I suppose it was only a matter of time. I think we all knew it was coming, and it’s only now that we have a member of the Democrat Party has made it official by stating the obvious. It is President Donald Trump who is to blamed for all that is currently going on in Cuba. And it was on Friday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Cuomo Primetime,” that Rep. Jim McGovern, Democrat, made his idiotic argument that because ex-president ‘BO’ softened American policy towards Cuba, “people were sending more remittances to their families. You saw people supporting small businesses that were growing in Cuba. You saw more political space, a strengthening of civil society.”

And this boob McGovern went on to say that it was because President Trump “turned everything back, and as a result, we see increased suffering on the island.” So apparently, the train of leftist thought here is to make possible the subsidizing of the communist government in Cuba by permitting Cuban-Americans to send money to those still trapped in the country. But how does that, in the long run, do anything other than to prolong one of the most oppressive regimes in all of human history by allowing to spend more on its military and secret police? But that seems to bother those like this clown McGovern very little or perhaps not at all.    

McGovern said that the Cuban government should respect the right of the Cuban people to protest against the problems on the island, it should free those protesters that have been arrested, and restore Internet access. And he added that the ‘Creepy Joe’ & Co. should recognize, as ‘BO’ & Co. did, “that our policy toward Cuba, for the last many decades, has been a miserable failure. This economic embargo, these sanctions that we have put in place have hurt average Cubans. They haven’t hurt the hardliners in the Cuban government.” So again, the argument here is to subsidize these “hardliners in the Cuban government” as if that’s a good thing.

McGovern said, “When we began to ease things under the Obama administration, we actually saw a very different thing happen. One is that people were sending more remittances to their families. You saw people supporting small businesses that were growing in Cuba. You saw more political space, a strengthening of civil society. All those things are good. All those things help pave the way for a better future for the Cuban people. Biden, at a minimum, ought to reverse Trump’s additional sanctions, one of which makes it difficult for a Cuban-American son or daughter living in the United States to send remittances to their mother or father in Cuba.”

And he went on to say, “I mean, that’s a rotten, cruel thing that Trump did. We ought to be able to reverse it right away. And when people say, the Cuban government will take advantage of that, certainly, we can figure out a delivery system that will get it to the people who need it. But if we want to help the Cuban people, enough of the Cold War rhetoric. I mean, let’s get down to the business of formulating a new, more constructive policy, one that actually helps the Cuban people.” McGovern concluded that ‘BO’ & Co. “was on the right track. When Trump became president, he turned everything back, and as a result, we see increased suffering on the island.”

This is getting so very boring. Always the same rhetoric: blame Trump, Trump bad, Trump as the source of all that is evil for centuries untold. Nothing EVER changes, and yet we see how ‘Creepy Joe’ & Co. favors communist regimes over people seeking freedom: and Obama did the same, support totalitarianisms and communism. Democrats really believe Communism can be ‘saved’. Solzhenitsyn described it pure and simply saying, “Communism is anti-humanity.” He detested US liberals who were/are apologists for this vile ideology. Inside of every Democrat beats the heart of a communist like our current *president and every other Democrat

President Trump is just their current boogie man of choice. Over the years there have been numerous others who have played that same part. Those with names like Hoover, Nixon, Ford, Reagan and Bush only to name a few. All were cast as morons and as a threat to Democracy. The player may change but the story remains the same. And the ‘fake news’ media is there to do all they can to aid the Democrats because it’s all the Democrats have. I’ve watched the morons in this country fall for it over and over again! Meantime all of the problems that have been made to befall this country are a direct result of radical leftwing policies and RINO complicity!

You’ll notice that the people who are protesting are nearly all carrying AMERICAN flags and signs pleading for liberty. They aren’t begging for sanctions to be lifted. They want what WE have, freedom, and nothing more. Lying Democrats, like this buffoon McGovern, are the scourge of humanity! It is they who have told us for decades that Cuba has a medical system we should emulate, one far more advanced than ours and superior to ours. They are self-sufficient and a socialist paradise that we should emulate in terms of social policy as well. All Democrats have done, and will do is continue to do, is to support the government that murders it’s own people.

And am I the only one who sees it as being odd that while ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden has now opened the borders to allow in illegals from all points south of the border, he won’t accept illegals from Cuba. Why? Well, because those illegals now flooding across the borders are more likely to vote Democrats while Cubans tend to be more conservative and would likely vote Republican. Also, the last thing the Democrats want in this country are more victims of socialism/communism, who in America, will be up close and personal examples of those oppressive systems, further hindering the Democrat Party’s radical turn against the Constitution, freedom, and the American way.

So, the Cuban government has a long history of arresting people and holding them as political prisoners for protesting against their government. This is nothing new. It’s the government that is causing the suffering taking place in Cuba. But how can ANY Democrat stand against that kind of oppression, when they are doing the very same thing here in America regarding those who took part in the January 6 protests? People held for over six months in solitary confinement on trespassing charges. Grandmothers dragged out of their houses in early morning hours by FBI jackboots, cuffed and charged with insurrection. How are the Democrats any different than Castro?

And apparently those in the ‘fake news’ media honestly expect us to believe that the Cuban people rose up as they have for no other reason than because of the last four years? This has been going on since 1959 and that’s why they finally came out into the open and risked their lives. Just another example of how the ‘fake news’ media is now nothing more than the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party and dolts like this moron McGovern is nothing more than another despicable, do nothing, blame everybody named Trump hack who has never done a damn thing for his constituents in Massachusetts. He needs to crawl back into his little hole and stay there.

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