Let me be perfectly blunt here, we are going to have no chance, virtually NO chance at all, of preventing this country’s increasing rapid slide to the left without, and until, we complete a very thorough purge of those within the Republican Party who we, not so very fondly, refer to as being RINOs. Those who have absolutely no qualms whatsoever when it comes to joining in with the Democrats in it is their continuing effort to succeed in what is nothing more than a quest to destroy this country. No matter what the subject, be it immigration, the ‘Chinese virus,’ the ensuring that fraudulent elections become the norm or any of another (whole) host of Democrat agenda items, it seems these RINOs can always be counted on to betray us.

And it’s these RINOs who continue to reveal themselves and in so doing seem to almost dare us to take action against them. And by taking action I am not in any way advocating for the taking of violence, only that we take action against them at the ballot box, and at the soonest possible opportunity! Because the longer we delay doing what we know to be necessary, the more damage they will be able inflict courtesy of their willingness to assist the Democrats in advancing their radical leftwing/anti-America/anti-freedom agenda. The latest and most recent example of the danger these RINOs now pose is how 18 of them voted Sunday to clear the final hurdle before a floor vote to advance the so-called “bipartisan” infrastructure bill.

The Senate 68-29 voted to invoke cloture on the “bipartisan” infrastructure bill, otherwise known as the ‘Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.’ The vote means the Senate could take up the bill perhaps by early Tuesday morning, meaning they could pass the mammoth, 2,702-page, $1.2 Trillion legislation in the dead of night. These 18 RINOs voted to advance the bill Sunday, potentially clearing the significant hurdle of passing the bill through the Senate. It’s these fake Republicans who can always find a way to justify giving ground to the Democrats and for being quick to compromise (cave) to Democrat demands. Yet it was a very different scenario when President Trump was in office when they did absolutely nothing but obstruct his agenda.

These 18 Senate RINOs who voted to advance the so-called infrastructure bill includes many of the usual suspects, with just few more thrown in for good measure. And the names of these traitorous turncoats are: Roy Blunt, Richard Burr, Bill Cassidy, Shelley Capito, Susan Collins, Kevin Cramer, John Hoeven, Mitch McConnell, Lisa Murkowski, Rob Portman, Jim Risch, Mitt Romney, Thom Tillis, Deb Fischer, John Cornyn, Roger Wicker, Dan Sullivan and last but not least, Mike Crapo. Mitch McConnell has once again shown his true treasonous colors. He needs to be immediately, if not sooner, dumped as Senate Republican leader. ‘China Mitch’ is a disgrace to the Republican Party. All of these despicable Vichy Republicans need primaries.

And it was Wicker who, after previously voting against advancing the legislation, chose to vote in favor of invoking cloture on Sunday. And it was in trying to make excuses for his blatantly pathetic behavior it was Wicker who, from there on the floor of the Senate, said, “The bill we’re now debating is far from perfect. If I were the only one with a pen, I would have made many changes. But at the end of the day, I believe this package will do a great service for the United States of America and a great service to my home state of Mississippi.” What an obvious load of political bullshit! The only reason that a genuine Republican should ever walk across the aisle, is to smack some America-hating Democrat upside the head. Repeatedly!

Senators tried unsuccessfully to add amendments to the bill, but the Senate failed to agree on how to go about adding amendments. Cynthia Lummis, Ron Wyden and Pat Toomey have proposed an amendment to the infrastructure bill that would address the $30 billion tax on the cryptocurrency industry. Lawmakers and industry officials contend the bill could send American jobs overseas. Bill Hagerty tried to slow down the advancement of the bill to bring up amendments to the bill, but Kyrsten Sinema, Democrat, objected, claiming that Hagerty refused to agree to a timetable on the amendments. Look, trying to limit the damage of something like this legislation, after the fact, is nothing more than a fool’s errand. It must be made to die in the cradle!

Chuck Grassley tried to bring up his own amendment that would lessen the bill’s fiscal impact but it too failed. He said, “We have wasted all day Thursday, Saturday and now through Sunday.” And he went on to say, “That’s enough time to vote on a multitude of amendments, and we just sat around those three days, accomplishing nothing.” These RINOs seem to think we’re in some sort of schoolyard shoving match with the left. But it’s far more serious than that, we’re in an existential fight for our survival! The Marxist left would just as soon bankrupt the country and start everyone off again with zero savings and wealth and let government dole everything out! It’s nothing short of complete insanity to collaborate with these Marxists!!

