So let me be perfectly clear. When it comes to whether, or not, I choose to take any of these supposed ‘vaccines,’ which is something that I definitely do not intend to do, it has virtually nothing whatsoever to do with the politics of it, not really. What it does have to do with, and I mean everything to with, is allowing politicians with zero medical background essentially ordering me to allow my body to be injected with a substance that has yet to be sufficiently tested and that has yet to be proven to be safe. I have no intention of being reduced to little more than a lab rat. And it’s no one, regardless of political party, who can convince me to do so!

And so now we have yet another supposed ‘medical professional,’ and current director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Dr. Francis Collins, who during an appearance just today on ABC’s “This Week,” hosted by former Clinton hack and now self-professed ‘journalist’ George ‘Stephy’ Stephanopoulos, said that ‘Chinese virus’ vaccine mandates should not be about politics. Stephy asked, “Is it time for more vaccine mandates?”Collins said, “Well, that’s an obviously a hot topic for me as a non-political person, as a physician, as a scientist. The compelling case for vaccines for everybody is right there in front of you. Just look at the data.”

He said, “Certainly, I celebrate when I see businesses deciding that they’re going to mandate that for employees. As a person who runs the National Institutes of Health with 45,000 employees and contractors, I’m glad to see the president insisting we go forward requiring vaccinations, or if people are unwilling to do that, then regular testing at least once or twice a week, which will be very inconvenient. We ought to use every public health tool we can when people are dying. Death rates are starting up again.” Stephy said, “Your sigh said it all. That was about as close to a yes as we could get. You clearly believe that vaccine mandates could make a difference.”

Collins said, “I do believe they can make a difference. I understand how that can sometimes set off all kinds of resistance, but isn’t that a shame, George? I mean, how did we get here? Why is it that a mandate about vaccines or about wearing a mask suddenly becomes a statement of your political party? We never should have let that happen. Come on, America, we can separate these, can’t we? We’re incredibly polarized about politics. We don’t really need to be polarized about a virus that’s killing people.” And he continued by saying, “We ought to be doing everything we can to save lives. That means get the vaccine.”

And Collins concluded by saying, “That means wear the mask when you’re indoors in a crowded space. If you’re unvaccinated, wear it all the time.” Hypocritically speaking of separating from politics, you can bet that Dr. Collins voted for ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden, oh yes he did! And look, if this clown wanted to, in any way, be taking seriously, he’d shut his trap, or better he’d yet just resign! He claims to be a scientist. If so, then why is he advocating masks when ‘Creepy Joe’s former Covid adviser said drug store masks do not prevent the spread of the ‘Chinese virus.’ It’s all political theater the purpose if which is to make it look like ‘Creepy Joe’ is actually doing something.

Threatening people with loss of basic civil liberties in order to get them to take a vaccine is very much a Democrat initiative. Republicans are against this type of fascism. And as I’ve already said, the funny thing here is that I voted for Donald Trump twice and wouldn’t take the vaccine even if President Trump himself was going to give it to me. So it’s not political. I just don’t need this unproven crap injected into MY body. This guy is even more of a radical than is ‘Dr.’ Fauci. Weird how he’s piped up all of a sudden. They have a very narrow window of opportunity to shove this into effect before the cases start fading away on their own. Which they will.

And to be honest, if it’s anyone who is making this about politics, it’s clowns like this faux physician, Collins. And again, as far as I’m concerned this has absolutely nothing to do with politics. It is a statement of our rights to refuse medical treatment. We have that right. Millions of us have had the virus, therefore we don’t need these vaccines. Millions are healthy, they don’t need these vaccines. These vaccines don’t stop the virus or the spread of it. Why are they trying to mandate them? And it’s no one who can mandate them, there is NO State of Emergency. Stop this all of this insanity now and leave us alone. This lunacy must stop, and now.

None of this is to say that politics is not playing a role in this entire ‘vaccine’ scam,’ but it’s on the part of those doing their best to force us all to submit to their demand, and not those refusing to submit. The Democrats are pushing an effort that very clearly is an attempt to take down America. None these ‘doctors’ say ANYTHING about the flood of infected immigrants coming across the border. The entire medical establishment waits until after the election to announce the vaccine, but they attack conservatives for being political? The doctors made this political since day one all because they hated President Trump. They have only themselves to blame.

If you believe in free choice and personal responsibility, then, of course, that’s going to affect your political views, just as if you believe that government should force “correct” thinking and behavior on people, even if they don’t want it. This has always been about politics, because it’s about power and control and that’s why politicians fight over it. Get a vaccine or don’t. Wear a mask or don’t. Pick your nose, or don’t. My health is my responsibility, nobody else’s. They are simply just trying to wear down our resistance even when what they say is science, is not. This is such a political theater with help from the ‘fake news’ media. Lies everywhere, from every direction.

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