biden are very much in support of the reforms like The For the People Act, and they’ve advocated for it. Yet you’re seeing increasingly relentless focus by moral leaders getting arrested at the Senate office building, at the Supreme Court, at the White House. We’re expecting this summer of direct action on voting rights to accelerate to where there will be considerable civil disobedience outside the White House, people trying to set off a moral alarm here.”

She said, “What do you make of that strategically, as someone who has been a target of that in the past and someone who knows the people being targeted by these activists?” Holder said, “Power concedes nothing without demand. We too often underestimate the power we have as regular American citizens by protesting, by raising our voices. That’s a really important part of the thing that I’m leading, The National Democratic Redistricting Committee. We have a big advocacy campaign to get American citizens involved in this fight. If we make our voices known if we demand the kind of change, the fair change we’re seeking, I think it will help in the process.”

And Holder went on to add, “Raising the consciousness of people by demonstrating, by getting arrested, by doing the things that ending segregation. If you asked people back in the 1950s, do you think marching, demonstrating will bring down a system of American apartheid? You probably would have said, no, that won’t happen. We shouldn’t lose faith right now. We shouldn’t lose faith. Citizens can make a change. Citizens need to be in the streets. Citizens need to be demonstrating. Citizens need to be calling representatives to demand the kind of change that will make this country more representative, make our democracy more fair.”

Holder’s comment does kind of make you wonder just how it might be that this POS might actually define what actually deemed to be “fair.” But then, I think, we all already know that, don’t we? While most folks define “fairness” pretty simply, one voter, one vote, that’s not exactly how Holder, and every other scumbag Democrat defines, “fairness.” Because if that truly was the goal, Democrats would never again win any election. So instead, they need to redefine “fairness” to the point where it’s allowing whomever it is that might show up to vote to do so and as many times as they may want, and without ever being asked to show any form of ID when voting.

Holder is doing nothing more than to encourage people to break the law, which should come as no surprise to anyone the least bit familiar with this guy’s rather checkered history. Imagine any former AG actually directing people to go out and commit crimes. I guess he must have gotten pretty juiced up at ‘BO’s birthday bash and needed something to say in some bizarre attempt on his part to stay relevant. Never mind the fact that he should be in prison, serving a 100 year prison sentence for his part in the many crimes of ‘BO’ & Co., especially number one on the list, the “Fast and Furious” program which distributed 1000s of guns to Mexican drug dealers.

Why would any bona fide “redistricting” action group actually push for people to protest in the streets and to get arrested for such a cause? Could it be because they’re misdirecting so they can more easily succeed in gerrymandering congressional districts in order to better succeed in their attempt to FURTHER the suffering of their voters? Manipulating certain districts so the rich no longer have to mingle with the poor. So they can build their mansions, erect their gates and security fences and not have to worry about the housing authority forcing rental homes in their neighborhood? They’ve done it to middle class areas. They’ve forced the middle class to move out.

Holder and ‘BO’ are both examples of the bitterness, racism and corruption that comes to many affirmative action beneficiaries, It might manifest from their rationalization that they are unable to compete on a fair playing field. Dems hate the idea of voter ID, but they love requiring people to show vaccination papers to go to school, hospitals, restaurants, gyms, and so much more. This is how all the division of our country started, Holder’s ‘Fast and Furious’ giving gun to Mexican cartels in a plot against the Second Amendment, the only Attorney General to be held in contempt of Congress, not prosecuting “my people,” and calling police racists.

This guy is a millionaire several times over. And it’s quite revealing when these wealthy and powerful Democrats start play this ‘truth to power’ game! I means, this POS was once one of those who held power! If he wanted to help people vote, why didn’t he do that when he had the power? Politicians going to protests to protest against ‘police brutality’ committed by the same police departments they run! Holder wants protests for “voting rights” that he never bothered to defend when he was being paid by the taxpayers, to do that! Politicians protesting against inflation and unemployment, in economies they themselves have screwed up with bad policies!

Another call to violence coming from another rabid Leftist calling for more “mostly peaceful” protests of looting and destroying businesses. Holder is doing nothing more than to advocate uncivil disobedience which will result in returning violence to our streets. Why can’t Republicans ever take a page from the same playbook, instead of standing idly by and watching these unread spending bills to become law that are bring financial ruin to our country? Contrary to what this pathetic hack who have people believe, NO registered voter is ever, or has ever been, denied their ‘right’ to vote. All that the majority of Americans want, to have free and fair elections.

Actually, in a way he’s right for all of the wrong reasons. We need free and fair elections throughout the country so, whenever there is voter fraud the people responsible should be held to account. I can’t believe I’m agreeing, even in part, with Holder. Voting rights is one of the biggest straw men going today. Conservatives need to start getting as organized as these socialists are. While they are a smaller percentage of the population, they louder and more demanding. That is why they get what they want more often out of our government. Holder is nothing more than a punk who possesses zero redeeming qualities. The only person worse is ‘BO.’

