Is there anyone, other than myself, who’s not really all that surprised that it was only about 1.5 million, out of the 81 million we’re constantly being told voted for him, that bothered to tune in to watch ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden’s recent little town hall get together brought to you by CNN, aka the LOL news network. But to be honest, I don’t suppose that that really matters in the big scheme of things, after all the Democrats achieved what had been their goal since Election Day 2016. That being the removal of Donald Trump as President. And while Democrats were not able to get Hitlery into the White House, they were able to cheat old ‘Creepy Joe’ into the Oval Office.

And just how did they do that? Well, it was courtesy of the most massive exercise in electoral cheating ever carried out in this country. And so what the Democrats now have is free rein to kick their effort to destroy this country into warp drive. So what we’re seeing here is yet another example of how, for the Democrats, the end always justifies the means. The Democrats couldn’t care less about how many people tuned in to watch. If we’re being honest, the Democrats are likely quite happy that more people didn’t watch. Because according to what I read about the event *president ‘Creepy Joe’ spent nearly the entire time with his foot firmly in his mouth.

So as I mentioned earlier, the town hall put on by CNN with *president ‘Creepy Joe’ failed to shake up cable ratings on Wednesday night as the LOL network sat in the shadows of both Fox News and MSNBC for primetime hours. The town hall, which was moderated by resident CNN doofus Don Lemon and garnered just a little more than half the amount of the total viewers Fox News had at the same time, finishing third in ratings for Wednesday night, falling just behind MSNBC. According to Deadline, which reported on the latest ratings from Nielsen, CNN’s town hall drew in 1.46 million viewers between 8:00 p.m. and 9:15 p.m. as ‘Creepy Joe’ spoke in Cincinnati.

During that same 74-minute time frame on Wednesday, Fox News received an average of 2.76 million viewers for Tucker Carlson Tonight and a portion of Hannity, which was putting on a town hall event with Florida Republicans, including Gov. Ron DeSantis, Sen. Marco Rubio, and Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar to discuss the Cuban protests. MSNBC, with a slight edge over CNN, saw an average of 1.47 million viewers for ‘All In’ with Chris Hayes and the first part of The Rachel Maddow Show. For primetime viewership on Wednesday, Fox News dominated across the board with an average of 2.36 million viewers, compared to MSNBC’s 1.63 million and CNN’s 1.28 million.

If there was ever a president that should have the 25th Amendment, section 3 invoked it is ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden. For crying out, his cognitive equivalency is roughly the equivalent of a cadaver, with the cadaver coming out on top. Unreal!! Our country is doomed with him at the wheel. ‘Creepy Joe’ is clearly experiencing significant mental decline. This isn’t really anything to be happy about. I want every person to watch this idiot and to at least try to understand him. He talked about secret police. Taking away the First and Second Amendments. Who wants to watch a catatonic, drooling doddering old man who can’t even string together a coherent sentence?

And since so few witnessed this spectacle of a doddering, demented old fool on full display, few will demand that ‘Creepy Joe’ be removed from office under the 25th Amendment. But look, ignorant Democrats couldn’t care less that ‘Creepy Joe’ is a bumbling boob. They love that he’s an empty vessel and can fill him up with whatever it is that they want. And few care about what the old fool says because few actually voted for him. Let’s not misunderstand the apparent dismal ratings: the majority of ‘Creepy Joe’s voters, responsible for his unprecedented victory, didn’t participate in the ratings because they don’t have a television, because they’re dead!

Nobody wants to listen to the sad random mutterings of a guy losing his marbles further by the day. Yet they want us to believe that ‘Creepy Joe’ won the presidency. Out of the millions of eligible voters in this country, not even 2 million could be bothered to watch. And why would anyone want to tune into a ‘news’ program that actively lies. They’ve become the primary propaganda outlet for the Democrats. Then they bring on our demented “liar-in-chief” who lectures us on the democracy and the Constitution and how to be good Americans all the while he continues to sell out our country to the highest bidder. The American people must wake up, and soon!

And normally, consistently poor ratings brings about a reshuffling of the deck or at worst, the bad performing shows gets canned. This is clearly not the case for these leftwing news outlets, despite the fact that people are showing they are clearly not interested in what it is that they are selling. Those who are bankrolling these shows are apparently not concerned by these dismal numbers either. But then I suppose when the objective is nothing more than to keep attacking President Trump and to continually blame him and his millions of supporters for anything and everything, they are quite happy to lose money. Again, the end always justified the means.

Haters of President Trump don’t care. It’s just the cost of getting him out of office, the country be damned. What worries me is how much more they might be willing to let the country suffer in order to keep the Democrats in power. People are getting killed and the middleclass is being destroyed all because voters who should have known better, couldn’t pull their petty heads out of their asses long enough to figure out what would happen if ‘Creepy Joe was to get elected. They just can’t bring themselves to conflate the misery we are experiencing with how they voted, so they really aren’t looking too closely at ‘Creepy Joe’s utter disaster of a presidency.

And yes, we all agree that ‘Creepy Joe’ was installed courtesy of well-organized and massive fraud in several states. But at the same time where were our supposed Republican leaders and why did they run from calling out what it was that actually occurred in the 2020 election. Where are our supposed Republican Senators and Representatives? There have been some grandstanding by a few when in front of the camera, but once out of range of the nearest camera or microphone it’s something entirely different. This is why we are In deep trouble, our elected leaders have failed and/or frauded us. No money to the GOP, no support for “their” candidates.


  1. “The Democrats are likely quite happy that more people didn’t watch. Because according to what I read about the event *president ‘Creepy Joe’ spent nearly the entire time with his foot firmly in his mouth.”

    Yes he did. I watched about 20 to 25 minutes of it, then gave up. lamon the piece of scum, had to rescue Biden time and time again. The next day, Tucker played some of the greatest hits!! From the show and it really was sad. Sad to know that this man does not have the cognitive ability to lead our Nation, speak for our Nation. He is without a doubt, Getting worse and worse, day by day.


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