There’s line in the 1999 movie, ‘The Mummy’ in which Evie tells Beni, “You know, nasty little fellows such as yourself always get their comeuppance.” And I’m thinking that it’s that very same line that would now seem to be very appropriate whenever discussing that nasty little fellow, Anthony Fauci. I mean it certainly didn’t take very long, after having his ass chewed by Senator Rand Paul, for old Tony to scurry off with his tail between his legs as he desperately went in search for a friendlier venue, and more sympathetic ear, to argue how it is that someone of his importance should never be subjected to the “slanderous” accusations directed at him by Senator Rand Paul.  

And exactly where was it, you might ask, that Fauci’s search for the aforementioned friendlier venue took him? Why, where else but to MSDNC. And it was this past Wednesday during an appearance on MSDNC’s “The Beat,” hosted by Ari Melber, that old ‘Doc’ Tony took the opportunity to complain that Senator Paul was nothing less than “slanderous” when asked about their rather heated exchange during a Tuesday Senate hearing. Host Ari Melber said, “We saw your clash with Senator Paul. For those of us who covered you and listened to you, a major contrast to most of your public speaking. What was so important or concerned you about that?

And it was then that Melber then went on to ask, “Do you think people listened to what Dr. Rand Paul or what Tucker Carlson was saying and act on it? They may be increasing their risk of getting COVID or getting hurt?” Fauci responded by saying, “My response is, you know, I don’t any take great pleasure, Ari, in clashing with the senator. I have a great deal of respect for the institution of the Senate of the United States. But he was completely out of line. He totally distorted reality. And he made some inflammatory, and I believe, slanderous remarks about lying under oath, which is completely nonsense.” “Completely nonsense!” says the liar Fauci.

And Fauci added, “I mean, and some of the things he says are so distorted, and out of tune with reality, I had to call him on that. I didn’t enjoy it, but I had to do that because he was completely out of line. Totally inappropriate.” This is exactly the type of doublespeak we’ve come to expect from political operatives. And make no mistake that’s all Fauci really is. And yet it’s those in the ‘fake news’ media, like this clown Melber, who continue to tout Fauci as being some great scientific mind without whom we would have never survived the ‘scamdemic’ and if we are to have any hoping of making it out alive we must take heed of everything he tells us to do.

But I do have a question for our esteemed Dr. Fauci. If he truly does feel that Senator Paul “slandered” him, then he should sue. But I think even he realizes that his case would likely get laughed out of court, and in what would likely be pretty short order. But look, he has no intention of suing anyone if for no other reason than because more of what he’s so desperate to keep hidden would all be made to come out. It really is disgusting how these people, who are absolute criminals, continue to get away with their crimes against humanity and against our children, but then when the inmates are the ones in charge of running the asylum can we expect anything else?

I think we can all agree that Fauci, who is now 80 years old, should have retired 20 years ago, so why didn’t he? My personal belief is he is a narcissistic control freak with a God complex. Fauci should be in prison for mass murder and his finances should be scrutinized with a fine-tooth comb for any improprieties, especially for any connections to the Chinese Communist Party. But such things as that are reserved for President Trump. The truth of the matter is that Fauci is simply practicing that age old leftwing tactic of projection. That being, of course, where you accuse the other guy of doing exactly what you’re actually doing. Which in this case, is lying.

And it comes in handy when you’ve got all of the ‘fake news’ propaganda news shows putting on a loop, the video segment you calling Senator Rand Paul a liar and nothing else. It’s all nothing more than political theater focused on hiding the fact that Fauci helped fund the lab, and the research, that created this virus in the first place. Fauci is scared, you can see it. Whenever these Democrats get caught, they start squealing and pointing fingers to try to divert attention away from themselves. He knows he’s getting pinned down with all this, that it’s all pointing right at him. And if there’s anything they hate, it’s losing their ‘wiggle room.’ But it’s too late.

Fauci lied, Americans died. This little troll of a man has never been challenged, and when he finally was, he couldn’t handle it. His was incensed that anyone would DARE to question him. He is the epitome of everything that is wrong in bureaucratic ‘medicine.’ He should be criminally charged for Covid deaths. What we have heard, and continue to hear, from Fauci is exactly the type of doublespeak we’ve come to expect from political operatives such as himself. Fauci alone destroyed his credibility. He has been proven to be a liar with his many dictates regarding how best to deal with this virus having no basis in science. This guy is a complete fraud.

Fauci is only angry because Senator Paul called him out on all of his little conflicts of interest, and his many stunts that were not so cunning after all. Senator Paul let Fauci know that he’s able to see right through the lies and deceit aimed at enslaving people, with a fear factor of shutdowns and lockdowns over what they now call a ‘variant,’ but is the same old virus they have not been able to prove even exists! Fauci should be seen as a complete embarrassment to the medical profession. I think it’s safe to say that Senator Paul has Fauci’s number and Fauci knows it. Hence all of the finger wagging and accusations rather than any sort of civil, viable defense.

And what sort of alternate reality does Fauci live in? He had his ass handed to him because as the director of the NIH he has been funneling taxpayer money to continue very dangerous research against the rules and regulations that ban the practice. At this point nobody is saying the research he funded directly correlates to the covid pandemic but it is within the realm of possibility and that’s why this slimeball is so triggered by the suggestion. He knows what he did. And another thing, Fauci applied for three patents for Covid cures before this thing hit in late 2019 and was turned down on all three. What did he know and when did he know it?

Finally, it’s all of this nonsense that only serves to further convince me that this entire pandemic was nothing other than a planned PLANNED exercise. When we have scientific evidence that drugs like IVERMECTIN and Hydroxychloroquine along with anti-inflammatories are a cure for the ‘Chinese virus.’ And yet our government does everything within its power to suppress the truth. The only possible conclusion is that they want the pandemic to continue. Is it to control people? Is it to use the potentially deadly vaccines to reduce the world population? I don’t know the answer. But I do know that the pandemic was largely fueled by FDA and CDC inaction and that is a crime.



    Dear Lord I hope I pray so. He needs to see himself in chains & shackles. Shuffling along like the “Con—-Vict” That he is.

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