And finally, I think we can all agree that were it President Trump, or any other conservative, now saying the very same thing it would be in short order that they would surely be considered as inciting riots or insurrection and the gestapo would soon be sending a swat team after the offenders in the dead of night and with a CNN ‘news’ crew on scene to capture the events of the arrest for later broadcast and re-broadcast ad nauseam. And you can rest assured that the offender would then be faced with indefinite incarceration or worse. This is the country in which we now see, to live. Those of us on the right need to follow Holder’s advice and take to the streets!


One response to “ERIC HOLDER: HACK, RACIST, LIAR!!!

  1. What I’m about to say next is going to piss you off or what it is pissed off some other people on the gateway pundit, and on Breitbart news. But I was actually surprised to see so many people own up!!! to what I said because it’s the damn truth.

    When it comes to conservatism, for the last 30 years for the last 40 years for the last 50 years, we haven’t been conserving one damn thing. We have lost everything in this country because we’ve been too damn scared to take to the streets. We are too chickenshit. But we are damn sure brave online. And now we are getting banned from that so we are losing that except for websites like yours.

    I’ve always handed it to the far left and they are not scared of shit. On any given weekend from the East Coast to the West Coast from the north to the south the far left is marching in a city because they backed up what they believe by putting SHOE 👞 👟 SOLES 👠 TO THE DAMN 👞

    But chances are you may agree with me. Because your article is 1 out of 2 that I’ve read that as advocated taking to the streets!!!! IVE BEEN SAYING THIS FOR YEARS!!!!! and all I get is fucking excuses!!!!!!! Out of scared ass conservatives!!!!

    Here’s one of the biggest excuses. “ we have jobs you know!!”

    What, do you think the entire left doesn’t work???? And don’t hand me that shit that all of them don’t work for a living. Look at the wealthiest places in the United States. Just go do some research all of you scared ass conservatives. Look up The wealthiest areas in America. And I don’t mean Fisher Island Florida or Palm Beach Florida because these are areas that belong to them for there 2nd and 3rd home!!!!

    All we have done is bitch and moan online when it comes to what’s being taught in schools!!!!!! Or in colleges!!! And yet we have never marched on one school or one college!!!! BUT WE DAMN SURE MEWL ABOUT ONLINE!!!!!!

    That’s all we do is we bitch and moan online about everything that we say we believe in!!!!!!! They have taken everything from us. And the biggest thing they took is the schools in the colleges because now we have two complete generations that are fully indoctrinated with hating our country!!!!

    Why do you think your garden variety millennial don’t have respect for their own parents? BECAUSE THEY ARE SCARED ASS CHICKEN SHITS!!!!!!!!!! i’ve had millennials tell me this to my face and I agree with them because they’re right!!!!!!

    Look at the comments online of everybody looking for another Trump!!!! to save them!!!!! Already, comments on both fake-ass-conservative-websites, The gateway pundit and Breitbart, there commenting left and right about Ron DeSantis being the next President Trump.

    And we’re completely honest with ourselves, Trump dropped the ball on many things and backed off. And he also didn’t shut up!! On so many things that he should have, And stop picking so many petty ass fights!!!! He has an ego The size of Texas / Alaska and, the Pacific ocean in the universe all thrower in.

    Don’t get me wrong I’m glad we elected him. Thank God we elected him. But, it didn’t take long for “TRUMPISM” to get started. And by that I mean you couldn’t say one thing online on any conservative fake ass website because we haven’t been conserving nothing!!!! For years!!! but it didn’t take long that you couldn’t say one thing in a manner of corrective criticism pertaining to Trump, without getting completely reamed by scared fake ass small c conservatives.

    I think God for the few Large C, Conservatives that stood up, for themselves 1st, me 2nd. And quickly pointed out that I was right. But for everyone that did, 50 small c conservatives went after my comment. And yet, yet mind you, not a one of them could prove me wrong. Lol 😆 all they could do was imitate the far left. By attacking the messenger lol 😆. Calling me things like, “ a far left plant.” “Traitor”. But, I never rose for the bait.

    Just like when I pointed out how we haven’t done one damn thing to back up what we truly believe in. I don’t rise for the bait even now. Only now and then do I come back, to anybody and when I do I hit them with the truth.

    “ when is the last time besides the “TEA PARTY” that we truly believed in, backed up what we believe in, by large scale type venues / rallies? When dammit when?

    The TEA PARTY, was formed in and of itself Because of Barack Obama‘s proliferate spending. Now look at what is going on. But most all, LOOK AT THE FLAT OUT INVASION that’s happening to our country!!!! 212 thousand just in July!!!!! and those are the numbers that’s been released by Joe Biden department because he has put in each department head, The same thing that President Trump did in the same thing that every president does, his administration has appointed there, there own man or woman to run each department.


