I cannot be the only one wondering why it is that Democrats appear so determined in the efforts to ensure everyone is ‘vaccinated.’ And I must admit the main reason for my continued resistance to getting the vaccine is the level of intensity behind the Democrats’ continuing to demand that I get it. Especially when it is at the very same time that many of these very same Democrats seem not to be bothered in the least by the fact that we continue to have untested and unvaccinated illegal immigrants flooding across our southern border on nearly a daily basis. So why is it so imperative that I get this ‘vaccine’ and much less so for those flooding into my country illegally?  

Which brings me to none other than our Emmy award winning, and blatantly pervert Democrat governor, Andy Cuomo who, at least for the time being remains the governor of New York. You see, it was just this past Monday that Cuomo asked private businesses in his state, including bars and restaurants, to “go to vaccine-only admission,” thereby barring patrons who are unvaccinated. And he actually seemed to insist that the proposed policy would really be in their “best business interest.” It was a Monday press conference that Cuomo argued that, “Everybody has to get vaccinated,” and emphasized the importance of “outreach, outreach, outreach.”

And it was then that he said, “Deploy community groups. Deploy people who have credibility in the community, religious leaders. Educate people who still think that this is made up and it’s a problem and nobody really tested this and incentivize the vaccinations,” and touted ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden’s $100 per vaccine pitch. He said, “Free pass at the movies, whatever incentives you can come up with,” before turning his attention to all of private businesses, asking them to put into place stringent vaccine passport requirements, effectively barring unvaccinated people from entering private establishments. Now if I was a business owner, I’d tell Cuomo to go pound sand!!!

He went on to say, “Private businesses, I am asking them and suggesting to them go to vaccine-only admission. Go to vaccine-only admission. We did this,” he said. “Radio City Music Hall months ago reopened vaccine-only, sold out all the shows. Sports arenas, they went up to about 90 percent vaccine-only.” And in explaining that he would want to know if the person next to him at a bar was vaccinated, he continued, “Private businesses, bars, restaurants — go to a vaccine-only admission. I believe it’s in your best business interest.” He said, “If I go to a restaurant and I’m sitting at a table, and the table right next to me, I want to know that they’re vaccinated.”

And before touting his state’s vaccine passport program, the Excelsior pass, he said, “I believe it’s in your business interest to run a vaccine-only establishment.” And he went on to claim, “We have passes. They’re on apps. They’re on phones. It’s very simple. You can operate a restaurant. Just say you have to show that you were vaccinated when you walk in the door. It’s going to help your business, not hurt it.” And it was according to his rather twisted liberal logic that Cuomo surmised that barring the unvaccinated from entering basic establishments will act as the ultimate incentive, forcing them to get vaccinated. His is a rather simplistic view of things. 

He went on to add, “If you say to people, well if you don’t have a vaccine, you can’t get into these establishments, then you’ll see a real incentive to get vaccinated.” His remarks come one week after putting on display a more severe tone against the unvaccinated, expressing the need to get into communities, knock on doors, convince people, and “put them in a car and drive them and get that vaccine in their arm.” It was just one week ago that Cuomo said, “That is the mission.” All of this from a guy who should be behind bars for both mass-murder AND his blatantly perverted behavior against women. But he’s a Democrat so he remains free and able to walk the streets.

And so what is it, exactly, that makes Cuomo think that after barely surviving the draconian lockdown that he himself put into place, that these private businesses will choose to prevent paying customers from entering their establishments? And while at this point it’s merely a suggestion, and not a mandate, when it does become a mandate, which I’m sure it will, I would like to think that business owners would not comply because it would be tantamount to another lockdown when their patrons refuse to show proof of their vaccines and their businesses lose patrons and that then forces them to lock down again. It’s a no-win situation in the event of a mandate.

In truth, these businesses wouldn’t be enforcing anything, because what some will likely do is call local law enforcement and then it again becomes the government, essentially by proxy, that will end up being the one who is enforcing these corporate mandates. This is the government panning out its authority and desire to exceed its authority to unelected, unaccountable proxies. This is an authoritarian regime using corporate players to advance the regime’s agenda, this is pure fascism on display. It’s all they have left if they wish to maintain even the façade of staying within the bounds set by the Constitution. But then that has never mattered much before.

This goes along with Cuomo who, just a few days ago, was telling New York City businesses that they need to force their employees to come back into the city so that they can then financially support all the other small businesses. And it has been reported that Cuomo has also been dropping strong hints that he may be planning to compel all New York State healthcare workers, teachers and other school employees to get the shot. So what is it, exactly, that Cuomo thinks gives him the authority for that. He’s a governor now behaving like some tinhorn dictator. Not one more American should get this vaccine before those streaming across our border get it!

And by the way, isn’t this the same moron who, after begging President Trump for assistance, ended up not using any of the 1000 or so beds on the Navy hospital ship that was sent to New York harbor to help with the ‘Chinese virus?’ And this is also the same moron who shipped elderly patients affected with the virus off to elderly patient care facilities in order to free up hospital beds and then purposely fudged the numbers when the death rates in those same facilities went through the roof. Also this is the same moron about whom so many absolutely raved regarding his handling of the virus to the point where there were calls for him to run for president.

So first Cuomo managed to kill tens of thousands of elderly in New York City with his executive order. Then he proceeded to shut down and put out of business thousands of small businesses. Now he’s calling on small businesses to continue to endure lower profits as they alienate what would likely end up being half of their customers. This man should be in prison. The butcher of New York won’t be happy by just sending the elderly to early graves. Now, he will ruin the livelihoods of many more. Many in the country have grown tired of having to cover the costs of cleaning up the mess in blue states like New York. States that need to elect real governors or suffer on their own.

Any finally, do people not get that government controlling the actions of private businesses in one of the definitions of Fascism? Our ‘representative’ government is now controlling what information we can see, what we can say online, and now, what we MUST put into our bodies, all through executive fiat and coercion of essential private businesses to enforce government dictates. Land of the free? As long as the government and the media are able to keep us focused on the virus and vaccines, we will be distracted from the mess being created at our border, out of control inflation and violence in our cities. And the fact that a senile old man is running our country.

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