Spirit of Freedom 2011 Jim Clyburn

And so, the Democrats continue their quest to rewrite the history of this nation while at the very same time trying to erase their own very sordid past and very racist history. Look, we all know the party has a pretty ‘dark’ past and yet it has always struck me as rather odd that some of the party’s most devoted defenders, are black. I’ve said it before, but black Democrats are some of the most vile, most insidious people on the entire planet. They willingly work to turn their own people into nothing more than slaves to a government that seeks nothing more than to keep them in poverty (economic chains) and for what? A little power and prestige? Disgusting!

These same black Democrats then claim to be acting on behalf of those they describe as victims of a racially unjust society by making bogus attempts to ‘correct’ past racial injustices when in fact they are only working hard to completely erase the history of this country and to further endear themselves to those who are too ignorant to realize that it’s all one big con job. Which brings me to James Clyburn who, on Tuesday during MSDNC’s “Ayman Mohyeldin Reports” stated that a statue sent by South Carolina of the seventh vice president of the United States, John C. Calhoun, must be removed from Capitol’s National Statuary Hall because it honors slavery.

Mohyeldin said, “I know the House is set today, Sir, to vote on a bill to remove Confederate statues from public display in the Capitol. That was a bill actually passed in the previous Congress, as you are well aware, it stalled in the Republican-controlled Senate at the time. Why is this bill so important, especially after what happened on January 6? Do you think it has a better shot this time around in the Senate?” Jimmy said, “Well, I would hope so. You know, when I see emblems from the Confederacy, I you this, you know, that is not the Confederate flag. It never was the Confederate flag. That is a Battle flag. So much of our history is misrepresented.”

Jimmy added, “That flag that you’re showing now was awful to the Confederacy, and they refuse to accept it. The Daughters of the Confederacy would never accept that flag as being their flag. The Stars and Bars is a totally different flag. We don’t oppose that flag. We do oppose a battle flag. We do oppose people who fought to preserve slavery. John C. Calhoun is a statue that is up here sent up by the state of South Carolina. John C. Calhoun died more than a decade before The Civil War ever broke out. His statute is not here because of the confederacy. His statute is here because he was the biggest spokesperson in this country in support of slavery.”

And Jimmy went on to say, “That is why my state sent him up here. I think the current residents, current citizens of South Carolina, I don’t think they want slavery. They don’t want to honor slavery. That’s what is taking place. I would love to see the state of South Carolina take the statues out of here. If they don’t. I want to see them put the statue so far in the basement until it will not able to gather dust.” This is right out of the communist playbook. Remove all symbols. Soon all statues of white people will be removed and the only statues left will be of minorities. If you try to remove these for any reason at, all your racist. After this is the church is next?

When it comes to Jimmy, there are more things honoring slavery rattling around in that empty head of his than any white person ever thinks about. Perhaps he should stop honoring slavery himself if he genuinely does want to make things better. He should just stop talking about it. But without taking about slavery what else would moron have to talk about? This clown is another of Nancy’s ‘Geriatric Mafia’ which are all over 80, or darn close to it, and unless something extraordinary happens, all of them will likely croak in office and give themselves state funerals (similar to John Lewis, as well as all the old Soviet fossils of the 1970s and 80s).

Jimmy has been in Congress for decades, but it’s only now that this corrupt, pathetic old racist notices the statue of John C. Calhoun, notorious for his support Southern slavery. That’s because it has never been quite so politically convenient to make an issue out of a lousy statue until these ‘cancel culture’ times. Yup, a real man of principle, this guy Jimmy Clyburn! The constant 24/7 race baiting that has been going on for well over 12-15 years by these so called progressive, diverse and politically correct zealots have opened old wounds of racism and created new ones that in some ways are more destructive, divisional and caustic than even the original ones.

These are indeed some very sad and even scarier times that we are now living in. I am so thankful to have grown up in the 60s and 70s when people actually tried to work their differences out and very often did. A time when professing a love for one’s country wasn’t something that earned you little more than disgust from so many of our fellow Americans. And I am truly disheartened over the fact that my daughter missed so much growing up in the America that I enjoyed growing up in, and how much more my grandson will never get to experience by growing up in the America of today. I would never have believed that America would come to be what she has.

Do you know what really needs to be cancelled? It’s all of these useless idiots who continue to bring up, and to whine about, something that ended over a 150 years ago. These useless idiots who continue to keep reminding everyone about that which was arguably a dark time of our past, need to be gotten rid of. All of these useless idiots need to be removed and cancelled just like they remove, and cancel, statues and buildings that supposedly remind anyone of the past. Jimmy, and others like him, should be cancelled and REMOVED. Jimmy is another shameful and disgusting face of the fabricated fake ‘victim industry.’ It’s the only way they can justify their jobs.

I do think that, once upon a time, men like John Lewis, Elijah Cummings and even Clyburn were men of principle. But somewhere along the way they chose to give in to the ‘Dark side.’ They became corrupted by the very system they had once chosen to fight against and eventually became part of that same system. And in the process there came to be little difference between them and race hustlers like Jackson and Sharpton. They became willing overseers for the Democrat plantation, their job was to keep black folks riled up, aiding white progressives to stay in power. And in so doing all earned an eternity in Hell sitting right there next to their white masters.

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