So once again a few RINOs again choose to abandon 75 million ‘America First’ Republican voters. They’d rather surrender to the Democrats. This Congress is a total fraud imposed upon America! We want a Congress that serves “We the People,” not donors and politicians. A Congress that supports a healthy middle class, not a wealthy ruling class! Save America! Vote America First and Prosperity! The primary reason that we are in this mess, watching our country slowly die is because of the worthless, cowardly, irrelevant congressional Republicans. They are incapable of being an opposition party and have many times before sold out their constituents. Continuing to vote jerks such as these back into office will get us nowhere.

Because the scary truth here is that this is not even half of the damage that will soon be coming our way with the help of these treasonous RINO buttwipes. This piece of legislation was needed to pave the way for the $3.5 Trillion dollar legislation that will be coming next year. Without this $1.2 Trillion dollar bill being passed this year, the $3.5 Trillion bill would be almost impossible to pass next year. So, what that means is that these 18 RINO turncoats are helping the Democrats to pass a grand total of $4.7 Trillion dollars in liberal, progressive, fascist, socialist, Marxist, communist funding their agenda to make America into what will end up being nothing less than a ‘Communist Totalitarian Dictatorship!’ That is, after all, the Democrat endgame.

This bill has absolutely nothing to do with ‘infrastructure’ or fixing hard assets across the country. You know it, I know it and, I have absolutely no doubt, that it’s every one of these 18 RINOs who know it as well. The bill has everything to do with installing anti-American policies, destroying personal freedoms and monitoring all aspects of an individual’s life, by government. Rest assured, all of these RINOs who are will likely be voting for the final bill have been promised something in return. Something that benefits them personally and has nothing to do with the constituents they represent. These ‘Republicans’ are the perfect examples of ‘the enemy from within’ and to think we were worried about enemies outside our borders.

The single most important reason that we in this country are in this mess that we are, as we watch our country being made to die, has less to do with the Democrats than it does with our cadre of worthless, cowardly, irrelevant congressional ‘Republicans,’ aka RINOs. And the fact that there are so many of them is the primary reason that the Republican Party has never been what one could call a truly formidable opposition party. It has been more times than any of us care to count that they have always taken the path of least resistance, seeming only too happy to sell out their constituents by failing to oppose legislation that they knew their constituents were against. And yet many of these jerks continue to get returned to office. WHY?

Most Americans cannot be bothered to participate in politics! The political responsibility of the American people doesn’t stop at the polls. We elect public officials to be our voice, not our brain. Most politicians make decisions based not on what their constituents want, but what they either deem as being what’s best for the ‘People’ or what’s best for their them. Sadly, most Americans, because they simply can’t be bothered, prove to be a cross of sheep and ostriches. The simple truth is that voting isn’t a right, but a privilege! If you don’t have skin in the game, then you shouldn’t be voting. Many voters do not work, and yet have the ability to impact decisions that affects trillions of dollars of spending other peoples’ money.

We must always remember and never, EVER, forget what it was that the late great Rush Limbaugh repeatedly warned us about. He warned us how it is impossible to step across the aisle and work with Democrats, ANY Democrats. We must always have a take no prisoners attitude whenever dealing with Democrats. But sadly, we still have many in this country, those who are conservatives, who continue to be rather naïve, or misguided, when it comes to feeling some need to deal with Democrats in a way that they are totally unwilling to deal with us. Those on our side must be able to find it within themselves the willingness to confront Democrats who so very obviously hate this country and to then stand firm against their ‘America Last’ agenda.


  1. I couldn’t agree more with you my friend. You should read Newt Gingrich article on Fox pertaining to the Mind-Boggling, Nation Killing $3.5 TRILLION DOLLAR BILL. And it’s like he said this would not be happening if it wasn’t for this weak ass piece of shit, Republican Party!!! of course those are my words but you know what he’s thinking. It’s a very very good article.


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