I remain confident that President Trump fully intends on running for re-reelection in 2024. And so, I have a little message for all of those RINOs who seem so confident in their ability of being able to defeat ‘The Donald!’ I would only tell them to, “Bring it on, and take your best shot!” I mean, you really do have to laugh at these folks who have apparently convinced themselves that they are someone conservatives will view as acceptable alternatives to Donald Trump. Now I’m not sure if it’s ego or simply delusions of grandeur, but whatever it is these folks are clearly fooling themselves.

And, apparently, we now have another RINO, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, who views himself as one of those who conservatives would choose to vote for over Donald Trump. He made that clear earlier today while appearing on CNN’s ‘State of the Union when he said that he is not ruled out a 2024 Republican presidential run. Hutchinson was elected Arkansas governor in 2014, reelected in 2018, and is now barred by term limits from running for governor in 2022 and beyond. We definitely don’t need another power hungry RINO who secretly hates his voters but wants to be president.

So anyway, it was Dana Bash, one of the many resident bimbos there at CNN, and one who I can only assume prides herself as being an actual ‘journalist,’ and as such is billed as being an ‘anchor,’ who, in discussing with Hutchinson his future political aspirations, said, “Before I let you go. You said on this very show earlier this year it was too soon to start thinking about a possible 2024 presidential run. Your term is going to be up soon as Arkansas governor. Former President Trump said this week that he made up his mind about running. What about you? Have you ruled it out?”

Hutchinson said, “I am concentrating on the present, which is getting through this pandemic, supporting Arkansas through my term. I want to be engaged for a national debate. It is important for the direction of our party and our country. That is my immediate concentration. We’ll see what the future holds.” Bash then said, “Definitely did not rule it out. I want to say that for the record. Governor, thank you so much. And have a great Fourth tonight.” Nodded his head, Hutchinson said, “Thanks, Dana. Thank you, you too as well.” Right, by all means have a happy Fourth!

The very idea of this guy running for the highest office in the land is laughable. He’s another on what has now become a very long list of many who fail to understand that it’s no NeverTrumper that has a future in the Republican Party, on the national level. Period! Perhaps he can team up with Willard, or even ‘Crazy Uncle John’ Kasich, for what would be, in either case, the perfect losing ticket. RINOs crack me up. But seriously, He can say whatever he wants and so can the ‘fake news’ morons, but that doesn’t mean he will get any more support in 2024 than did old Jeb back in 2016.

Hutchinson has less than a snowballs chance in Hell of ever being the Republican Presidential Nominee! He knows he’s at the end of his political rope, which he has essentially used to hang himself. This is reminiscent of Willard. I have no doubt that Hutchinson would be doing this to spite the Republican Party that he long ago abandoned. Frauds like Hutchinson typically use a presidential run to stay in a game they know they can no longer capable of playing. He has zero chance of getting the nomination. He knows that as does everyone else in the Republican Party.

So riddle me this, why would a guy who has a less than zero chance of winning the Republican Presidential nomination, especially after alienating what is most assuredly a large majority of the voters he needs? This guy has been passing himself off as a conservative Republican for decades. Why is it, do you suppose, that so many of these RINOs actually think they have any chance of being elected President, after having been being exposed as being nothing more than the slightly less radical wing of the Democrat Party? They fail to see that their jig is up, for them the game is OVER!

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