That mental midget and well-known Hollyweird scumbag, John Stephens, known ‘professionally’ as John Legend, is yet another of those ‘entertainment types’ who apparently views himself as being above all of those pesky rules that we, the very ones upon whom he depends on to purchase his ‘music,’ must adhere to under threat of penalty or some form of punishment. Not only that, but it’s these very same people who somehow feel entitled to lecture us on the importance of strictly doing what those in government tell us to do while they are free to do exactly the opposite.

So I ask you, what is it about these dimwitted singers and actors that somehow makes some people treat them as being special and worthy of being admired in any way, revered or held in high regard? It’s none of them that are particularly bright, and most are uneducated, having barely made it out of high school. Hence the choice of a profession that requires very little actual intelligence. And yet because they have been able to amass a certain amount of wealth, they somehow feel justified in lecturing us. These ‘Hypocrats’ tend to be blinded by their own self-righteousness

It’s been numerous times that I’ve seen this boob in some commercial telling me the importance of getting ‘vaccinated.’ And now it was just last week that the ‘Creepy Joe’ supporting Stephens/Legend took to Twitter to say, ““Being unvaccinated and/or unmasked at a large indoor gathering is like literally begging to get COVID. Please don’t do that to yourself, your family or your neighbors.” And it’s since then that he’s been getting blasted on social media for lecturing Americans about masks just days before showing up maskless at ‘BO’s massive birthday bash in Martha’s Vineyard.

Stephens/Legend decision to lecture the American people came just days before he and his wife, the equally dimwitted ex-model Chrissy Teigen, attended ‘BO’s lavish, and maskless, birthday party, and after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended that fully ‘vaccinated’ people go back to wearing masks amid the dreaded ‘Delta’ variant surge. And it was at ‘BO’s celebrity studded birthday bash, Stephens/Legend reportedly sang “Happy Birthday” to the ex-president. These two are typical Hollywood elitists who say, “Do as I say, not as I do.”

Oh, and by the way, it was this Stephens/Legends’s wife, Teigen, who was recently exposed for her years of cyberbullying, which included actually telling model Courtney Stodden to go kill herself when Stodden was a minor. So, we have quite the stellar couple here in these two pathetic phonies. They are yet another example of how wealth doesn’t equate to having ‘class.’ Because there are few more classless people than this no-talent singer and his mean-girl wife. They are the perfect Hollyweird couple. Perfectly disgusting. Perfectly hypocritical. Perfectly talentless.

Hey Stephens/Legend, the only thing worse than being lectured to, and bullied by, know-it-all types such as yourself, is being lectured by the same folks, again such as yourself, who are hypocrites. So piss off hypocrite! And it’s what we have here that is yet another example of a ‘lack of self-awareness’ coming from another leftwing Beta male. Why should we expect anything less from this hapless boob. This guy is nothing more than a manufactured celebrity, as is his no-talent wife. The most talented thing about both of these pathetic human beings is their abilities to attract publicity.

Folks like Stephens/Legend, and his disgusting wife, are just begging for the French Revolution treatment. Not because he didn’t mask or get vaccinated or whatever else, but for being insufferable hypocrites who think they’re superior to everyone else. Going forward, I’ve decided I identify as ‘sophisticated ‘BO’ supporter’ and can therefore do whatever the heck I want. If these people didn’t have their hypocrisy, they’d have nothing. It applies to their accusations of sexism, racism, misogyny, and now what is little more than a bad case of the flu, i.e., the ‘Chinese virus.’

Stephens/Legend is another of those who apparently think that rich, sophisticated people such as himself have nothing to fear and are immune to the ‘Chinese virus,’ and other communicable diseases. It’s only the little people who must be made to wear masks and who must get ‘vaccinated.’ What a crock! And I think we can all agree that ‘BO’ should have been impeached, and would have been except for Republicans who lacked the necessary courage. But wait, according to Democrats he still can be. What a disgrace to this country these people continue to be.

But I suppose the question would be, why should any of us really care? First, hypocrisy and lies are the mark of anything, and everything, that ‘BO’ does and ever has done. You’d like to think that he will one day be made to answer for those things. Second, I am not moved by their lives, and totally unaffected by their beliefs or demands. And third, you have to answer for you, if you choose to believe their lies and accept the hypocrisy of those like Stephens/Legend or the master manipulator ‘BO,’ it’s your choice. All I ask is that you leave me, and mine, alone. And we’ll see who is happier.

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