I can only assume that being a Democrat, much like being a RINO, must provide to one license to say whatever one feels is necessary, depending entirely on whichever direction the political winds may be blowing at any given time. But it’s in this particular instance that we will be focusing our attention on the Democrats, and specifically one Democrat, Jimmy Clyburn. Now those familiar with Jimmy are well aware of the fact that not only is he a racist, but he’s also a liar. And while he may claim to be no such thing, he’s always quick to accuse all who dare to disagree with the radical leftist agenda of his party of doing so only because they are racist.

Now we all know that there is simply no lie that Democrats will not tell in their continuing effort to advance their ‘America Last’ agenda. And we also know that Democrats are not big fans of taking any measures that would, in any way, ensure the integrity of our elections. And we also know that Democrats have long vigorously opposed any and all forms of voter ID. But to hear Jimmy tell it, that’s not exactly true. Because it was very recently that Jimmy claimed that, no, no, no, he’s not opposed to voter ID law, we’ve got him all wrong. Because he now says that he’s ALWAYS supported folks having to prove who they are when voting.

It was during an appearance on CNN’s ‘State of the Union,’ just this past Sunday, that, while discussing Sen. Joe Manchin’s compromise proposal to the radical left’s “For the People” Act, Jimmy claimed to have “always” supported voter ID despite likening such election integrity measures to the era of Jim Crow. It Jimmy who said, “When I first registered to vote as a 21-year-old – back then, 18-year-olds could not vote – I got a voter registration card and I always present that voter registration card to vote. And that’s voter ID.” He added, “We are always for voter ID. We are never for disproportionate voter ID.” What the Hell is “disproportionate voter ID?”

He said, “When you tell me that you got to have a photo ID and a photo for a student or activity card is not good but for a hunting license it is good, that’s where the rub is.” he added. But it’s Jimmy past remarks that tell us something quite different. In 2012, for example, Jimmy blasted South Carolina’s voter ID laws as “reminiscent of post-Reconstruction Jim Crow laws.” He used a similar comparison recently, calling Georgia’s recently enacted election safeguards the “new Jim Crow.” However, Georgia’s voting law actually expands ballot access, a point often ignored by the left-wing kooks. And is less restrictive than laws in many blue states, such as Delaware.

And so once again Jimmy is talking out of both sides of his mouth, saying one thing today, and back in 2012 Jimmy saying, “I would say to anybody, just look at the history, and it’s there. What’s on anybody’s mind when you say, okay, we are going to deny voting places, we will get rid of drop boxes, we know we will create long lines? So now, let’s make it a crime if you brought a bottle of water standing in those long lines. It’s not what they intend is what the result is. So they can say anything they want to say about it. Just look through it and look throughout history, and you will know that what is taking place today is a new Jim Crow, just that simple.”

And in October 2020, old Jimmy categorized voter ID laws as a form of “voter suppression.” But, as we all know, old Jimmy is far from being the only Democrat to make such baseless claims. It was just last month that Sen. Raphael Warnock claimed to have “never been opposed to voter ID,” despite bashing “unnecessary and discriminatory voter ID laws” as “secretive” and “subversive” in the past. Chuckie Schumer has also categorized basic election integrity safeguards as suppressive, and *president ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden deemed such efforts as “un-American” and “sick.” Such election integrity efforts, ‘Creepy Joe’ said, make “Jim Crow look like Jim Eagle.”

The left’s narrative about voter ID as a form of suppression is, at best, laughable. Now, I do agree that an argument can be made that there is a certain intent in these voter ID laws to implement a sort of voter suppression, but it depends on how one defines suppression. Because if you are a legal citizen of this country, then no one can prevent you from voting ONCE every election cycle, if you have proper identification and are registered to do so. But if you’re someone other than who you claim to be when showing up at the polls to cast your vote, then you should expect to be prevented from casting a vote. This is not rocket science, folks, not by any means.

It would be amusing to see one of these “disenfranchised“ voters explain explain how they are able to survive without having a photo ID. I mean, how is it that they’re able to make it through life without ever having to provide some means of proving they are who they claim to be?  How are they able to access to all their taxpayer funded ‘freebies?’ Democrats, like Jimmy, can’t keep their lies straight, unable to remember what they said two months ago let alone a couple years ago before they ‘evolved’ into their latest positions! Jimmy is a liar, and a racist, and if it weren’t for his race-baiting he would not have a career. Being a Democrat, those traits are required.

I’m curious what might have changed to have caused Jimmy to ‘change?’ Was there some poll that pointed out that black people are tired of being called stupid and lazy by those people they vote for? Let’s face it, Jimmy’s positions, on most of our truly important issues today, are pretty much etched in ‘Jell-O’ and depend entirely on what he’s seeing in certain polls change. Jimmy, and the rest of the Democrats, continues to insult the intelligence of the American people. As far as I’m concerned in comparing the right to vote and the right to own a firearm there’s no reason why only one should require an ID. Damage can be inflicted by irresponsible use of either.

Like I said, the likely cause of Jimmy’s now claiming to be supportive of voter ID laws just might be because we now have some more recent polling data that would seem to show that 80 percent of the country now supports these voter ID laws. Democrats lie and lie, and then lie some more. Only when the polls go against their narrative do they lie and say they’ve always supported voter ID laws. Just like back when our cities were burning, our stores were being looted, and the Democrats said nothing. Then the polls started to go against them and they pretended to be outraged as well. Democrats have only one core belief, hatred for everything America stands for.

The world truly does now seem to be upside down. We now have Democrats, like Jimmy, talking about how they are now in favor of ‘voter ID’ laws and claiming they are not the ones calling for the ‘defunding of the police.’ Do they really think we’re that stupid?  The great thing about being a Democrat politician is that you can say the opposite of what you said yesterday, and your braindead supporters don’t seem to mind in the least. That and the fact that Democrats never have to worry about being called out on their blatant hypocrisy by members of our ‘fake news’ media who, and rather hysterically so, have the balls to refer to themselves as journalists!

Jimmy is like all Democrats, if they didn’t have a double-standard they’d have no standards at all. So Jimmy, what happened exactly? From when you were against these voter ID laws before you are now, apparently, for them, Democrats, even black Democrats such as himself, consider black folks as being too stupid to know how to go about obtaining a bona fide ID and, in fact, also consider it racist to even attempt to make them have an ID. But then, come to think about it, Jimmy’s peeps don’t really need NO ‘stinkin’ ID to buy liquor, cigarettes or anything else. They just use their favorite small caliber handgun, preferably of the 25 or 32 caliber type.


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