As I have said before, the greatest obstacle blacks in America face in being able to live the American dream are…black Democrat politicians. These people are black racists, pure and simple. They lie, they incite hate, they work to build false narratives and then parrot them until the other black racists believe their racist nonsense. It is black, racist, Socialist Democrats, along with those in the ‘fake news’ media and an ‘educational’ system that has become nothing more than an efficient brainwashing apparatus that are destroying OUR Republic and is actively trying to kill us, us being white people. I’m done with this crap, the time has come to call a Spade a Spade.

Which brings me to Friday’s broadcast of MSDNC’s “The ReidOut,” hosted by that racist dolt, Joy Reid. You see, it was then that Rep. Hank Johnson made the argument that “these folks are trying to kill us right now as far as our right to vote. They’re trying to kill our democracy,” and this moron then proceeded to urge people “confront this evil that is right there in front of our face and is ready to choke us to death unless we can show that we’re not going to lay down and let it happen, we’re actually going to seize control. This is our country. We built this country.” This is the same sort of drivel that Johnson has become quite famous for spewing.

And Johnson then went on to say, “I remain hopeful that this administration, Joe Biden, President, will come to his senses, get away from the sentimentalism of the past of how the Senate used to work and how the members used to consort with each other and work things out over a drink and a cigar. Those days are long over. You know, these folks are trying to kill us right now as far as our right to vote. They’re trying to kill our democracy, and no amount of organizing can overcome the wrongfulness of suppressing votes in a democracy.” To say Johnson is absolutely clueless would be an understatement, but we shouldn’t be surprised.

And he said, “We either have a democracy or we don’t, and if everyone can’t vote in this country, if some can’t vote because of their race, then this is not a true democracy. So, we’re actually in a fight, Tiffany, for democracy. It’s being attacked by those who would take away our vote and it’s wrong, and we can’t stand for it.” He added, “I don’t know if enough people understand the danger that we are in. Your last segment about abortion and how the only people who will, in a new medieval society that they seek to impose upon us, the only people who will be able to have freedom over their bodies are white women because they have money.”

And he continued by saying, “Any time only people who are light-skinned, white, are able to vote in this country, I mean, these are — these subjects are the immediate threats to us, I mean, to everyone. And if everyone does not start feeling a sense of urgency about taking some action, and that’s why I’m so happy to be with LaTosha today. Because she’s a woman of action. She takes action. Yesterday, I was able to take some action to come out of my comfort zone, but it’s going to take more than Hank Johnson and LaTosha Brown and Joyce Beatty and others to come out of their comfort zones and to confront this evil that is right there in front of our face.”

And he claimed that this same evil “is ready to choke us to death unless we can show that we’re not going to lay down and let it happen, we’re actually going to seize control. This is our country. We built this country. And so, nobody has a claim to it bigger and better than us. And so, it’s up to us now to save this country, if not just for ourselves, but for our fellow man.” It’s important to keep in mind that Johnson is the same idiot who once asked if Guam would capsize. What’s truly sad is that he said that 10 years ago and so has been re-elected five times since, which doesn’t say much for the intelligence of those folks who reside there in his congressional district.

This guy may very well qualify as one of the dumbest ever politicians. Johnson is also the same idiot that still supports abortion and the 20 million brown babies that were thrown into the garbage before they were born, or were sold off in parts. Not only that, but of those 20 million fetuses, of which 10 million would’ve been female, could have produced three humans each over the span of two generations since their brainwashed self-induced slaughter that began in the 1970s. That’s 60 more million on top of the 20 million that were aborted–and he still supports that but is worried that it’s the Republicans who are trying to terminate his ‘kind.’

Democrats still can’t produce one single name of any eligible voter that can’t vote due to voter suppression, not one. It simply doesn’t exist. But then suppression for Democrats means not being allowed to vote more than once. So we again have black folks on a panel talking about how racist and suppressed they are. You need an ID to do anything in this country and voting should be at the top of that list! And they want to seize control, really? They stole an election with the help of whitey. Thank God for the first Republican President, no telling where black folks would be today were it not for him! But that’s all ancient history, no need to bring any of that up. No way!!!