    Already we are approaching 2 million people that will never leave because not one fake ass, so called, small c conservative President will stand on what they run on when they are running to be president!!!! 2 million that we know of!!!!!

    Look how many times President Trump said, “everybody that has come in all these years will have to leave and come back legally”.

    And for the first 3 months to 4 months, he did have ICE / US MARSHALS, BORDER PATROL And backed up by the majority of the sheriffs departments throughout our nation turning over every illegal they had on their hands, TO ICE. Except for places like California Connecticut New Hampshire Washington State Oregon. And even Elise states there are a few real conservative sheriffs that didn’t give a damn and what the states totalitarian, pieces of shit in power said back in there states Capital said. Only a few.

    But then Trump CAVED. He stopped. Because he met his Waterloo in California. They made California an entire statewide, sanctuary. Oh and back then the largest migration of illegals hauled ass to California. What, you you don’t say illegals don’t watch Telemundo, their own channel? Of course they do. I’ve been working in the oil and gas industry nearly my entire life. And we are loaded with LEGAL LEGAL Mexicans. Latinos.

    And I’m retiring as the head of Safety for my company. And the safety department for every oil fill construction company, oil field service company, is a small well connected outfit. We pretty much know each other because of the safety organizations we all belong to. Oh and the troops that are out working as welders, Pipefitters, riggers, roustabouts, roughnecks, etc etc. the vast majority today are no longer white guys.

    They was when I started out. But that’s another novel that is yet to be written. And I could give you so much information of what I’ve seen change. And why. It might shock you why. And it came from conservative parents!!!!!

    But I digress. So many of the Mexican and Latino 1st 2nd generation LEGAL EMPLOYEES TOLD US THIS!! The illegal community is BEAT—FEETING TO CALIFORNIA!!!! SEATTLE PORTLAND. NEW YORK STATE. CONNECTICUT. DELAWARE. I will close with this.

    Last Thursday Tucker Carlson release the projected statistics if they don’t change by the end of 4 years of this Biden administration.

    “ Our nation is looking at 35 to 40,000,000 illegal aliens that will never leave because even if, if Trump ran and won, and I personally don’t see him running even though he has been giving signals he will. But he has a clear history of saying one thing and doing another. And he doesn’t think anything of it.”

    “But even if Ron DeSantis ran and won, neither one will give the order to round up all of them. Even though the law would clearly be on their side. Because what’s happening to our country is a complete illegal takeover and everybody in law enforcement knows it. They know it on the Supreme Court. They know it in the halls of power in Congress and the Senate. Already, signals are coming out from Republic in circles how we have to reach out to them to make them all legal.”

    “And you don’t see any Republicans barely speaking out against it right now do you? you don’t even see a conservative movement rearing it’s head do you? We here at Fox News and mostly the night time line up for what it’s worth, are the only people that are speaking out against this clear and present take-over of our Nation, our voting nation, this news net work and One America News and Newsmax.”

    “ Which barely a million watch both of them. so the majority of America don’t even know this is happening because all the other channels won’t dare talk about it even though they know clearly that this administration is violating at least, 8 federal law‘s. So any conservative Republican president would be fully vested with federal power to deport everyone of them. But they won’t because they will cave. Trump caved.”

    “ Any of them will cave. And you will never win the whitehouse again. Not in 2 to 3 generations. And by then American will be a fully socialist country. Through the schools and colleges. Pumping out 2 and 3 more generations of brain washed cogs. Out marching for there own demise. In favor of every illegal alien. Which also includes all of the illegal Muslims. Which this Justice Department knows that there is mixed in with the non-violent ones, very violent ones.”

    “And about the only thing that would bring baby boomer leftist together with conservatives would be a dirty bomb that kills a few hundred thousand. A million or 2.”

    As I’ve watched the numbers go up every month pouring across our border and I have not seen a conservative movement, I hate to say it, it hurts to say it, because my wife and I have cried over Whats happening to our nation. And we have tried to get a movement started. To no avail. But as I watch more and more coming in and we are doing nothing. I pretty much know our nation is over. It’s over.

    I can’t thank you enough for your blog because your blog and one other one that I know the owner of on a personal basis, really tells it like it is. And he does when it comes to the blacks in this nation and he backs it up with data with empirical evidence. And with common knowledge about the black race being the most violent race in our Nation. Check him out. He is, BIG TIME BLUNT!!! Even more then you my friend. Lol 😆

    PS. He still post on his blog. But even he admits, America as we know it, is over. Our generation the baby boomer generation has been too chicken shit to do anything. America met its demise because of the baby boom generation.


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