I am not a betting man, but if I was there is not a doubt in my military mind that one would be hard-pressed to find a more useless, a more racist, a most vile leftwing wackjob of a political hack anywhere on the entire planet than tired old racist, Jimmy Clyburn. This guy, Clyburn, is the epitome of all that is so very wrong in American politics today, and is one of the primary reasons why politicians are considered to be nothing more than self-serving hypocrites who have virtually no interest whatsoever in doing the job that there were elected by their constituents to do.

And it was once again, just this past Monday during a visit on CNN’s “Don Lemon Tonight” that this racist old toad again made that very clear when he claimed Republicans who deny the serious nature of the January 6 Capitol riot were “absolutely a threat to the future of this great country.” Clyburn said, “People need to come to grips with something happened on January 6th that never happened before. Never have we seen this kind of violent insurrection brought on by fellow Americans.” He said, “We all know what happened. We all know where it happened.

He said, “We all know that something and somebody is behind all of this. To see four lives lost, that to me, is just unacceptable. For my Republican colleagues to continue to obfuscate continue to obstruct, refusing to take part in trying to get to the bottom of this is beyond me.” He added, “I don’t quite understand that.” And he then continued by saying, “It makes me have a great appreciation of what Thomas Paine was writing about back when this country was trying to give birth to itself when he talked about summer soldiers and sometimes patriots.” What a bunch of BS!

And he said, “People that will stand for the country so long as the weather is right, people that are patriotic in the sunshine but when the storms come, when the challenges come, they’re nowhere to be found and that’s what is happening to our Republican colleagues. They are sunshine soldiers, and they are just absolutely a threat to the future of this great country.” Democrats, like this boob, can’t make a point without lying, it wasn’t four people who lost their lives, it was only one that did. And we’ve yet to get any answers to the many questions surrounding her death.

What we have here, with these two, is another case of ‘Dumb and Dumber.’ Lemon, who we all know is an idiot, believes all of the crap that comes out of his mouth. Clyburn is an idiot as well, but he also knows he’s flat out lying. Violent insurrection? Seriously? And it’s disgusting that our limp-wristed Republicans lack the necessary spine to call out the lying sacks of sh!t, like Clyburn, and fire back at this ridiculous narrative that is so obviously detached from reality. Republicans need to go after anyone who uses the term insurrection, and I mean rip the Hell out of them.

Democrats continue to spew this drivel, with not enough push back from Republicans, and so continue to perpetuate the narrative that it was in fact an insurrection. How do they call what happened, an insurrection? The only explanation for his many idiotic comments has to be that Clyburn is on drugs. I mean, when you stop and think about it, there can be no other logical explanation. Those like Clyburn are either on drugs or completely insane, with their brain having been completely ravaged by the sheer hatred that they have for anyone who dares to disagree with their warped vision.

‘Crazy Joe’ has been in office only six months and America is literally on fire! The border, the economy, inflation, a military more focused on being woke than on defending America, energy price skyrocketing, the government is printing more money for the freebies than can ever be paid back, job openings out the whazoo because no one wants to work, and the Covid confusion is dividing the nation, as well as this Critical Race Theory crap being taught to our kids. ‘Crazy Joe’ and the Democrats are destroying this country. How will we ever make it until 2022?

And where are Republicans? Well as usual, most are asleep and totally worthless. And most seem oblivious to the fact that unless our elections process is cleaned up, and significantly so, before 2022, including the corrupt voting machines, this insanity will only get worse. The biggest threat to this country’s future is the Democrat Party and their radical anti-America agenda. They are the threat from within. These godless leftwing radicals who succeeded in stealing power. And it’s those yet to realize that are the very ones the Democrats are now counting to achieve their success.

These Democrats are seeking nothing more than to make good on ‘BO’s promise made back in 2008 to “fundamentally transform” America into a socialist state. They are a clear threat to capitalism, our Constitution, our rights and our freedom. They want to control Americans from cradle to grave. Clyburn is a typical congressional black caucus moron. Not one person who entered the Capitol was carrying a gun. How do you have a violent insurrection if you have no weapons? The only person murdered was a white female murdered by an ‘Affirmative Action’ black police officer.

So it’s now according to racist old blowhards like Jimmy that being a white conservative while protesting what we all know to have been blatant election fraud, is now a worse crime than murder. A murderer receives the opportunity for bail, legal representation and a speedy trial while a white conservative unarmed protester can be shot by the police, jailed indefinitely without bail, sentenced to solitary confinement in a maximum-security prison without trial and not provided access to an attorney. Jimmy calls this a great country, yet he seeks to destroy it.

And let’s face it, you would have to be a complete moron to view what took place on January 6 as being anything more than a food fight in high school cafeteria when compared to what was perpetrated in cities all across the country by those who support the ‘Democrat’ Party during the ‘summer of love.” So which one is truly more dangerous? What Clyburn is really saying here is that conservatives are a threat to the Democrats’ ongoing attempt to overthrow the Constitution and to then rebuild America into the same socialist failure that every other socialist country has become!

Jimmy wants us to believe that the events of January 6 were so very much worse than what we all recall as the ‘peaceful gatherings of harmless tree druids that danced gracefully through the misty American streets wearing colorful robes and sprinkling rose petals about the area with love and care for all in their hearts.’ You know things like the Daunte Wright riots, the Philadelphia riot, the Kenosha riots, the George Floyd riots, the New York City FTP riots and the Portland, Oregon riots to name just a few. And why is, exactly, that Jimmy never really tells us why that is.

Jimmy is just one more Democrat on what has become a very long list of many who are simply using the events of January 6 and all the political bullshit regarding the ‘Delta variant of the ‘Chinese virus’ to cover up what was their brazen election fraud and theft leaving absolutely no doubt that it is they, the Democrats, who are “absolutely a threat to the future of this great country.” Someone should tell Jimmy that throwing around some obscure reference to Thomas Paine doesn’t make you look as smart you might think it does. It only makes you appear desperate.

The Democrats have escalated alarm about the incident to the point that, seven months afterward, they are still holding political prisoners. They have taken selective prosecution to ridiculous lengths by not prosecuting people who caused billions of dollars in property damage by looting and burning and bludgeoning others while jailing hundreds who were merely guilty of trespassing and other relatively minor offenses. This is pure political persecution taken to stupid and immoral lengths, rare even for some dictatorships. Republicans need to do better in standing up to these clowns.

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