Apparently, we are now supposed to ignore all those things we see on the ‘news’, depending on, of course, where it is you get your news, nearly ever night and instead believe those trying to convince us that blacks in this country are somehow deserving of special treatment and for no other reason than they may be descendants of those made to participate in a practice that ended over 150 years ago. And to make up for that, these same people must now be treated differently than the rest of us, and we’re not to complain about that. And if we do, we are accused of being racists!

And, it’s these same people who must be treated as if they are in some way special and as if the rules the rest of us must follow, under threat of arrest, they do not. Instead, they should be free to violate those rules and with no fear of being made to face any sort of consequence or punishment whatsoever. What a deal, right?  So I’m guessing that all of us white folks are now supposed to view all blacks as being as pure as the wind-driven snow, and the ONLY possible reason that ANY white cop would EVER have to arrest them would be, you guessed it, because he, or she, is black.

All of which brings to comments recent made by CNN contributor, and proud communist, Van Jones who, during an appearance on CNN’s ‘Newsroom’ this past Friday, in reacted to the 22-and-a-half year sentence of Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd. Discussing how with good behavior, Chauvin is likely to serve closer to 15 years, Senior ‘legal analyst’ Elie Honig said, “Justice is imperfect. This is a serious sentence. Derek Chauvin will be in prison for 15 years. He’s 45 now until he’s 60. That said, I think this is light. I think the judge should’ve sentenced him more.”

And it was this genius who then went on to say, “Minnesota guidelines say you can double the 15 years if there is one aggravator. This judge found four aggravators and didn’t really come super close to doubling it.” Jones said, “Very disappointing, very disappointing 15 years, I know people doing 15 years for victimless crimes of drug possession. Very disappointing the level of any one of those aggravators. What this man did, it should’ve been the maximum of the maximum. This is disappointing. I don’t think it’s going to cause outrage. But it’s a punch in the gut.” Seriously???

Jones said, “This guy’s life is worth more than 15 years. It was. What that officer did is worth more than 15 years. Law enforcement across the country should look at something like this and say, look, you can’t do this type of stuff. You’re never going to come back home. It’s disappointing.” And when Honig pointed out there were two federal indictments still pending against Chauvin, Jones said, “The feds can come in and do more, and they should do more because this is not justice.” Jones is your typical black racist, nothing is ever enough which is why nothing should ever be given.

Jones, longtime Marxist agitator, wasn’t satisfied with the prison sentence. A guy now must have his life destroyed to placate the lowest element of our society? This was way too much time for a drugged up, incoherent crook who ‘never learned anything’ from his previous nine convictions, yet the Black audience acts like he was Father Floyd. Floyd caused the entire event, from start to finish. Fentanyl, stupidity and a bad heart, equals a dead felon. Floyd was already dying that day. It could have just as easily happened at home on his mama’s couch, saving the taxpayers $25 Million.

And I have absolutely no doubt that if an angel were to suddenly appear and say to the Floyd family, “I can give you George back, but you can’t keep any of the money, what’s your choice?”, they would likely laugh and say, “Oh he good, he good, he up in heaven. We will see him someday anyway.” Being a career criminal/drug addict, I imagine George’s family had seen his demise coming from a long way off. And it’s those morons who claim Floyd was some sort of a role model ARE the real problem in the black community. But sadly, that’s not likely to change any time soon.

This is crazy! Let’s be honest here, in any other time Chauvin would have been found not guilty. If Chauvin had actually gotten a fair trial he would now be a free man. And it’s anyone who’s being honest that will acknowledge the fact that he most certainly did not. That Floyd died in his exchange with the police was due to his own bad behavior, and sadly could have been so easily avoided. No, Chauvin shouldn’t go to prison because of Floyd’s overdose. If Floyd was white, it wouldn’t have even made the news and Chauvin would have never been arrested. This is all political madness!

“Justice is imperfect.” True, but what’s imperfect is that Floyd was still out roaming the streets and NOT in prison as he was a career criminal with many convictions that would have keep anyone else locked up for years. But because Liberal Judges keep letting these people out to re and then re-offend those like Floyd feel they are free to commit all manner of violent crimes because they know that, even if apprehended, they will face no punishment. And had Floyd simply followed the orders given to him by the Police, he would still be very much alive today and free to re-offend!

I’m sorry, but there are better black men than George Floyd shot and killed every day of the week by other black on the streets of places like Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, and most other Democrat controlled big cities. But where’s the outrage from Jones about that? Jones needs to stay in how own lane and help clean up black neighborhoods. I’ve been pulled over maybe 3 times in my 53 years of driving. I have only had one ticket in all of that time. Why? Because I’m respectful and I follow instructions. And I might add, it had nothing to do with the fact that I’m white.

Personally, I have no problem with describing this entire circus as a travesty of justice. And I’m sure that Mr. Jones would say that I’m a racist for doing do. A drug addicted serial criminal is now viewed as being some sort of hero while real heroes go ignored. Take, for example, Victor Glover, a pilot on the first operational flight of the SpaceX Crew Dragon to the International Space Station. He is a commander in the U.S. Navy where he pilots an F/A-18 and he was a crew member of ISS Expedition 64, and served as a station systems flight engineer. Oh, and by the way, he’s black.

But Mr. Glover is not a criminal nor is he a drug addict, and he didn’t receive $27 million from the city of Minneapolis. Nor was his family entertained at the White House, and those on the radical left have likely never even heard of him. That would be because he fails to meet the criteria used by those on the left when choosing who they identify as being their heroes. That level of recognition is reserved for those ‘special’ ones like Floyd. In fact, even if they did know of him, they would likely not be all that impressed, and also would likely accuse him of not being black ‘enough.’ 

The verdict was never going to be different. Not from the moment video of the incident was made to go viral. And oddly enough, the man who actually killed Floyd, a drug dealer named Morris Hall, who was in the car with Floyd, and had sold him fentanyl-laced Percocet, is, I think, still awaiting trial. Chauvin’s defense wanted Hall to testify, because that would have revealed the actual reason Floyd died. The fact that Hall played any role in the death Floyd, selling him the drugs that killed him, was never given serious consideration. Chauvin was a sacrificial ‘pig’ to appease the mob.

We need to always remember and never forget that what our government did to Derek Chauvin, under the right circumstances, they can do to anyone. For proof of that one need look no further than what has happened to the so-called MAGA ‘insurrectionists’ (those unarmed Americans without criminal records who entered and left Capitol Hill without breaking a single thing). And many of whom are currently rotting in prison on trumped up charges that could keep them in prison for years. And with many now having to submit to an reeducation process before being released. Think about that!


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