I feel fairly confident that most people, at least those of average intelligence, have become able to see right through this quack Tony Fauci, and are able to recognize him as the self-serving fraud that he is. Especially when it comes his obvious inability to keep his many lies straight. And it’s a rare occurrence, and continues to be to this day, that he doesn’t contradict himself numerous times in the same week or even in the same day or same interview. We’ve known for some time that this entire ‘Chinese virus’ scamdemic was less about public health and more about the politics of it. That it continues as nothing more than a manufactured ‘crisis’ based entirely in politics.

And it was just this past Monday that ‘Doc’ Tony did finally admit that he is now, and has been since the beginning, playing politics with Americans’ health regarding the ‘Chinese coronavirus.’ It was during a conversation with ‘USA Today’ that he was asked what he thought of those who are forming their own opinions about the various ‘Chinese virus’ ‘vaccines’ and mask mandates. Tony answered, “I don’t want to get into the politics, but sometimes you almost have to.” He said, “It’s all part of this propagation of almost an alternative reality.” If there is anyone who is now currently residing in some “alternative reality” that would, of course, be Fauci himself.

And it was from there that Fauci went on to say, “It went back to the days when I was on the task force in the Trump administration: ‘This is going to go away. It doesn’t really exist; don’t worry about it.’ It’s the same mentality, and I don’t want to kick the cages, but a night doesn’t go by when Fox News doesn’t say a lie about me.” And he then added, “A day doesn’t go by that some congressman, some senator propagates something that is completely misleading and completely untrue.” So why is it that one chooses to disagree with Fauci it’s they who are the liars. So far, the only ones who have lied to me are Fauci and those who continue to support him.

Fauci’s comments about “some senator” are, no doubt, directed squarely at Sen. Rand Paul, who has accused Fauci of lying to Congress, and as a result, has also sent a “letter to the Department of Justice asking for a criminal referral because he has lied to Congress.” Paul believes Fauci perjured himself when he claimed that there was no “gain of function research going on with Dr. Shi Zhengli at the Wuhan Institute.” It was back on May that Sen. Paul said, “In her paper, she actually thanked Dr. Fauci and National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), which is a part of National Institutes of Health (NIH) that Dr. Fauci runs.”

The entire supposed ‘Chinese virus’ ‘pandemic’ has been built on a lie. And Fauci has busied himself politicizing the ‘threat posed by the virus from the very beginning. And in so doing has succeeded in making himself quite wealthy and continues to make big bucks to keep this scamdemic going. And it’s as long as he continues the myth of how dire our situation is, therefore providing the Democrats with the necessary fuel for their continuing power grab, the more likely he remains safe from prosecution for the role he played in developing this virus with the Communist Chinese and against American law. Arrest this creep and make him face the consequences of his actions.

And we all know that it’s at the very least that Fauci was instrumental in the financing of, with taxpayer money, and the creation of this virus. He knew damn well what it was that he was doing. He couldn’t get away with doing the things he wanted to do here in the U.S. because of legal restrictions, but since he was not to be denied he did what he saw as being the next best thing. That is to say, to fund and to support the Communist Chinese and their Wuhan Lab. Fauci needs to be prosecuted before then being promptly executed for what have been his obvious crimes! He should not be celebrated for being some sort of medical genius, because he most certainly is not.

And he has continued to be a major player in the implementation in what has been nothing more than an insidious scare campaign, creating a false narrative regarding the dangers of this virus, and encouraging the ‘need’ inoculations with experimental ‘vaccines,’ in which he has a financial interest. He has stoked fears creating a panic resulting in unnecessary lockdowns, mask mandates and criticizing HCQ and other less expensive treatments that preexisted the ‘Chinese virus.’ And he facilitated the bypass of the FDA with experimental inoculations under the guise that there were no other treatments available. And there most certainly were/are, costing many lives.

Fauci is nothing if not a rabid self-promoter and a political pinhead. With a recovery rate of 99.7% it’s these idiotic lockdowns, mask mandates and these experimental ‘vaccines’ not only unjustifiable, but totally IRRELEVANT. And since they’ve not yet isolated the virus, positively identifying ANY variant is simply NOT possible. People need to stop drinking the ‘Kool Aid.’ If you want to know the truth about vaccines, viruses, immunity, etc., you need to avoid listening to the propaganda being spewed out by Fauci, the CDC, and all of the ‘fake news’ media. They’re all on the same page, reading the same script. Any good scientist will tell you how suspicious that is.

And until serious measures are taken at our southern border to prevent those unvaccinated or untested for the virus from flowing into the country, I will choose not to comply with any mandate regarding taking the vaccine or wearing a mask. Not once have I heard Fauci recommend the southern border to be closed to protect American citizens from these unvaccinated invaders. If this virus is the existential threat that the ‘good doctor’ says that it is, then you would think he would say something. Arrogant fools can’t tolerate intelligent, free people thinking for themselves. He’s a bureaucrat and a mouthpiece for whoever signs his checks.

I’m sick of this guy and don’t listen to a thing he’s got to say. He thinks we’re all just a bunch morons. And it’s whenever the public becomes less concerned that Fauci is once called upon and pushed to the forefront to warn us all about some new, and even more deadly and/or contagious, variant in order to see just how far they can continue with their attempt to control the people. Fauci is now, and has likely been since day one, working with the Democrats in the hope of being able to stretch out the fear long enough to impact the midterm elections in 2022. But Democrats worry that they have created so many lies and chaos that the voters may be on to them.

Finally, Fauci needs to be investigated. The little media whore continues to run from one media outlet to another. He is a psychopath. We have ceded control of this country to this midget narcissist for the last year and a half. He had knowledge of and was responsible for financing the creation of this virus. This man has been complicit in the death of hundreds of thousands. Fauci is now the face and the voice of ‘fake science,’ the only area of medicine he has actually practiced. When does Fauci reach the point where he becomes a liability to the ‘Creepy Joe’ & Co., I wonder? And will they fire him, or might he be arrested in the dead of night with a CNN crew on the scene?


  1. FAUCI …

    The Modern Day Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde

    …and PS

    Robert Kennedy Jr sued Fauci Big Pharma etc over CoVid Vax

    Robert Kennedy Jr WON

    Read all about it


    media keeping SCOTUS verdict hush hush


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