So it’s once again that we have RINOs making it crystal clear, to those who are paying attention, that they represent a far greater threat to the survival of this country than do even the Democrats. And too, it’s once again they we’re being shown just how truly insidious they are and how little they care about this country and those of us who cherish our freedom. And it was RINO governor Asa Hutchinson doing another of his routine appearance on ‘fake news,’ this past Sunday, on ABC’s “This Week,” hosted by Clinton hack George ‘Stephy’ Stephanopoulos that there was “nothing dramatic” about *president ‘Creepy Joe’ advocating a door-to-door vaccination push.

In a video, there was *president ‘Creepy Joe’ saying, “We need to go community by community, neighborhood by neighborhood, oftentimes door-to-door to get help to the remaining people protected from the virus.” Stephy said, “He made it clear that he didn’t mean having federal officials going door-to-door. There is a federal outreach effort. Are you going to be cooperating with that? How do you respond to some of your fellow governors who say they don’t want the federal government a part of this?” Hutchinson said, “Whenever we have a low vaccination rates we want all the help we can in order to accomplish a mutual goal and increasing vaccinations.”

And it was then that this boob, Hutchinson, went on to say, “Long before President Biden said that, we have community organizations that’s helping us. We have churches going into homes. We have people that go in to those that are bedridden so they can have access to the vaccine. There’s nothing dramatic about what the president said in itself. No one wants an agent knocking on a door. But we want those that do not have access otherwise to make sure they know about it and having the information.” And he continued by saying, “Not everybody goes on the internet. Not everybody has that access. How do you get information to them?”

And then he added, “We want our churches involved. we want our communities, organizations, if it means going into a community door-by-door and letting them know of this, then that’s okay.” I think we can all agree that Hutchinson is just another faux conservative ‘Republican,’ or at least one that does not believe in freedom, and wants nothing more than power that does not exist. If they knock on my door they will be trespassing and treated as such. Hutchison is another who went wobbly a very long time ago. He also vetoed a bill that would have prohibited children from receiving medical treatments that attempt to “transition” them to a different gender.

&Of course, it’s not at all “dramatic” when these goons representing our new tyrannical government start showing up at our doors, all across the nation, for no other reason than to attempt to harass those people who have thus refused to fall in line and get themselves ‘vaccinated.’ Nor is it “dramatic” when well over half of the American populace are called “white supremacists,” and “domestic terrorists” for no other reason than because they continue to support Donald Trump and object to the fact that the last presidential election was anything other than fraudulent. Sure, those things are not “dramatic” at all. Hutchinson, is a blithering idiot.

This is nothing more than an unprecedented government overreach, but according to Hutchinson it’s “nothing dramatic.” Meanwhile, we have a small number of black men, when compared to the number of white men, who have been shot by law enforcement in recent years, and most during the commission of a crime or over a warrant being served for a past crime. And how “dramatic” has that turned out to be? And something else that continues to be “nothing dramatic” is the fact that we have hundreds of thousands of human heartbeats snuffed out every single year courtesy of abortion. I think Hutchinson has been dramatically affected by something sinister.

It’s every American who wanted the vaccine that has had the opportunity to get it. And that should be the end of the story. But, of course, once again, when dealing with ‘Establishment’ types, regardless of party, the story is simply not allowed to end there. We are well past herd-immunity and the panic isn’t about the virus, there is no true concern about public health. The concern is all about the loss in power over the people by all of these petty tyrants. If the Republican Party wants to help itself, it needs to dump traitors like Liz Cheney and this dope Hutchinson from the party. Conservatives don’t want Democrat employees coming to their house’s.

Look, anything being pushed by the Democrat/Socialist/RINOs should be of the utmost concern to everyone. The door-to-door quasi-government agents will be notating how they were accepted and whether or not they felt ‘threatened.’ Red flag laws will then be used to knock on our doors afterward of those reported as threatening to these quasi-government agents. Or a ‘welfare check’ will be made by the local Police to see if we need to be placed in protective custody and our firearms removed. No good will come of this intrusion by our now very corrupt government. Our Founding Fathers would be shocked at the notion of federal agents entering our property.

Oddly, it was the Democrats who were against the vaccine while President Trump was in office, but now want everyone to get it, or else. Those in the ‘fake news’ media like to pretend nothing like that occurred. People should consult with their doctors and decide for themselves, but call me cynical, I’m suspicious anytime the Democrats push for something. There is something very sinister afoot. My guess is the goal here is to get everyone vaccinated and then at the proper time insist everyone NEEDS a booster. Since everyone won’t be able to get a booster before the 2022 election, guess what happens then? More massive voter fraud, no need for ID and more.

And how is it that we can afford to send these knuckle-dragging government employees door-to-door to carry out taxpayer funded visits the purpose of which is to ‘remind’ folks of the importance of getting the vaccine for a variant of the common cold, that is 99.98% survivable, and yet we can’t afford being able to send law enforcement performing door-to-door visits in an effort to arrest/deport criminal aliens. As much as the Democrats, and the media, want Americans to believe there are those who would get vaccinated if only someone would come to their door, but we ain’t buying it. Those non-vaccinated have chosen not to be, leave it there.

Anybody who wants the vaccine has either already got it or knows how to get it. We don’t need to expend any more public money, either federal, state or local, on this. And what’s next after the door-to-door schtick? They’re already talking about ostracizing a large segment of the population. Is there no one in the Republican Party who sees what’s happening here? There is something quite sinister about the way they are pushing for everyone in the world to get this vaccine, quite sinister indeed. And there is also plenty to fear from a government deciding to make it their business to harass citizens into compliance and to force vaccinations upon the unwilling.

Hutchinson apparently thinks this door-to-door thing is figurative, not literal. I think if literal it would be a huge waste of our tax dollars because they’ll have to hire thousands of people to do this and it would be all for naught. The people who don’t want to get the vaccine won’t do it because some boob shows up at their door and asks them to do it. And I have to wonder, too, about the people they will use to do this job. Who will hire them, who will vet them to make sure they’re not just common criminals looking for an opportunity to rob or rape whomever it is that opens their door to them? I think it’s at best a stupid idea, and at worst it’s very dangerous.

Hutchinson is just another imbecilic, aging RINO, and the best thing that can be said about him is that he is, in fact, aging and will soon be out of the picture. Good riddance! I am sick of hearing these idiots scream about how badly we need government to take care of us. These pompous asses mistake disgust for fear. We don’t fear these nitwits, on the contrary. The government should have no way of knowing who is or who is not vaccinated. They will have to go to every door, and we see it as a government intrusion, a waste of money, an insult, and none of this corrupt administration’s business. RINOs can go straight to Hell with the Democrats.

Folks, we are living in the time not unlike the time of Nazi Germany. Those who are not considered as being human will be forced to wear badges, people will be asked to show their papers. Meanwhile it will be today’ Brownshirts (BLM, Antifa) who will be allowed to riot at will as the FBI (our modern-day Gestapo) rounds up dissidents and arrests them in trumped up charges. Protestors against the Establishment, those who are not burning things down, will be put in jail without bail or representation. They are promoting people to turn in their family and neighbors for wrong-think. Look, many of us have seen this movie before, and we know it does not end well.

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