Democrats are the ones pushing for an authoritarian government and working as hard as they can to strip from us our constitutional rights. And it has become remarkably clear just how much they hate this country and working-class Americans. They are also white hating racists who are doing everything possible to further divide Americans by skin color and wealth in their effort for total and complete control of the population. They want the power to arbitrarily arrest people at will. The Democrats are not on our side and those who think they are safe because they are registered Democrats and vote Democrat aren’t any safer than the rest of us.

There’s never any discussion about how it’s the evil white man who’s always left as being the one made to pay for rebuilding their shitholes, only to have them burn it down again and again every ten years, or so. They’re like spoiled children, everything you give them they destroy and never appreciate. Nothing is ever good enough, give me more and more and more and for no other reason than because I’m black. There is much talk from these same clowns about the myth of “white privilege,” something as a 69 year-old white guy I’ve yet to experience. I’ve had to work for everything I’ve gotten over the course of my life. Most Blacks aren’t willing to work for anything.

Johnson, who has the IQ of a grape, sounds more than just a bit ‘incendiary’ to me. I hope he’s on a few domestic intelligence agencies’ watchlists. Who “seizes control” of a country? Democratic citizens? I hate to tell him but the 16 percent will not control the other 65 percent of us. They want you to think that, but it’s all just another Jedi mind trick. But wouldn’t it be great if they seized control of their own welfare communities and decided to finally clean up the gun violence, stopped having illegitimate children, put fathers back in the home and took pride in working. Most seem to take some level of pride in the fact they’ve never had a job in their life.

And notice how it is that the corrupt communist Democrat fraud machine was nowhere near as concerned about our Constitutional Republic during the entire eight years that ‘BO’ was in the White House. He was elected TWICE on a fake ‘racism guilt trip’ because most Americans were simply too afraid to NOT vote for he who would go on to become the nation’s first black president. And now we’re seeing the consequences of giving these corrupt communist con artists any sort of authority in the running of our country. We have allowed the enemy inside our own home to burn and steal our stuff while pretending we’re the ones violating THEM.

It’s the communist Democrat Party that wants us to believe the Constitution that was ratified by in 1788 is no longer applicable 233 years later. And that, as such, it is failed document because it prevents THEM from seizing power and taking possession of everyone’s personal lives. I’m beginning to wonder if most Democrat voters even realize they’re communists themselves, let alone the evil fraud their own party is attempting to perpetrate essentially WITH their permission. Look, if you’re not smart enough to get a driver license and cannot afford the price of a free state ID, then you truly are too stupid to be voting or being let out of your home by yourself.

Johnson says this is OUR country! WE built this country! WE will seize control! As opposed to this country belonging to us all. As opposed to everyone who has actually worked hard and honestly to provide for their families and obey the law to build the American Dream? As opposed to everyone who only voted ONCE and provided an ID to prove who they are and that they were an eligible voter? Just what control does this idiot plan on seizing? Did he just let the proverbial “cat out of the bag” on what Democrats plan to do? Is this really the kind of politician that the Democrats should be hanging their hats on? What a FREAK SHOW we now live in.

And it’s not a single one of these hacks that can explain exactly how they won’t be able to vote. Johnson says this country belongs to us, and the so called ‘journalist’ says we built this country for free. Excuse me, but my ancestors came over on the Mayflower and they shed blood, sweat and tears to make a foothold on this land. Johnson and those like him are delusional and severely lacking in their knowledge of our history. What you have here is RACE BAITING in what is it’s purest form. Stir the pot and stir up the uneducated into a frenzy. But then this is now the stock-in-trade of today’s Democrat Party, as well as of the ‘fake news’ media that supports them.


  1. What he’s doing is trying as hard as he can to incite black people to physically assault, white folks. That’s already being done. But, the 5 largest news outlets, the 5 pieces of shit, ABC CBS NBC CNN MSNBC refuse to broadcast any news pertaining to it.

    And Tucker Carlson has said off, and on, very strenuously,

    “this is not going to end well, Because it’s going to end in the kind of violence that we have been seeing against white people in South Africa.”


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